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Indus Infotek: Offshore software development company providing .Net, PHP, Java software development, with offices in India. We provide offshore product development and specialized software application development in multiple technologies including .NET, JAVA, LAMP. We provide BPO and KPO services including Accounting and Tax processing

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Offshore Software Development: Software Development Company India Indus Infotek

  1. 1. Indus Infotekwww.indusinfotek.comCOMPANY OVERVIEWThe year 2000 saw the birth of an organization that has set forth toredefine the concept of service. Having started as firm providingtrouble shooting solutions and static html pages, the firm has since ABOUT USgrown to integrated IT solution provider. Our ability to create "true • Company Overviewvalue" underscores our role as a trusted partner, working togetherwith clients to create and implement best-fit solutions. •Philosophy & EthosThe business environment is continuously evolving. And this constant •Quality Focusevolution has made the world Flat. The globalization, universalavailability of technology and reporting and compliances, changingface of the global population has all contributed to it. We at IndusInfotek help you constantly innovate, manage change and competeeffectively in this flattened world. With a highly qualified andenthusiastic team of over 50 technocrats, IIT is fully geared to meetthe software needs of its existing and prospective customers. Regulartraining sessions and other learning exercises keep our team up-to-date and in constant touch with the latest in IT.Our indigenous expertise in IT areas enables us to offer cutting edgetechnology, tailor-designed to suit the customers needs. As a result,the client benefits from our quality, productivity, cost-milestones,skills, credibility and long-term business relation advantages in thesame go.Software development, web design and web application development,ecommerce software development, Human resource software,programming and coding services, are among our core specialties. 1
  2. 2. PHILOSOPHY & ETHOS Our Philosophy "Client Satisfaction", these are two words that embody the way we work: flexible, innovative and tailored to specific client situations. Over the years, Indus Infotek has moved from being just an IT solutions provider to managing processes and outcomes for clients. We at Indus Infotek do not have a house style or even Industry style, we have standards. We are proud to present the team of finest IT artists, who paint the world around us as a better place. From concept to outcomes, we endeavor to create maximum impact solutions with no drama. Through our solutions we believe in achieving significant improvements not only in our clients IT processes but also in critical business processes, thereby not only upgrading but transforming the business processes. Ethos Always steering our actions, our values reflect what we aspire to achieve and be known for. The entire Indus Infotek family is bound together by these core values. Integrity - Transparency & Credibility The processes which support our services are transparent and ensure highest ethical standards in our dealing with customers - both external and internal. On this there is no compromise. Excellence - Innovation & Quality At Indus Infotek, excellence is to strive relentlessly, to constantly innovate, to embrace change as an opportunity and add value beyond expectations. Being passionate about being on time, foresighted and employing best practices has helped us in creating works of highest quality. Work at Indus Infotek is a continuous learning process. Teamwork We value Diversity. We have a culture that respects both individual and teamwork. Where open communication builds mutual trust and there is an equal focus on development and growth of team members. We are committed to provide a motivating work environment where focus in on execution excellence.2
  3. 3. Quality FocusIndus Infotek is a process-driven organization. We believe that it is the strength of the qualityprocesses that assures us of timely, error-free delivery of products and services. Throughout oursuccessful business history, our commitment to quality has been steadfast. Our objective is todeliver an unparalleled value for all our projects, as this is the only way to ensure customersatisfaction. To reach this goal, we at Indus focus on three fundamental quality factors:Quality of Staff - A committed, motivated, qualified and experienced work force who can dare tothink out of the box is the foremost perquisite to deliver quality results.Quality of Communication - It is possible to work successfully on any project only if effectivecommunication is ensured between the customer and us. Indus places great emphasis on its twopronged communication strategy: language proficiency and structured job progress reporting.Quality of Innovation - For us at Indus Infotek Innovation is not a series of unrelated "applefalling on the head" moments but a constant, preplanned process. Our systems and processesare the way we avoid that "apple falling on the head" approach to innovation.We always endeavor to translate our strong quality focus into tangible benefits for ourcustomers. We call this Quality in Deed. 3
