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Influitive San Francisco User Group 2013
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Influitive San Francisco User Group 2013


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Influitive San Francisco User Group 2013 Presentation Deck

Influitive San Francisco User Group 2013 Presentation Deck

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • Over 45 clients and we are growing quickly
  • Which takes us to our fall product release. Now I am going to hand it over to Eran our new VP of Product to tell us a bit more on how we’re going to help you generate more referrals through your advocate program.
  • We could demo this portion. Actually, we could demo a majority of these
  • We could demo this portion. Actually, we could demo a majority of these
  • Transcript

    • 1. Influitive San Francisco User Group October 9, 2013
    • 2. 2 Get your tweet on! #influitivesf
    • 3. 3 Today‟s Agenda • 2:30-2:45 – Opening remarks • 2:45-3:15 – Shortel‟s customer advocacy journey • 3:15-3:45 – Breakout sessions • 3:45-3:55 – Break • 3:55-4:15 – AdvocateAnywhere • 4:15-4:45 – Influitive Roadmap (Fall & Winter Releases) • 4:45-5:00 – Closing remarks • 5:00+ – Head to Town Hall for appetizers and refreshments! #influitivesf
    • 4. Opening Remarks Chad Horenfeldt Director of Customer Operations
    • 5. 5 In One Year… Over 5000 advocates over across all hubs Completed nearly 65,000challenges Sent out 8600+ tweets Shared over 5300+ links Generated over 1300referrals #influitivesf
    • 6. 6 Thank You!
    • 7. VIP Updates Truman Tang Customer Marketing Manager
    • 8. 8 VIP Challenge Completions #influitivesf
    • 9. 9 VIP Engagement #influitivesf
    • 10. 10 #influitivesf
    • 11. 11 Tip 1 – Hi My Name Is... #influitivesf
    • 12. 12 Tip 2 – Lights, Camera, Action! #influitivesf
    • 13. 13 Tip 3 – Keep it nice and easy #influitivesf
    • 14. 14 Tip 4 – Perk Fairly #influitivesf
    • 15. 15 Tip 5 – Stick to a Schedule #influitivesf
    • 16. 16 Tip 6 – Switch Up Your Communication #influitivesf
    • 17. 17 Tip 7 & 8 – Know What You Want Then Ask Ask Engagement Info #influitivesf
    • 18. 18 Who are you hanging out with?Tip 9 – Mix Up The Experience
    • 19. 19 Tip 10 – Hangout With Your Advocates #influitivesf
    • 20. 20 One more thing... #influitivesf
    • 21. 21 A Few Marketing Announcements
    • 22. 22 Stay tuned for Amber!
    • 23. ShoreTel Sky Our Customer Advocacy Journey Amber Newman Senior Marketing Communications Manager
    • 24. 24 About ShoreTel and ShoreTel Sky We make phone systems and applications with an experience that businesses love.
    • 25. 25 Our Journey in Three Parts Failure Breakthrough Vision
    • 26. 26 What We Were Trying to Achieve References Referrals Social Engagement Attention
    • 27. 27 What Went Wrong? Lack of Committed Resources Limited Executive Buy In Approach Not Aligned with Customers No Employee Engagement
    • 28. 28 Breakthrough Complete Re-launch New Tone and Style New Rewards Executive Enthusiasm
    • 29. 29 Employee Advocacy Not Stock Photography – Actual ShoreTel Employees
    • 30. 30 To Give or Not to Give?
    • 31. 31 Statistics 126 240 1105 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 July Aug Sept 25 30 341 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 July Aug Sept New Advocates Challenge Completions Average Points Per Advocate 326 Average Completions Per Month 2.3 Redeeming Advocates 26 Total Redemptions 49
    • 32. 32 Results References Referrals Social Engagement Attention 64 New References 8 Prospect Referrals 289 Links Posted 401 New Advocates
    • 33. 33 Vision – Maintain Momentum Make “Game Time” Adjustments Publicize Success Build Culture Involve Partners Become Advocates for Companies we Love
    • 34. 34 Questions? Amber Newman Sr. Director of Marketing Communications
    • 35. Breakout Sessions Advocate Marketing Metrics (ROI) – Chad Horenfeldt Sustaining Advocate engagement & recruitment – Sydney Strader
    • 36. Tips & Tricks AdvocateAnywhere Aaron Rothschild Product Manager
    • 37. 37 Questions marketers ask us…. • How do we find the people willing to perform advocacy for us? • How can we engage users with urgent challenges, when they don‟t come to the hub that often? TIPS AND TRICKS
    • 38. 38 AdvocateAnywhere allows you to keep your customer “asks” in context of what they are currently doing ‒ Logging In to your app ‒ Finished Salesforce Integration with your app ‒ Reading a Blog Post ‒ Reading Customer Stories on your website ‒ Etc. Context
    • 39. 39 A widget that lets you bring challenges to your customers - rather than making them visit the hub. What is AdvocateAnywhere?
    • 40. 40 Notifier – currently a customizable image If there is another challenge available to the user – this will be displayed You advocacy program name (Ie: champions, Rockstars, et c) The trim color is customizable to match your web pages/site
    • 41. 41 AdvocateAnywhere - Inline This is a section of content – no pop-up. It is also personalized to the current user.
    • 42. 42 After…. If we don’t recognize the visitor (not a current advocate) – we ask for email address If we recognize them - don’t ask for email AND If there are no other challenges available for them – thank them! We make it easy for you to invite these users to your full hub
