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Infact Insight on Presentations
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Infact Insight on Presentations


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This is a presentation about how to PREPARE, CREATE and DELIVER an effective presentation. It was first delivered at the AMA MR Conference in Palm Desert, October 2009.

This is a presentation about how to PREPARE, CREATE and DELIVER an effective presentation. It was first delivered at the AMA MR Conference in Palm Desert, October 2009.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Super Charging Your Presentations Robert Adams Copyright © 2009 Infact Insight Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.
  • 2. PREPARE
  • 3. ecipes CREATE R e ssful fo r succ s resen tation p
  • 4. DELIVER
  • 5. ROLES
  • 6. IS THERE A PROBLEM? WORST FEARS FINANCIAL SUCCESS FACTORS (>$350,000) 1. Speaking in public 1. Communications skills 2. Heights 2. Intelligence 3. Bugs 3. Integrity 4. Money problems 4. Experience 5. Deep water 5. Positive attitude / enthusiasm 6. Illness 6. Self-esteem / confidence 7. Dying 7. Risk taking approach 8. Flying 8. Formal education 9. Loneliness 9. Ambition 10. Dogs 10. Emotional maturity Do you fear your presentations will limit you?
  • 7. OTHERS’ STORIES “There is too much time spent on ‘research-ese’. “Margins are razor thin and so we Bottom-line it for me. Get to what we need to do can’t spend the time really needed about it quicker.” -- EVP, Beverage Manufacturer to go as deep as clients would like.” -- SVP, Brand Consulting Practice, Research Supplier “Be clear, be brief, be gone” -- CMO, Financial Services Support “Clients expect more than what they are willing to pay for.” -- VP Account Servicing, Research Supplier “What I usually get are the facts which is fine. But, I just wish they would go “We can’t go as deep as we want in beyond that and offer some fully understanding the business solutions.” -- VP, Marketing complexities of each client. We are not set up to do that.” -- VP, Sector Head, Large Global Research Agency
  • 8. Three bulbs and you’re out!
  • 9. ACTIVITY •  One “Best” & Why •  One “Blooper” & Recovery
  • 10. PREPARE PRINCIPLES •  Audience Analysis •  Problem Definition •  Action Outcome
  • 13. THINKING STYLES • Personalysis • Kiersey Temperament Sorter • HBDI • Myers Briggs
  • 14. MYERS-BRIGGS TYPE NEEDS IMPLICATIONS Introvert •  Time to reflect on information •  Provide all or part of presentation in advance vs. Extravert •  Interactive discussion •  Plan for lots of discussion and Q&A Sensor •  The facts and (all) the details •  Make sure to include all facts and details vs. iNtuitor •  The big picture •  Provide overview up-front Thinker •  Principles involved, costs, benefits •  Identify principles, costs, and benefits vs. Feeler •  Whom this is valuable for, and why •  State implications for each person or group Judger •  Conclusions •  Present conclusions up front vs. Perceiver •  Alternatives •  List all alternatives considered © A. Abela, 2009; used with permission.  #
  • 15. MINDMAP Internal Or External? Needs and Expectations? Audience Key Problem Demography? Novice or Expert?
  • 16. PROBLEM DEFINITION Improve how we Probing needs improved Solution offered lacks Training & understand relevance coaching issue customer needs Internally focused and assessed measures Scorecard focuses on Goal & metrics quantitative production issue Metrics do not link to customer needs metrics Additional assessment Research issue No external point of view process needed from customers CSR role lacks definition Increase relevance Content is limited Training & of discussion and coaching issue Optimize Customer & CSR content provided to CSR depth knowledge Interactions customer Content is not unique Lack cross-site coordination / sharing Optimize OBTM targeting Marcom does not coordinate with CSR Lack optimized integration & Opportunities not alignment with marketing & optimized for CSR Optimize to communications Marketing leads (e-mail) what? not activated - sales? - servicing? Do not call same high net Lack “trigger” lists - relationships? worth customers often enough Too much churn Lack depth / Contact is Programmatic approach Improve customer superficial lacking commitment Systems not optimized to Notations need Training & deliver experience reoriented to support coaching issue relational approach / trend identification Other sub-issue
