SMS og 2D-løsninger af Tony Jensen, CellPoint Mobile


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Oplægget blev holdt ved arrangementet "Get F'IT marts 2011", der blev afholdt den 29. marts 2011. Læs mere om arrangementet her:

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SMS og 2D-løsninger af Tony Jensen, CellPoint Mobile

  1. 1. SMS & 2D løsninger TONY BIRK JENSEN MARTS, 2011
  2. 2. ABOUT CPM• Specialist in Mobile Payment and Mobile Retail Services• Professional Services Strategy Deployment Infrastructure Development Implementation• Established in 2002 Copenhagen Frankfurt Houston London Miami New York San Francisco• Global Standards Organizations and Workgroups• Mobilized Payment Schemes
  3. 3. CELLPOINT MOBILE• Specialist in Mobile Payment and Mobile Merchant Services • Enterprise grade end-to-end • Vertical application suites targeting specific industries• Professional Services • Strategy, Deployment, Development, Implementation and life-cycle management• Strong leadership with relevant industry experience • Retail, Financial services, Transport and Government• Established in 2002 Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Houston, London, Miami, New York, San Francisco
  4. 4. MOBILE GOVERNANCE Moving from today’s chaos to the order required by tomorrow’s business needs Silo Integrated Aligned with the to that areservices services business strategy Chaos Structure Order
  5. 5. SIMPLE ORDER FLOW1. Enter travel info 2. Select journey 3. Review details 4. Confirm orderQuick journey selection Clear user feedback
  6. 6. SECURE PAYMENT FLOWOptimized input fieldsIntuitive storage of cards 2. Enter card details 1. Select payment 3. Payment method completed User defined card names 2. Authorise payment
  7. 7. ISSUED TICKETS1. Visual inspection 2. Machine inspection DRM protected ticket UIC 918-3 compliant 2-D bar code
  8. 8. CHILD CARE SERVICEMobile Service• Estimated cost reduction of 95% annually through mobile self service • Automatic child care updates • Mobile notification to parents when changes to child care is required • Mobile App. for day care workers / supervisors• Greatly improves parent satisfaction • Requires active confirmation from parents• Improved employee satisfaction • Simplified processes accessible from the mobileInstallation WebSphere• CellPoint Mobile platform installed on-site MQ • Complete mainframe integration Mainframe • Extensive WebSphere MQ integration
  9. 9. SPEC SAVERS• One of the world’s largest eye-wear chains • 1300+ stores globally • 26.000 employees The CloudMobile Service• Estimated cost reduction of 98,5% annually through mobile self service • Mobile alerts, reminders and updates to customers • Mobile services for store associates• Improves customer service and retention ERPInstallation CRM• Hosted CellPoint Mobile platform • Deep ERP integration with proprietary ERP system • Direct integration with standard CRM system
  10. 10. MRETAIL• The mRetail product line: Shop, Save, Rewards, Pay• The mRetail suite aims to counter the proliferation of shopping and coupon applications, which can feature the competition’s product and prices while the customer is standing in your store.• mRetail focuses on the functions that a customer needs most while shopping in the store • Simple product lookup • Mobile Coupons • Access to loyalty programs and account management • Mobile payment at the point of sale (NFC, 2D Barcode, Stored Value) • Can apply loyalty points to payment for discounts or special offers • Useful shopping tools to shorten the path to purchase.• mRetail provides a mobile shopping experience which can be branded and highlighted by the retailer. It can be used “off the shelf” or integrated into an existing mobile web presence.
  11. 11. DEMOS
  12. 12. MRETAIL – PRODUCT LOOKUP AND COUPONSWelcome Screen Typical Product Lookup Typical Coupon
  13. 13. MRETAIL EXTENSIONS• Store Associate Alerts• Customer activities and product scans are monitored and reported to the mAssociate application.• By selecting a customer activity record, the store associate can see relevant details about the customer.• This information can be used to determine which customers to approach and how to approach them.• Customer to store associate communication becomes relevant and effective• Leverage data for future marketing campaign initiatives
  14. 14. MRETAIL EXTENSIONS• Customer Coupon Push Associates can push a coupon on demand for a special discount in response to their shopping activities or status
  15. 15. MRETAIL – PAYMENT PROCESSPayment Selection Card Selection Payment Complete
  16. 16. MRETAIL EXTENSIONS• mSocial - Social integration • Customers can interact with social media directly from within the applications.• Feature set includes: • Facebook JumpStart – Provides a one-touch access point to a retailers Facebook page, or pre-defined updates to a personal page. • Twitter Jumpstart – Allow shoppers faster, in application access to their twitter feed with ability to update current status and location • Product Buzz – Lists in real-time the most popular products being discussed throughout the social web, or discussions based on a product, merchant name, or service. • Help Me Now – Triggers an alert to store associates that the customer has a question about a product or service
  17. 17. WHAT CPM CAN BRING TO YOUR SUCCESS• Proven, Enterprise-Class Technology • Mobile Enterprise Framework and the mPoint payments platform • NFC and 2D barcode payment and product lookup capabilities • Available now.• Industry Expertise through Strategic Consulting • Major partnerships in banking, retail product management and advertising • Enterprise-class service delivery and operation • CPM is in the forefront of all things mobile through trade association and industry forum leadership roles • Mobile Blueprint for Retail - version 2.0 published January 2011 • Mobile Blueprint for Banking – ( in development ) • CPM can help Lowe’s chart a way forward into the mobile channel and beyond• Applications - How to do it right. • The new mRetail suite can be deployed swiftly to provide real value to Lowe’s through an interactive, in-store shopping experience for its customers.
  18. 18. YOUR SUCCESS IN MOBILE PAYMENT WILL BE DECIDED BY NOTTo succeed you need a by the devices and a by your customers Mobile Strategy Mobile Infrastructurewhich together will support consumer and retail needs now