  4. 4. OUR SERVICES 1. Software Development  .Net Development  PHP Development  Java Development 2. Designing Services  Web Designing  E-Mailer Designing  Graphic Designing  3D Animation 3. Business Process Outsourcing  Data Entry Services  Transcription Services  Accounting / Tax Services  Online Chat Support  Calling Campaigning  Email Marketing  Market Research & Surveys 4. Web Hosting 5. E-Book Conversion4
  5. 5. 6. Online Marketing Services  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) o Directory Submission o Link Exchange o Banner Exchange o Classified Posting o Google AdSense o Bulk Mailing o Redefining Meta Tags & URLs o W3C Certifications  SMO (Social Media Optimization) o Blogging  Blog Writing  Press Release  Article Writing o Social Networking  Facebook  Twitter  Linked In o Online Promotion  Presentations  Videos 5
  6. 6. Software Development (1) .NET DEVELOPMENT Microsofts .NET framework is a core focus area in Indus Infotek. We have been implementing Microsoft Dot Net solutions since our inception and have successfully developed and delivered Solutions. Our expertise rests in Custom ASP Dot NET Web Development, Data Management and Collaboration to implement business oriented solutions. Our extensive experience along with a knowledgebase comprising of tested, ready to use components, allows us to provide reliable solutions and fast. We provide efficient .NET project management and execution services, using latest .Net technologies (.Net 3.5 Development). We also specialize in design and development of multi-tier architectures, interfacing DOT NET applications with legacy applications and migration and re- engineering of existing applications. Our .Net development skills span across application types, integration with other products, migration from existing platforms, enhancing existing applications. Our Dot Net (ASP.NET & VB.NET) development solution division is well versed in the following tools: Database Design o DesignMicrosoft SQL Server 2008/2005/2000 o Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services o Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services o Business Objects® Crystal Reports o Business Objects Enterprise o Business Objects Web Intelligence o Business Objects InfoView Application Development Tools o Microsoft Visual Studio® 2008/2005/.NET 2003 o C#, Visual Basic.NET o ADO.NET o Microsoft Message Queuing Service o COM, DCOM o COM+ Services o Enterprise Library, Smart Client Software Factory, Architectural Guidance6 Software Factory
  7. 7. Web Development Tools o ASP.NET o AJAX, JavaScript o HTML, DHTML, XML, XSLT, CSS o Microsoft Internet Explorer, HTML Components (Behaviors) o Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, Silverlight o Cross-browser SupportMicrosoft Dot Net Framework o Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 o Microsoft.NET Framework 3.0 o Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 o Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1Team Indus has technical expertise and experience gained by delivering solutions spanning widespectrum of domains and industries. We have delivered solutions in various domains such as E-Commerce Portals (B2B and B2C), ASP Portals and Client Server business applications usingASP.Net technology.Team Indus has an OOB approach and is process yet result oriented. We follow a predefined setof methodologies and frameworks and have a well-structured software development life cyclewhich clearly defines set of milestones and deliverables. Our team works towards developingsolutions that transform your critical business processes. We not only deliver software solutionbut manage your processes and outcomes.(2) PHP DEVELOPMENT Fly Free! Go PHP.Indus Infotek provides programming and development PHP solutions for various domains andvarious industry verticals in the field of website development, software development, websitemaintenance and much more. Our experienced PHP programmers are dedicated to LAMP - Linuxoperating system, Apache Web server; My SQL database management system or databaseserver and PHP.Our teams of professionals have implemented solutions such as dynamic websites, ecommerceand intranet applications. Our professional, experienced dedicated PHP development teamensures complete transparency and work in line with clients staff. The team will coordinate andadhere with the clients requirements and time schedules to ensure timely completion of theprocess. 7