  • 17. ACTION OUTCOME “MY” OBJECTIVES  Review methodology and approach for the concept test research  Share research findings and winning concepts  Discuss next steps for more research
  • 18. ACTION OUTCOME MY OBJECTIVES  Review methodology and approach for the concept test research  Share research findings and winning concepts  Discuss next steps for more research
  • 19. “WIIFM”
  • 20. DESIRED OUTCOMES FROM TO Q. What are they thinking now? Q. What should they think after the presentation? THINK A.  Copy testing takes too A. Copy testing is worth the long & costs too much investment of time and money Q. What are they doing -- or not Q. What should they start doing -- or doing -- today? stop doing -- after your presentation? DO A. Not investing in copy A. Try out copy testing with testing agreed upon goals & approach © A. Abela, 2009; used with permission.  #
  • 22. EVIDENCE COLLECTION quantitative qualitative ci bi trends prior work
  • 23. EVIDENCE DISTILLATION quantitative qualitative New & Rewarding Loyalty Opportunities June, 1998 ci bi trends prior work
  • 25. EVIDENCE AUDIENCE: Marketing Team OBJECTIVE: To help people interested in improving their presentations PROBLEM: Presentations fail to facilitate change; are politely listened to; don’t translate up to correct decision makers ACTION: Think and act differently about approach, construction and delivery of presentations 1.a.i Mind Map Understand Audience (most important people) & How to influence them / Politics / Venue & Time Analysis / 1.a AUDIENCE ANALYSIS (ENTJ?) 1.a.ii Problem Definition “Made to Stick”; What problem is audience interested in solving? (Update presentations bad idea -- only reason to give a presentation is to solve a problem. Show Issues Tree 1.a.iii Audience Action - change thinking or Develop “close” Establish “metric”: what is the change desired? Situation-Problem-Complication-Solution; Begin with end activity in mind; From-To Think-Do Matrix 1.b SCOPING (IDEA 1.b.i Collect Evidence Get all content facts, evidence, information / List: FOR & AGAINST / multi-source: CI, BI, primary, qualitative quantitative SOUP) 1. PREPARE 1.b.ii Brainstorming Volume; Partner; Iterate; Sleep on it / Solitude / Develop main and conclusions 1.c FRAME 1.c.i Story Boarding Post its & Sharpies; Analog / Sketch illustrations of charts 1.c.ii Topic Map WIIFM; Show problem hierarchy---solutions diagram tool 2.a MYTH BUSTERS / 2.a.i Rule of Thirds 4 Power Points -- TIPS & TRICKS 2.a.ii Research shows… Pictures; bite sized chunks; visual cues; words alone don’t read me a story 2.a.iii 3x6 & 3x6; 40; 7x7 Myths busted! 7x7 worst- much less better & much more better - why? 2. CREATE 2.b SLIDE DESIGN 2.b.i Types (107) This may be deleted section??? / Slide template design (color / font) LOOK & FEEL / LAYOUT 2.b.ii sensor example MB tie back with before after 2.b.iii chart make overs Ideal one page, but… (116) 3.a.i How & Why? (63) MB: “feelers” / engages beyond logic alone / appeals to emotions / better internalized and remembered Frameworks / 3.a STORIES & Books / Starting a file / WSJ 7-basic story types good for individual anecdotes, but need to structure all evidence to tell ANECDOTES broader story that carries the entire presentationSTORY: Problem statement / Develop aspects / Complication / Solution- & Resolution ILLUSTRATIONS 3.a.ii Order & Flow Connect back to A.3.1&2 3. DELIVER 3.a.iii Kinds & Types (67) 1. Directly related -- SH & 3 kids 2. Hypothesis & realistic 3. Metaphor - symbolic MRS Conf head of Royal Mail and story about the frog with the jewel in his head 3.b PRESENCE “Tips” 3.b.i Non verbal 3.b.ii verbal 3.c ACTIVATION 3.c.i Stakeholder Analsyis 1. Action needed 2. Position 3. What’s needed to close gap 3.c.ii Evaluate progress Measure success / post mortem / assess
  • 26. “Others inspire us, information feeds us, practice improves our performance, but we need quiet time to figure things out….” -- Dr. Ester Buchholz
  • 27. CREATE PRINCIPLES • Myths • Tips • Design
  • 28. read2me 40PT 7 X 7 •  •  3? X 7 •  •  •  •  6? •  •  •  •  9? •  • 
  • 29. / READ + HEAR = UNDERSTANDING THE PRESENTATION • I have so much to tell you, so I’m going to write it all down and hope you will get it all • Just to be sure, I am going to read it to you at the same time that you read it to yourself • Little do I realize that your auditory and visual channels are competing with each other, and so you probably won’t get any of this at all • I might as well have stayed at home.
