How customers are using the AdvocateHub


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Influitive AdvocateHub helps real businesses empower and mobilize the advocates they already have, and reach new brand advocates, generating happy customers and new business.

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  • Influitive is the advocate marketing company. Our AdvocateHub app makes it easy for marketers to recruit, mobilize and recognize an army of customer advocates that support marketing campaigns, refer new clients and help close deals faster.
  • In today’s connected world, the last person your buyer is going to talk to is your sales rep. They’re going to talk to your customers – so it seems kinda crazy to leave those conversations to chance! Advocate Marketing is a discipline that puts your best customers at the center of your marketing and sales efforts – where they can sell on your behalf. It involves tools and best practices that are proven to accelerate revenue growth and offer a better buyer experience. What are the benefits of advocate marketing?People trust their peers more than salespeople. Tapping into trust can benefit your business in so many ways:Faster sales cyclesBetter buy experienceBetter brand recognition & reputationMore high quality referral leadsHigher customer lifetime valueBigger deal sizes Lower lead generation & sales costsSimpler management & mobilization of customer referencesHigher customer satisfaction
  • How customers are using the AdvocateHub

    1. 1. Influitive AdvocateHubLeverage Advocates. Accelerate Sales.
    2. 2. About InfluitiveInfluitive helps B2Bmarketers recruit, mobilizeand recognize an army ofadvocates that outsell theirbest sales reps.Who we are:• Founded in 2010• HQ in Toronto, San Francisco• Private, VC backed, >$11M raised
    3. 3. What‟s Happening Out There?• Reliance on knowlegable peer references has more than doubled in the past 5 years• 75% of the buying process is complete before a B2B prospect contacts a company• Reference process is considered a “fire drill” in over 80% of companies surveyed• Reference, referral, customer evidence and social media marketing programs always disconnected.
    4. 4. Our unique approach to Advocate MarketingAdvocate-centered Limitless programs Self-service EXTREME ADVOCATE PRODUCTIVITY More than 4.3 activities per session!
    5. 5. Why Advocate Marketing? Product usage, recency and Advocates help frequency increase companies grow Product with advocacy 2.5 times faster Adoption than competitors 3.5 times Revenue more likely to Growth Customer forgive Lifetime letdowns and Value stay with a*CustomerThink, The Strategic MarketingCase for Customer Advocacy Measurement vendor
    6. 6. When customers market for you … beautiful things happen 17 positive product comments 26 customer videos 500% more award submissions more customer engagement, 55% support and content Value of user generated content created by each $135K new advocate:
    7. 7. Advocate Marketing at His mission: Develop customer references and testimonials that accelerate the sales cycle and enhance Ektron‟s reputation in the marketplace.
    8. 8. Advocate Marketing at500% increasein awardsubmissions26 customervideoscaptured in 2days #1 search result17 positive in Google!product reviewson Quora
    9. 9. Advocate Marketing atHer mission:Engage customersthrough a variety ofprograms and eventswith the goal of buildingtheir success andgetting them to share itwith others.
    10. 10. Advocate Marketing at26 productreviews onAppExchange55% morecustomerengagement, support andcontent.
    11. 11. Advocate Marketing at Her mission: Effectively support sales revenue objectives by targeting key customer markets through advocate marketing activities
    12. 12. Advocate Marketing at4000+ activitiescompleted in firstsix months.$135,000 in usergeneratedcontent createdby each newadvocate
    13. 13. How it works
    14. 14. Find & invite your advocates beta sales tester reference partner avid new tweeter NPS promoter customer blogger media advisory hound board
    15. 15. Build „challenges‟ to get advocatessupporting your marketing & salescampaigns
    16. 16. Fuel activity & competition with badges &leaderboards AppExchange Great Review! Feedback! Public Quora Celebrity!Speaker! Power User! Reference Challenge Expert! Completed!
    17. 17. Watch your customersoutsell your own sales team!
    18. 18. Recognizeadvocates with perks and privileges
    19. 19. Make references “self service”
    20. 20. Make references “self service”
    21. 21. Make references “self service”
    22. 22. Systematically gather referrals
    23. 23. Segmentadvocates bylevel, activity or campaign
    24. 24. Trackengagement, advocacy and adoption
    25. 25. Pretty cool, huh? Try it for Free at Follow Email