  8. 8. PHP is a scripting language that is based on Object Oriented Architecture. Since PHP is an open source language with extensive libraries and extensions that extend its core functionalities it is an ideal choice to build complicated solutions. PHP scripts can be embedded within HTML pages making it a suitable choice to implement ecommerce solutions, community portals, forums etc. Besides that PHP also makes an ideal choice for command line scripting and Client server application thus making it one of the most popular choices. Our team of dedicated PHP developers can help you to: Minimize costs with a cost-effective and affordable PHP & My SQL web application Development that reduces costs and improves profits. Improve your organizations visibility by building high-performance data warehouse applications in PHP & My SQL Increase productivity and sales by building CRM using PHP & My SQL Applications Development that automates sales and marketing process. Give your Online Store customers a personalized shopping experience through our Robust PHP Web applications Development Services. Our Team of experienced Web Developers offer maintenance procedures, irrespective of the nature and the location factor of the application development to ensure smooth functioning of the activities within your organization. (3) JAVA DEVELOPMENT At Indus Infotek, we have the capabilities to provide software development services using Java, J2EE or J2ME technology. We ensure the highest application quality and shortened development cycles by employing the best-in-class J2EE Application Development framework, as required in the project. We provide design and development services designed to deliver software that efficiently utilizes the services available from Java application servers and the J2EE framework. Developers at Indus Infotek harness the extensive library of Java components and robust Java application framework to deliver solutions that are Secure, Performance Efficient and Scalable. A new software product, custom web applications and /or enterprise solutions whatever is your requirement, our Java Development team will deliver the best solution. With us you can be sure of getting a positive blend of Technical Competence and a deep understanding of business and marketing concepts.8 We provide one stop solution for all your requirements by utilizing the power of Java/J2EE in developing future Web 2.0 applications & services. We have extensively worked in J2EE and J2ME. Our strength in J2ME helps us offer wireless solutions to companies that wish to integrate wireless mobile framework based applications into their existing applications. Our expertise in
  9. 9. databases includes Oracle (7, 8i, 9i, 10G, 11G), MS SQL Server, My SQL, Postgress, Sybase, andMs Access.At Indus Infotek it is just not about delivering but implementation in cost effective yet mostefficient manner. Whatever the technology, the experience and knowledge depth gained by ourteam forms the core of Induss strength.We have deployed the following APIs extensively: o J2EE Connector Architecture o JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) o Java Messaging Service o Java Authentication and Authorization Services o Java Transaction (JTA) o Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) o SOAP with Attachments API for Java (SAAJ) o Streaming API for XML o Java API for XML-Based Web Services (JAX-WS) o Java API for XML-Based RPC (JAX-RPC) o Web Service Metadata for the Java Platform o Java PersistenceWe have also extensively used and implemented EJB containers such as WebSphere, JBoss,Weblogic or Sun Application Server. 9
  10. 10. Designing Services (1) WEB DESIGNING All that glitters is not gold, they say. But in the present days of the internet, glitter is one sure way of attracting a prospective customer. Glitter does not definitely mean intricate effects and flashy design and navigation but aesthetically appealing, clear in content and approach to functionalities. Impressive Internet presence can be a deciding factor in the success of a venture and can even be a major contributory to the continued success of traditional businesses. Websites are an asset for any organization. We at Indus Infotek aim to provide you the right solution. We provide services for web design and development, with an approach that emphasizes both creativity and usability in equal measure and endeavor to make your website an effective earning instrument. We understand that every business in unique and hence our team first analyses and understands the nature of your business objectives to try and devise a best suited solution. We try to bring a distinctive look, feel and functionalities to your website that makes you stand out amongst your competitors. Indus Infotek has become synonymous with perfection and our list of happy clients can vouch for that. We provide web designing services for static and dynamic HTML website, Flash websites, Silverlight websites, E-Commerce/ Shopping Cart, logos, banners, animation etc. Services provided by us for Web Development: o Requirement Analysis o Layout And Graphic Designing o Website Content Planning o Web Application Development o Flash Intros & Animations Designing o Flash And Silverlight Websites o HTML Coding & Java Scripting o Table-Less Websites o CSS Coding We also design logos, corporate presentations, interfaces, banners etc.10
