InfiniGraph Capabilities and 2.8 Release
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InfiniGraph Capabilities and 2.8 Release



InfiniGraph Capabilities and 2.8 Release Webinar see video here See the 8 Ways Brands Use Content Engagement To Drive Strategy and post here

InfiniGraph Capabilities and 2.8 Release Webinar see video here See the 8 Ways Brands Use Content Engagement To Drive Strategy and post here



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  • Brand are fighting for attention and fighting in the blind. They need to know more than ever what’s effective. What their target audience is finding relevant and more importantly what’s driving the consumer to act on what content that turns into sales.
  • better engagement through better content marketing Anyone of these can go viral. The facts are most all content now has a social share function integrated. Actions on content now can be measured vs. mention or amount of views/traffic a property obtains. Using engagement performance and applying scores on content now enables benchmarking of that content over many sites of the same content category. What is unique all content has gone social and brands have to use the data to find what is relevant to their customers.
  • All content has a social function links with it in some form . Utilizing the actions of many provides the level of context to score media types and their degree of engagement. Brand must have this information for creating and maintaining a digital strategy. From a competitive perspective this is critical you know what’s happing and why.
  • InfiniGraph has invested over 3 years of data organization/collection on 250K brands categorized into Industry. This is a big deal and the historic data isn’t available unless you captured it. Brands need this level to extract the right insights InfiniGraph provides. The social graph is a mess, brands must have content scoring and analytics to measure what’s working in their industry NOT JUST THEMSELVES. How their brand is comparing with others and what’s effective. Monthly reports are created along with content curation feeds provids brand ongoing intelligence used on every marketing initiatives. The toll creates highly strategic as well as tactical data ongoing.
  • Most every brand media property or content influencer has competitors. The facts are they are creating content and no everyone follows the same people products and services. The use of data to driving key marking decisions is no longer an option. The CMO office has to know their engagement performance, what content is effective and how they compare to the brands producing content in their same industry.
  • There is not one marketer out there that will not say “I don’t know what to post” and “our content calendar doesn’t have gaps? Creation of content is hard and all brands and media companies have a content calendar to schedule out their marketing activities and outbound communications. Marketers need a way to see statically what an entire industry is doing at scale. Must have ongoing trend insights as the market changes based on consumers collective actions. What content is performing the best answers the What and Why when managing a calendar. What types and themes drives engagement and overall how to increase engagement performance.
  • Harness collective actions across an entire industry. Finding and sourcing good content takes work and most brands don’t have the time to sift through or use tool that filter content by keyword. The diversity of content in and industry requires more intelligence and scale to surface usable trends. InfiniGraph 2.8 has content type filtrations based on trend score changing the game of curation. No one or many on a team can receive a pushed FEED of all thing trending within an industry based on crowdsourced human actions.
  • Case Studies
  • Brands on the right side show the scale of analysis to achieve statically accuracy. Stop self optimizing and look beyond your brand. See what content is working and obtain the averages that drive engagment.
  • Surface content that’s achieving engagement shows what the target audience is find relevant. Brand use this data to define and design their own content calendars. Plan you content creation based on winning content. The graph on the left shows a comparison of average post volumes along with average post per engagement numbers in green.
  • Data shows what’s the average for the industry to achieve effective programming by Type of content. Not all industry are the same and so is the content type. Understanding your audience preference yields higher engagement.
  • All brand has this digital finger print and when you put them together in a collective industry the trends surface enable brand managers and content creators to see ongoing what's achieving engagement. Be the smartest person in the room when its comes to your audience content behavior.
  • TCBY achieved 398% increase in engagement; Jason Cormier “We want to do as little guess work as possible. With InfiniGraph data and insights we’re able to program the right content to achieve higher engagement” The graph is an average post per engagement showing the start of the updated to TCBY content calendar and strategy.
  • You have genius moments, just not every day. But around us there are continuous genius moments happening all the time. InfiniGraph taps that genius.
  • For a one on one demo or need to aks questions don’t hesitate to email, tweet or call. , @infinigraph

InfiniGraph Capabilities and 2.8 Release InfiniGraph Capabilities and 2.8 Release Presentation Transcript

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  • Why Are You Here?  The why (benefit): is better engagement and higher ROI on social/digital initiatives -  The how to is - industry reports -  The what is - better contentbetter engagement through better content marketing 2
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  • INSIGHTS DIRECTS CURATION Insight: Across the Frozen Treat Category, Red Mango, Dairy Queen, Ben & Jerrys and Starfruit are the industry leaders. Why? Its all about the content.16
  • CONTENT TIMING Insight: Fro-yo fans are more likely engage with their favorite brands around lunch hour, and then again in the evenings, before and during dinner time. * Times in Central Standard Time, CST17
  • Curating and copying what works just makes you more relevant18
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  • CURATION DRIVES STRATEGY• Hypercuration™ to discover which content in your niche is working the best.• Are you doing similar things or what can you learn from the top performers? 20
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