Customers demand multichannel customer service


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Today’s customers are savvy, opinionated, and empowered. They demand a service experience which is tailored to their preferences and history.

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Customers demand multichannel customer service

  1. 1. Infinity Contact Inc.www.InfinityContact.comCustomers Demand Multi ChannelCustomer Service
  2. 2. Customers Demand Multi Channel Customer ServiceToday’s customers are savvy, opinionated, and empowered.They demand a service experience which is tailored to theirpreferences and history.Customers are more sophisticated today than ever before. Theyexpect much from the companies from which they do business,including customer service. Customer service is going through arevolution to match the demands of a customer experienceworld. Today’s best service companies use sophisticatedtechnology, customer analytics, and business intelligence toprovide the best customer experience.
  3. 3. Customers Demand Multi Channel Customer Service(Continued...)The customer services market is going through notable changesas a result of the different ways companies and consumers are nowcommunicating with one another. Newer capabilities addressingthese changes include: Customer Analytics and MultichannelCustomer Services.Customer analytics is the practice of analyzing customer data tofind patterns, behaviors, and insights. customer analytics includespredictive modeling, data visualization, information managementand segmentation.Multichannel customer services serves customers with all theoptions for how they would like to communicate with a company.Multichannel customer service is all about creating a seamlessexperience to the customer, regardless of which channel theychoose to use.
  4. 4. Why is multichannel customer service important?Multichannel combines with customer analytics to provide a singlecustomer view. For companies, this offers the benefit of being able toprovide service to individual customers far more efficiently, as well asthe data and insight to improve communications, sales, and serviceoperations. Most important of all, since the customer can be providedwith a higher level of service, it can lead to an increase in customersatisfaction loyalty and advocacy.When prices and products are often very similar betweencompetitors, then customer experience is one way to differentiateyour brand from its rivals. Customer service makes people talk abouta brand. Customers will become advocates, recommending acompany to friends and colleagues purely on the basis of receivingprofessional service.Customer advocacy is ultra-important in our socially connecteddigital age.
  5. 5. Ultimately, poor customer service hurts companies in two ways: inlost business due to losing disillusioned customers, and in the badPR and negative goodwill generated by unsatisfied customers.“Customer analytics and personalized customer serviceexperiences used to be reserved once for enterprise Fortune 500but today these capabilities are easy to use, appropriately pricedand a significant priority," - Stephen Griggs, Infinity Contact COO.
  6. 6. The Benefits of Connecting Customer Analytics andMultichannel Customer Service1. Build rich customer profiles by capturing data across allcustomer touch points.2. Arm your teams with the insights and information via analytics toincrease performance success.3. Target your most profitable prospects and customers throughtheir preferred communication preferences.4. Deliver outstanding customer experiences across all channels.5. Use analytics to uncover new opportunities.
  7. 7. Are you leveraging multichannel capabilities?Technology is rapidly changing the ways that customers interactwith their favorite brands. To attract and retain customers, it is nowessential to provide integrated multichannel customer support. Theproliferation of new channels also yield an unprecedented amountof data that Infinity can help your enterprise can use to predictcustomer preferences and problem areas. Technology (cloud,social, mobile, multiple channels across chat, instant message,IVR messaging, and the web) are transforming customer service.In fact, by year end 2014 40 percent of the market for campaignmanagement budget will be spent on customer service, analytics,and social according to Gartner.
  8. 8. Are you leveraging analytics?Analytics are the key to understanding customer behaviors,patterns, and demands.More than half the battle is acquiring and maintaining qualitycustomer data. It is important to build a customer databaserepository that allows to effectively utilize unique attributes tosegment buyers. Using segmentation you can:- Build personalized campaigns- Embed business rules engine to support agents to proscribe theright offers to the right customers at the right time in the right way.- Enable agents to market complex product and service offerings
  9. 9. Want to learn more? Visit Business Driver of Customer Analytics Utilization ReasonAugment customer service, customer care 71%Respond to customer needs in a timely fashion 45%Point of sale response time via multiple channels 42%To support customer self service 21%To improve efficiencies (margins, costs) 21%To increase revenues 20%To share information, educate 17%“The perfect opportunity to create operationalefficiencies while supporting your customer’sself-service initiatives.”– Tom Leidigh, Infinity Contact Founder and 30 yearcustomer service industry veteran.
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