  11. 11. Business Process Outsourcing(1) DATA ENTRY OUTSOURCINGWe offer high quality, cost effective data entry services that requires data to be extracted fromany source. We develop, execute, and supervise plans, policies, programs and practices thatcontrol, protect, deliver and enhance the value of both data and information assets. Our servicesare designed in a manner to increase overall productivity and ease your administrative burden,allowing you to focus on your core expertise.The services we offer: o Data Base Creation o Form Processing o Data Entry of E-Books o Data Entry of Surveys &Research o Data Entry of Questionnaires o Data Entry of Company Reports o Data Entry of Insurance Details/ Claims o Data Entry from Printed / Handwritten Source o Update Your Online Shopping Mall/Portal o Update Data on Your Search Engine o Update Your E-Learning Courses/Portal o Desk & Web Research(2) TRANSCRIPTION SERVICESMedical TranscriptionIndia has a vast pool of English speaking science graduates and this makes it an ideal destinationfor medical transcription and documentation at an affordable cost. Turnaround time is critical inthis industry and India being several hours ahead of America and Europe, we have a naturaladvantage of quicker turnaround time.We provide accurate Medical Transcription services, at a very affordable cost. Our experiencedMedical transcriptionists will satisfy all your transcription needs. And needless to say, a very highsecurity of patient data is ensured which is stored in encrypted format in a secure password-protected location and confidentiality maintained. 11
  12. 12. Legal Transcription The Legal Transcription and Legal Typing Division at Indus transcribes routine correspondence, notes, memorandums, minutes of meetings and other items regularly dictated by lawyers / attorneys and other professionals. Digital dictation is e-mailed direct from your PC or put on a secure ftp server, where it is transcribed by our dedicated team of transcriptionists experienced in all areas. The transcribed document is returned to you on your own templates, or on templates created for you by us. Indus has a team of experienced, qualified transcriptionists and can assure you of accurate and quality transcripts with attention to detail. Every file that gets transcribed is checked and corrected by a qualified and experienced quality controller. All work, of course, is treated as confidential. What we offer o Reasonable Price o Fast Turnaround Time o Accuracy o Security and Confidentiality (3) ACCOUNTING AND TAXATION SERVICES We at Indus Infotek can handle almost any Accounting and Audit assignment ranging from bookkeeping to Financial Planning and Analysis, taxation, and tax filing matters. We can do it quickly, accurately and efficiently and at a fraction of the cost of doing the same work in-house. Here are some the projects our specially trained staff can handle for you: Accounting Associated with a Chartered accountants firm we at Indus Infotek are in a position to offer you the entire gamut of accounting and audit services. We have accountants experienced in several accounting packages like Sage, Quickbooks, Myob, Tally to name a few, along with an in-depth knowledge of accounting principles to ensure an error free book writing.12 Book keeping services offered: o Accounting Data Entry
  13. 13. o Accounting For Receivables And Payables o Preparation Of LedgersFinancial ServicesBook keeping completed, we go on to prepare the financial statements in accordance withGenerally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial ReportingStandards (IFRS).Indus Infotek provides services for financial projections and forecasting, transactional analysis,management reporting, Financial statement analysis including profitability analysis, cash flowanalysis, Financial Ratio Analysis, and Comparative analysis etc.TaxationCA and CPA Firms face tremendous pressure ensuring the tax compliance of their clients. Amundane but very essential part of tax administration process, leaves you with your expensivehuman resource involved in mechanical work rather than in value added services. Costs, bothstorage & retrieval and administration rise exponentially. We ensure accurate and timelyprocessing of tax returns - at a fraction of your costs. Outsource to us and you can provide bettertax services to your clients at significant savings, while maintaining and improving clientrelationships.The tax processing outsourcing business has significantly changed and expanded beyond theclient to tax preparers and now, to back-office processing to minimize operating costs. Weprovide a customized tax processing outsourcing service using the best industry tax software likeDrakes Lacerte, Turbo Tax, Ultra Tax or any taxation software of your choice so that your firm isassured a seamless and secure delivery of work form an outsourced environment.We offer tax preparation services for the following: o Form 1040 - For individuals o Form 1065 - For Partnerships o Form 1120 - For companies and CorporationsPayroll Processing - BPO ServiceFocuses on increasing your ROI on HR spend. One of the ways is to leave the HR administrationpart to us. We use the best packages available to take care of all your payroll needs. We caneven design your very own customized software and process your data to ensure a very timely,error free and cost effective solution for your needs. We specialize in providing both off-site & 13online (Web-enabled) payroll processing.