  • 30. RESEARCH SHOWS… •  No Reading •  Words + Pictures •  Graphics + Narration •  The Squint Test
  • 31. FAILS THE “SQUINT TEST” Information •  Background o  The Servicing Business Line has a Default Division consisting of Collections and Loss Mitigation and other areas. This division is charged with reducing the number of delinquent loans and increasing the number of workout solutions (modifications, reinstatements, short sales, etc.) in order to avoid foreclosure. The business wants to realign these two areas and leverage efforts while driving improved results. o  Current State o  Collection Group (Home Equity, Prime, Subprime) o  Default Collection Specialist (3 levels) -- Generates calls to high-risk, delinquent borrowers in order to make payment arrangements, preventing foreclosure o  Three incentive plans (scorecard based, ranking, monthly payout) o  Loss Mitigation Group (Prime, Subprime) o  Solicitors (1 level…SP) -- Generates calls to high-risk, delinquent borrowers to offer an alternative (modification, short sales, reinstatements, etc.) to foreclosure; forwards to Negotiator o  Negotiators (1 level…P/SP) -- Reviews loans with customers in order to reach an agreed alternative to foreclosure o  Closers (1 level…P/SP) -- Reviews files and performs all tasks associated with post-closing; coordinates short sales o  Two incentive plans (goal based, ranking); monthly payout •  Issue o  The business wants to change group dynamics: Train employees during September, implement with one group on October 1st; avoid pay disruptions
  • 32. PASSES THE “SQUINT TEST” A Default Servicing OPS - CURRENT State B Default Servicing OPS - FUTURE State Collections Loss Mitigation Collections Home Sub Sub Early Stage Late Stage Prime Prime Closers Equity Prime Prime (1-59 days) (60+ days) •  Default Collection Specialist •  Solicitors •  Migrate to •  Migrate to •  Remain on •  Negotiators existing plan existing plan existing plan •  Closers •  3 unique incentive plans •  2 unique •  2 unique incentive plans incentive plans Conversion Risks: Conversion Benefits:  Payroll Errors  Efficiencies from combined structure  Pay System Redesign  Better skill utilization  Plans become larger and need  Pay plans easier for ee’s to understand new lead position  Efficiencies from elimination of 3 plans
  • 33. SENSORS PRODUCT CONCEPT TEST •  16 CONCEPTS TESTED: •  Success Measures 1.  Pay in full Market Share Gain -- Will the new 2.  Retail rewards product contribute to market share 3.  Exclusive positioning growth? 4.  Revolve balances Grow Profit -- Will the new product 5.  Debt help positioning contribute to profit growth:? 6.  Financial responsibility positioning 7.  Entertainment perks Core Capability -- Will the new product 8.  Feature rich capitalize and extend core 9.  Travel perks competencies? 10.  Dining rewards 11.  Family savings positioning •  Winners 12.  Small business perks 13.  Travel rewards 5. Debt help positioning 14.  Lowest APRs 11.  Family savings positioning 15.  No fees of any kind 16.  Exclusive access positioning
  • 34. INTUITORS WINNING PRODUCT CONCEPTS 5.  Debt help positioning 12.  Family savings positioning
  • 35. BOTH RESULTS OF NEW PRODUCT CONCEPT TEST CONCEPT SCREENS Core Grow Grow Competency Market Profit Passed Share 5. Debt help 11. Family savings Failed Failed Failed 7. Entertainment perks 2. Retail rewards 1. Pay in full 8. Feature rich 3. Exclusive positioning 8. Feature rich 10. Dining rewards 4. Revolve balances 9. Travel perks 13. Travel rewards 6. Financial responsibility 14. Lowest APRs 12. Small business 15. No fees 16. Exclusive access
  • 36. RULE OF THIRDS power points
  • 38. RULE OF THIRDS Lost or hiring?
  • 39. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” -- Leonardo da Vinci
  • 40. CHART MAKEOVERS #1 BEFORE 90 80 Sales - $ millions 70 60 50 East 40 West North 30 20 10 0 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr
  • 41. CHART MAKEOVERS #1 AFTER 90 Sales - $ millions West Central 46 47 45 East 44 39 35 31 32 27 20 20 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
  • 42. CHART MAKEOVERS #2 R&D BEFORE Sales Payroll Payroll Equipment Equipment Travel Travel Supplies Supplies Software Software Misc. Misc 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Management Accounting Payroll Payroll Equipment Equipment Travel Travel Supplies Supplies Software Software Misc Misc. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80
  • 43. CHART MAKEOVERS #2 AFTER Expenses by Department Millions of USD 70 60 50 40 30 R&D 20 Sales 10 Management Accounting 0 Payroll Equipment Travel Supplies Software Misc.
  • 44. DELIVER PRINCIPLES •  Stories •  Presence •  Activation
  • 45. WHO ME? y Do the t know wha e they’r I doing ? tk nd u 2 hm! t ovr fr
  • 46. ACTIVITY •  Best use of story in presentation •  Worst use of story in presentation
  • 47. STORIES TYPES • Directly related • Realistic Hypothesis • Metaphor
  • 48. DIRECT / HYPOTHESIS Friends & Relatives Economy Advisers Web & Brand Publications Motivations Experience Fees
  • 49. METAPHOR
  • 50. TIPS ON PRESENCE VERBAL • Confidence • Language NON VERBAL • Posture, Stance, Movement • Hands • Face
  • 51. YOU ARE WHAT YOU SPEAK! WRITTEN SPOKEN Profound Deep Germane In common with Elusive Hard to find Emaciated Thin Confluence Meeting Obfuscate Be unclear Duplicitous False Beleaguered In trouble Eradicate Wipe out
  • 52. SOME ARE COMPELLED TO ACT …THE REST JUST NOD OFF People Sleeping in Audience Power Point Slides
  • 53. ACTIVATION Stakeholder Analysis Who is most key audience? What are their business goals & objectives? (wants & needs) What is required to effectively move them?
  • 54. ACTIVATION Stakeholder Analysis FOR SATISFY FOCUS AGAINST Influence MAINTAIN INFORM Involvement
  • 56. QUESTIONS?
  • 57. ACTION •  Get Resources •  Be Different •  Be In Touch •  Enjoy!
  • 58. Infact Insight, Inc. 1001 Avenida Pico Suite C-322 San Clemente, CA 92673 t: +213 471 2600 f: +646 688 5920