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Bi collage a&p plan

  1. 1. What is BiCollage1000 and what does it do? nalysi BiCollage1000 is a powder based dietary supplement containing Collagen and Key Vitamins. Containing 1000mg of Collagen Peptides, BiCollage1000 aids in skin looking younger and more beautiful. BiCollage1000 also improves body function and performance through the use of citric acid and other essential vitamins. BiCollage1000 is a natural product, with Collagen peptides being extracted from fish. The product is peach flavoured and can be mixed with water or milk to drink or can be added to food. What is the current market position of this product Collagen products are new to New Zealand and the market is in an early growth stage. BiCollagen1000 has not existed previously in the New Zealand market and will be introduced as a new product. To the best of our knowledge, no product exists or has existed previously that is identical to BiCollage1000. There does exist a few established Collagen products in the market, however these products tend to be either in a pill or capsule format, or as cream / topical products.©Copyright Influence Group Ltd. Produced on behalf of Aqua Naida Ltd. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. What effect does the current market positioning have on our strategy? nalysi As Collagen products are relatively new to the market, there is a requirement for consumer education, and thought needs to be given to this in early market approach. As the brand is a new entry brand, early market approach needs to have sufficient reach and frequency in order to create brand awareness and recognition amongst consumers. Frequency of brand messaging should aid in developing trust within the brand. In-store visual equity will also play a large role in consumer purchasing decisions as the brand and product category are new to the market. What budgetary and professional constraints exist? Budget for creative and media is considered to be $25 - $30k per quarter. Due to the low budget consideration needs to be placed on media channels that maximise reach at minimum CPM. All advertising and promotion strategy should stay within ASA guidelines, submission for TAPS prevettng should be considered. Who is the target audience for this product? BiCollage1000 will appeal to a wide audience in todays image conscious market, however key target demographics exist in females aged 25+. Consideration should be placed on media channels that are female skewed and have maximum reach.©Copyright Influence Group Ltd. Produced on behalf of Aqua Naida Ltd. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Who are the influencers and early adopters of our target audience? nalysi Factors influencing female audiences have changed largely over the past few decades as lifestyles have shifted. As always, women continue to be influenced by celebrities and media personalities, however the lack of emerging supermodels and decline in beauty based celebrities has signalled a shift to greater local influence. Women are increasingly influenced by perceived successful or attractive members of their own peer group, and with beauty and image becoming a commodity influence is increasingly attributed to women achieving career and financial success. It is our belief that there also exists a significant sub-culture of extremely health conscious women who are discovering new products through niche media formats. This is evidenced the growth of health magazines and healthy living guides in both print and broadcast media. Reaching these early adopters will be key to brand growth and consideration should be placed on these niche media channels where budget allows. Regionally, Auckland exerts the greatest level of influence on new product trends in New Zealand and should be seen as a key market for initial brand promotion.©Copyright Influence Group Ltd. Produced on behalf of Aqua Naida Ltd. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. the big idea©Copyright Influence Group Ltd. Produced on behalf of Aqua Naida Ltd. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Naturally. Beautiful.BiCollage1000’s natural makeup will be greatlyappealing to consumers who have become more‘ingredient conscious’ today than ever.In formulating an appropriate tagline for the brandwe wanted something that communicated simply Naturally. Beautiful.and effectively this aspect, as well as the benefitsconsumers could expect from the product. Theanswer came... naturally.The use of large amounts of free space and starkwhite backgrounds will aid in communicating thenatural aspect of the product and a feeling of purityand will hope in growing the emotional connectionbetween consumers and the brand.
