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Illumination in new ways   jacob rader

Illumination in new ways jacob rader






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    Illumination in new ways   jacob rader Illumination in new ways jacob rader Presentation Transcript

    • Providing Illumination In New Ways
    • Current Lighting Design• Pole Mounted• Sconce (Wall Mounted)• Ballard• A box the gives off light – Based off old, inefficient technology
    • LED• The “New” Technology• Is The New Form Factor Being Utilized to it’s fullest potential?• “Innovative design always develops in tandem with innovative technology” – Dieter Rams
    • Potential of LED• Completely new form factors – Diversity – Tiny point of light• Cheaper – Energy – Cost – Maintenance
    • Problems With LED• Heat – Need for lots of thermal dissipation – Limiting the size of the fixture• Glare – The same amount of light in a smaller form factor
    • Glare• Harsh light – Hard to look at, harsh shadows• Concentrating light at one source – Pole lighting• How do we soften the light? – Spread it out – More sources – Reflectors/Diffusers
    • How do we limit and reduce Glare• Spread the light out – More poles? – Hanging Line Systems – Ideal: perfectly uniform light levels• More sources – Vary the type of light• Change the tone of the light – Diffusers/Reflectors• Reduction of the required light levels
    • Next Generation Luminaries• Responsive Systems (system design) – Systems that can read the environment and can adjust dynamically – Self adjusting light levels – Systems that can talk to each other – Emergency Systems – Systems that can adjust to the individual• New Materials
    • Lights Without The Pole• Making a lighting system that can’t be seen – You can only see the light – Designing “invisible” fixtures• Systems that integrate into existing infrastructure• Modular systems• OLED – Flexible light sources• Drone lighting systems
    • Natural Considerations• Integration with nature• Fixtures that allow the integration of Nature• Solar/Wind Power• Thermal Power – Recycling thermal energy from the fixture• Bioluminescence• Biomimetic Considerations
    • The Potential of Bioluminescence• Biological systems that feed off of our waste and provide us light – A parking garage light that makes the air better while providing a warm green glow• Self sustaining and self powered systems• Target Pollution Control• Light Graffiti/Eco Art• Free Form Lighting Design• Genetically engineered light trees