  14. 14. The payroll is run on customize software, which is capable of processing huge amounts of data in real time, thus ensuring faster turnaround time and efficiency. We provide end-to-end payroll processing solution starting from the generation of pay slips to the filing of IT returns. (4) ONLINE CHAT SUPPORT Online Chat support is the most interactive and most powerful tool in both customer and technical domains. Round the clock instant communication to share grievances or to get information with a dedicated executive leads to enhanced customer satisfaction. Indus Infotek provides its clients with advantages of expert process management skills and ability to integrate & use the latest technology offerings in collaboration with business processes. We offer the entire gamut of customer support services such as Live Chat Support, Phone Support using Local, National & Toll Free numbers, Technical & Non-Technical support, Application support, claims processing etc. Our team having vast technical domain and excellent communication skills have expertise and experience in using all types of live chat support softwares available in the market that are required to handle the entire life cycle - from Pre Sales to Post Sales. Our online chat support services can help you in the following areas: o Customer Services o Product Knowledge o Technical Support o During and after Order Processing o Ordering Assistance o Order Verification o Order Fulfillment o Billing Queries (5) CALLING CAMPAIGNS We provide a solutions-based approach that meets a particular product campaign and its successive promotion. Our calling campaigns for product or service promotion services can be customized as per customer requirements to help generate new customer base and create awareness regarding the product/ service.14
  15. 15. The product promotion service also supports: o New product launches and line extension introductions o Product recalls o New product indication announcements o Product hotlines o FeedbackWe train our executives to target fruitful interactions with potential customers for "prospecting"i.e. either for generating their interests in products and services, or to up-sell and cross-sell to anexisting customer base or to complete the sales process on-line.(6) EMAIL MARKETINGCampaigns via mail, and /or email have become the most common modes of direct marketing.For long term objectives the campaigns are to be repetitive; hence email marketing offers a costeffective solution that is non-intrusive and provides any time-anywhere access. An efficient e-mail response service is crucial to any companys brand building and growth. At Indus Infotek weunderstand the importance of time and cost hence work towards providing an efficient solutionthat yields results.Less may actually mean more. No spam or unrelated bulk email, we only select thedemographics of your service to ensure that target audience is reached with minimum of costs.Our specialized e-mailer designing service can design the most attractive and effective mailerswhich will have a high recall value. While designing emails we ensure all anti-spam features andthen send them through a technology that minimizes the possibility of the server beingblacklisted for spam.Our executives are thoroughly trained and familiarized with the clients processes, products andservices. The Knowledge base is continually updated and improved, based on our interactionwith customers and their needs and requirements. We help clients to build strong customerrelationships.(7) MARKET RESEARCH & SURVEYSAt Indus Infotek we provide market research services. Our experienced marketing staff identifiesthe target audience and formulates a strategy for efficient and effective research and surveys.We use numerous tools such as email, phone, personal interviews and questionnaires foradministrating questions related to the surveys, online polls and online surveys. These tools help 15to uncover various relevant options associated with the targeted market. Our experienced andskilled programmers design the questionnaires and test them, prior to the questionnaire beingadministered.
  16. 16. Indus Infotek has the entire infrastructure and technology required to administer a broad range of campaigns. Our efficient reporting system ensures that the processes are run smoothly and the customers are well informed throughout the process lifecycle.16
  17. 17. CLIENTELE 17
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  20. 20. CONTACT Sandeep Seth (Director) 28, Pratap Nagar, MayurVihar Phase-I, New Delhi – 110091, India Email: Ring/Text @ +91-9711177459 info@indusinfotek.com20