    • 43. 43 Customer Success Story Pages: • Ask current advocates to provide their customer story. • Ask current advocates about their favorite feature in your product - and why. Your Blog • Ask visitors if they wanted to work with you on a guest post. • Ask Advocates to post ideas for future blog posts Some Ideas: Your Website
    • 44. 44 Referral/Partner Pages • Ask any web visitor to provide a referral lead • Ask partners to perform another challenge (while they are visiting their portal to register a lead) Support Portals • Ask advocates in your portal if they'd like to join the "Early Beta Access program" --> a lead-in to becoming an advocate. • Ask users to fill out a simple NPS survey Other Web Properties
    • 45. 45 • You can specify WHERE a challenge will appear ‒ Your Blog, Customer success Story Page, Within your App • You can specify WHO will see the embedded challenge ‒ Registered Advocates who are in a particular group ‒ Unknown Web Visitors Targeting
    • 46. 46 Targeting: Where Enter the URL of the webpage where you want the embed to be displayed
    • 47. 47 Targeting: Who Include unknown webvisitors
    • 48. 48 1. Create a challenge that is visible to anyone who lands on a particular URL/webpage 2. Create a challenge visible only to people who are already registered advocates 3. Create a challenge that is visible only after Challenge #1 has been completed Go to Settings: System : AdvocateAnywhere How can I experiment with it?
    • 49. 49 • You can automatically “pass” us the user‟s email if your app already knows it - so we don‟t ask for their email. • You can trigger the “pop-open” with some JS magic (speak to me) • You can build your own version of this pop-up with an API we‟ve built for this Improvements Coming Up: ‒ Text label instead of image ‒ More Reporting ‒ More stage types Bonus: Cool Things
    • 50. Influitive Roadmap Fall & Winter Release Eran Aloni VP Products
    • 51. 51 Developments #influitivesf
    • 52. 52 Referrals Simple and Powerful Workflow Reflecting leads‟ progress in in the Advocate Hub Flexible Integration Create referral leads in, either directly or through you marketing automation system. Keep your Advocates in the Loop Allow advocates to see the status of their referrals in the hub. New & Improved User Experience Visible & accessible from anywhere in the hub
    • 53. 53 Great user experience Better exposure of referral challenges Detailed explanation of the referral process. Advanced tracking Allow advocates to track the status of all their referrals. Referrals #influitivesf
    • 54. 54 Target challenges in the hub, mobile (Maven) and embedded on your site (Advocate Anywhere) Advanced Challenge Targeting Options
    • 55. 55 Allow groups to have private leaderboards such that advocates can only see and communicate with other advocates in their group. E.g. Employees, Partners, etc. Private Leaderboards
    • 56. 56 Advocate to Advocate Messaging Allow Advocates to communicate with each other in the hub
    • 57. 57 Get advocates to review for your AppExchange reviews and track when the review gets published. Get advocates to post comments on Disqus-enabled Blogs and automatically track when comments are published. New Challenge Stage Types #influitivesf
    • 58. Winter 2014 Tentative Roadmap
    • 59. 59 Expand and refine Fall release capabilities (great UX, track referral lifecycle in SFDC, end to end visibility to advocate and admin) ‒ Refer by email Allow advocates to send a referral by email (e.g. to or ), receive email confirmations and status updates and track the status of their referral in the hub. ‒ Multiple referral challenges (tentative) Have multiple referral challenges using the same business workflow and tracking mechanisms Referrals #influitivesf
    • 60. 60 ‒ Improved Email Templates • Optimize and create new templates to increase engagement. • Add new data and call to action in templates – e.g. After a challenge is approved, suggest another similar challenge to the advocate. ‒ Redesigned Advocate „Dashboard‟ • Updated visual design • Improved layout to accommodate allow adding new engagement mechanisms such as missions, contests, content, etc. ‒ Maven • Add push notifications, points, badges; Test and update UX. • Test the impact of stub hubs and advocacy across hubs Advocate Engagement #influitivesf
    • 61. 61 ‒ Goals • Allow admins to set goals, track their status and increase their engagement by pushing them to meet and exceed their goals. E.g. # of referrals, # of case studies, # of product review per month ‒ Health Meter / Alerts & Tips • Define a standard health meter tracking the performance of the customer‟s Hub. E.g. number of available challenges per advocate, number of new challenges create over the past week, number of new advocates in hub, etc. • Suggest corrective action using best practices. E.g. Create 5 new challenges and target them to the Partners group. Customer Value #influitivesf
    • 62. 62 ‒ Syndicate Best Practices Content in Hub Take CS knowledge base and make it available, in context, in the hub E.g. Show articles about reporting features and best practices on the Reporting tab Best Practices #influitivesf
    • 63. 63 The Maven Mobile App (Available now) Allows advocates to help you on the go with the Maven iOS app. Allows the entire Influitive advocate network to discover your advocacy program. Questions?