Advocate Marketing Case Study: Ceridian


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Carlos, Tom and the Customer Success team from Ceridian tell their story about using their AdvocateHub, Ceridian XOXO to engage 1600 customers to shorten their sales cycle.

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Advocate Marketing Case Study: Ceridian

  1. 1. 1,600Engaged Advocates To Shorten The Sales Cycle How
  2. 2. 100,000 C L I E N T S 50 C O U N T R I E S A cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solution with more than 100,000 clients in over 50 countries.  
  3. 3. M E E T T H E C E R I D I A N T E A M Senior Vice President HOWARD Tarnoff Monica Riskay Reference Specialist Kimberly Griffith Customer Success Administrator
  4. 4. Ceridian’s rock star Directors of Customer Success As well as CARLOS, TOM and KIM Carlos Gonzalez Tom Vines Kim Edwards
  5. 5. With so many passionate customers, why not create a movement? The team had
  6. 6. A movement that would mobilize customers to: •  Refer friends and colleagues to Ceridian •  Share their success stories •  Enhance their professional network •  Get recognized for achievements
  7. 7. …but they didn’t know of an easy way to do this. ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?
  8. 8. Until they created an advocate marketing program known as CERIDIAN
  9. 9. is a customized and exclusive program for advocates. Carlos and Tom created this program to RECOGNIZE customers, EMPOWER prospects and DRIVE SALES for Ceridian.
  10. 10. They built an “AdvocateHub” where customers could participate and compete for recognition.
  11. 11. This approach let them recruit over   1,600 customers!
  12. 12. “ We were surprised at how many of our customers were EXCITED to be part of the XOXO advocate community. I think the secret to engaging the community is to provide value to your customers through the community.” Tom Vines Director of Customer Success
  13. 13. A N D   Share the Love   In Ceridian XOXO customers can advocate for Ceridian by participating in fun challenges. As they participate, they gain points, levels and status.
  14. 14. Challenges like: •  One-On-One Reference Conversations •  Video Testimonials •  Case Studies •  Site Visits •  Social Media Postings •  Media Interviews •  Speaking Engagements •  And More *This  is  an  example  of  a  common   reference  opportunity  available  for   Ceridian  XOXO  advocates.  
  15. 15. “ We invite customers to participate in OPPORTUNITIES and CHALLENGES to earn points. We typically have over a dozen challenges running at any time, and it’s not uncommon for us to see participation levels over 20%.” Kim Edwards Director of Customer Success
  16. 16. BIRDS OF A FEATHER LIKE TO NETWORK TOGETHER 260INTRODUCTIONS Since the launch of XOXO, Ceridian has secured over 260 sales references. But they are more than references, they are often the beginnings to mutually beneficial relationships between advocates and buyers.
  17. 17. Sellers request references within Salesforce creating an opportunity in Ceridian XOXO. Appropriate customers then have the ability to seize the opportunity to connect with their desired network. Great introductions are made, conversations take place and feedback is provided from their advocates to help with the sales process. 1 2 3 LIKE TO NETWORK TOGETHER 260INTRODUCTIONS In  three  easy  steps:   BIRDS OF A FEATHER
  18. 18. These CONVERSATIONS (and other activities) are TRACKED BY POINTS which help MEASURE an advocate's STATUS and the level of recognition they deserve.
  19. 19. “Our customers don’t help us out for points or prizes. The benefits they find most gratifying involve professional development, personal recognition, and access to peers who will help them do a better job every day.” Carlos Gonzalez Director of Customer Success
  20. 20. TOP 3 REASONS Customers Love Ceridian’s XOXO Advocate Program 1 Prospects see how peers reach similar goals 3 Customers are recognized for their achievements 2 Customers expand their professional network
  21. 21. TOP 5 REASONS Ceridian LOVES its XOXO Advocate Program: Over 260 introductions have been made leading to happy conversations. 20 new case studies and testimonials were volunteered from customers. More than 35 new video testimonials have been created. Over 1,600 advocates are engaged with the Ceridian XOXO program.1 2 3 5 4 All of which have led to increased mindshare in the marketplace, higher lead conversions and shorter sales cycles.
  22. 22. “It was like we had found an untapped source of marketing power – right under our noses. It doesn’t take much to manage the community, but the benefits are off the chart.” Tom Vines Director of Customer Success
  23. 23. “Influitive has changed the way we approach partnerships with our customers. It’s already had a significant impact on our bottom line and our ability to compete, and we predict it will be a foundational part of our customer success initiative for years to come.” Carlos Gonzalez Director of Customer Success
  24. 24. The team knew their customers loved Ceridian. helped them tap into it. What can Influitive do for you? Visit to get started.