  6. 6. See me in ten days campaignarket Launc Considering the budgetary constraints, we have devised a campaign to maximise reach and cost efficiency. We intend to conduct a model search in order to find the face of our BiCollage1000 campaign. Our chosen model will be given BiCollage to sample over a ten day period. Working in conjunction with our Out Of Home partners intend to erect a 30 foot tall billboard on an inbound traffic route in central Auckland. Initially, the billboard will simply be an image of our models face with the message “SEE ME IN TEN DAYS”. ©Copyright Influence Group Ltd. Produced on behalf of Aqua Naida Ltd. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. See me in ten days campaignarket Launc We intend to photograph the model every two days to show the effects of using BiCollage1000 over a ten day period. The consecutive shots will then be used to transition one half of our billboard, with the billboard skin being peeled back every two days to reveal the change in our models appearance. At the end of our ten day campaign, the BiCollage logo will be added along with the tagline: “Naturally Beautiful.” ©Copyright Influence Group Ltd. Produced on behalf of Aqua Naida Ltd. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. Supporting Media During the course of our ten day photoshoot, we intend to have our model video diary her experience using BiCollage1000. The models video diary will then be edited with footage of our outdoor campaign being transitioned to create a web video that can be distributed through an online social networking campaign released at the end of our out of home transition. As stated previously, it is vital that customers are educated in the benefits of using the BiCollage1000 product. To do this, we intend to build a BiCollage1000 website with information on how the increase in Collagen effects our skin as well as information on the other ingredients in the BiCollage1000 formula, and how these effects the bodys natural performance. To promote the website and social networking presence of BiCollage1000 we propose to produce a coupon whereby customers can receive a ten day trial of the product at a reduced rate if they ‘like’ BiCollage1000 on facebook. Customers will then have the opportunity to submit photos of their own before and after results to an online contest where the winner receives a years supply of BiCollage1000.
  9. 9. POS and Instore Promotion As stated previously, visual equity will be key to the early success of BiCollage1000 will be visual equity instore. Ideally, key shelf positioning can be negotiated with the retailers, however this may not be possible. We propose to produce a series of counter talkers and posters to promote reduced trial packages instore, using QR codes that are directed to a special mobile landing page customers will be able to like on facebook using smartphone mobiles to receive vouchers instore.
  10. 10. cost estimations Outdoor Media $8,000 -$18,000 Billboard Installs and Transitions $7,240 Photography $2,500 Post Production (Billboard Imagery and Web Video) $2,400 Web and Digital (Including social network creation and mobile landing site) $1800 Design and Visuals $1000 Print Production for Instore Materials $1500 - $2200 Concept Fee $2000 Total Campaign Cost $26,440 -$37,140Costs listed are estimations only and are subject to change based on time required, however all care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of prices listed.Media fees and external production are based on quotes from outside providers and Influence Group reserves the right to alter estimations based on pricefluctuations from external providers.Media and print costs include Influence Groups standard commission charges.All pricing is subject to acceptance within one month of the date this document was presented and is subject to the Influence Group Standard Terms ofTrade, a copy of which is available from our office. All pricing excludes GST. ©Copyright Influence Group Ltd. Produced on behalf of Aqua Naida Ltd. All rights reserved.
  11. 11. Ongoing Strategy - (Q2 - Q4) PRINT Through all three quarters we intend to place in Healthy Food Guide and Good Health Magazines. Options will be presented for editorial and Frequency of 2+ should be saught with at least 20% The initial market entry strategy has been designed to TARP aid in maximising reach to a wide audience, and has been designed in a non traditional format to help grasp DIGITAL consumer attention. Spending in Q1 to establish a digital presence will mean reduced spending Following market entry, we intend to allocate spending through Q2 - Q4. Established digital towards more traditional format advertising, in order to presence will be further promoted maximise frequency. through targeted digital placement with key online providers. We have identified a series of niche media channels OUTDOOR aptly directed at our target audience. We intend to place through Adshels Beauty network for a two week period in Q2. The proximity of the Beauty network to Pharmacy Brands stores should aid in recall throughout the quarter.©Copyright Influence Group Ltd. Produced on behalf of Aqua Naida Ltd. All rights reserved.