Advocate Marketing Case Study: Act-On


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Jeff from Act-On tells his story about using their AdvocateHub, ALUV to shatter referral records beating out

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  • Advocate Marketing Case Study: Act-On

    1. 1. How Act-On Got Its Fans to Refer 200+ Awesome Sales Leads
    2. 2. Meet Jeff
    3. 3. (He‟s this guy) Meet Jeff
    4. 4. Jeff‟s the product marketing manager at Act-On “I‟m a pretty easygoing guy. Married to a great wife with 2 girls. Love the outdoors, mountain biking, cooking and traveling.”
    5. 5. Act-On is the marketing platform for fast growing businesses of all sizes
    6. 6. Act-On's success and growth is tied to how customers share their positive experiences with its products. The best sales leads are the ones that existing customers proactively refer to the company. Jeff needed MORE of those leads.
    7. 7. Jeff was concerned he was relying on the same customers too often
    8. 8. The last thing he wanted was to burn out his most loyal customers.
    9. 9. Jeff needed a more fun and natural way to build relationships with Act-On‟s customers.
    10. 10. Jeff discovered Influitive, the leader in advocate marketing solutions.
    11. 11. With Influitive, Act-On could now… Organize advocates Deploy fun challenges around social campaigns, surveys, reviews, and referrals Give back to their top advocates Integrate with and other products
    12. 12. Jeff set out to create an army of Act-On fans and advocates
    13. 13. Act-On rewarded sales and customer success team members for inviting customers to join Influitive.
    14. 14. Jeff started a dialog with his customers to see if they were listening. He created a survey and sent it through Influitive and his e-newsletter. Without Influitive: 2 responses With Influitive: 103 responses in 48 hrs.
    15. 15. Jeff recognized and thanked his advocates with… Superstar Points for completing challenges “Everybody is busy today. But if you make things fun, engaging, and challenging, it makes advocating more exciting.” Redeemable rewards Badges (there are more than 75!)
    16. 16. Then Jeff had a stellar idea – generate more sales opportunities through Influitive. Advocates can easily refer a friend at any time with Influitive
    17. 17. He launched a referral challenge asking advocates for a warm email or phone introduction.
    18. 18. With Influitive‟s Linkedin integration, Jeff can see who his advocates are connected to, which makes asking for referrals a much less awkward experience. LinkedIn Connections
    19. 19. The results?
    20. 20. 209 high quality leads “The most untapped resource is your existing customer base.”
    21. 21. $175,000 in pipeline ($60,000 closed business) This made for one happy sales team! “We wanted to knock the ball out of the park, so we tapped into our existing customers. It‟s the true power of advocacy.”
    22. 22. Act-On‟s referral leads close at nearly 5%. More than 500% higher than the industry standard “What Influitive is doing is the new world of advocacy in an electronic form.”
    23. 23. Jeff’s best practices for a successful referral program: 1. First, find your advocates – the fans that love your company 2. Start with small „asks‟ (like the survey) before jumping into the referral request 3. Make it fun with challenges, points and rewards! 4. Make it easy – the Linkedin integration helps advocates find referrals in their network 5. Set expectations and always followup with advocates to let them know the outcome
    24. 24. How Act-On‟s marketing department thinks today: “I have a marketing initiative, how can our advocates help?” “When you think of customer marketing and customer advocacy - think Influitive.”
    25. 25. Jeff knew his customers loved Act-On. Influitive helped him tap into it. What can Influitive do for you? Visit to get started.