Advocate Marketing Case Study: Ektron


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See how Influitive helped Ektron's Fred Bals reach, mobilize and empower Ektron's brand advocates for their conference.

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Advocate Marketing Case Study: Ektron

  1. 1. EKTRON EMBRACES ADVOCATE MARKETING Fred taps his customers‟ love
  2. 2. Meet Fred. “Fred walks his Maine Coon cat”
  3. 3. Hello Fred. Fred‟s the Media and Customer Relations Manager at  Enterprise Content Management  Digital Experience Software “My role at Ektron”
  4. 4. THE OBJECTIVE: Fred needs a new level of energy and excitement at Ektron‟s annual SYNERGY Customer Conference
  5. 5. FRED’S PLAN: Mobilize attendees to share their experiences Videos Fun Awards Testimonials
  6. 6. To do all this, Ektron needed 3 Freds. Fred “The Event Planner” Fred “The Video Producer” “The Social Marketer”“The Event Planner”“The Video Producer”
  7. 7. (Unfortunately, they didn‟t have 3 Freds)
  8. 8. Then, Fred had an epiphany. Tap into his customers‟ love of Ektron.
  9. 9. FRED USED Invite customers Mobilize them to complete „challenges‟ Recognize their achievements Influitive‟s AdvocateHub helps companies recruit, manage, and reward their advocates “I could not do my job without Influitive”
  10. 10. Using Influitive, Fred created a community where customers and partners could advocate for Ektron. blog share tweet email
  11. 11. CHALLENGE: VIDEOS Crowd-source the “I am Ektron” customer videos to be shown at the opening keynote. No Recruiting! Videos collected on the spot. 40 “I am Ektron” Videos Collected. Watch the “I am Ektron” montage
  12. 12. CHALLENGE: FUN Mobilize attendees to build “one great song” for keynote breaks. “…One of the most popular challenges we‟ve ever done.”
  13. 13. CHALLENGE: AWARDS Generate huge increase in customer submissions for “Site of the Year” award.
  14. 14. CHALLENGE: TESTIMONIALS Capture hours of compelling user videos in a matter of hours. Hours of footage Dozens of interviews
  15. 15. WHY ADVOCATE MARKETING WORKED FOR FRED “Influitive's strength is motivating and mobilizing customers to do things that they’d be more than happy to do, but they just hadn't been asked”
  16. 16. Fred Gets Help From Influitive “Without hyperbole, I literally could not do my job without the AdvocateHub.” Fred
  17. 17. Fred knew his Customers Loved Ektron. helped him tap into it. What can Influitive do for you?
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