Get More Data Into Your SCADA 2016


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The presentation looks at the growing demand for data that many organizations are experiencing. Then it will look at the many data sources you can connect to using Ignition, including PLC data; databases; device data; and data from web services.

Here is a link to the webinar -

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Get More Data Into Your SCADA 2016

  1. 1. Moderator Don Pearson Chief Strategy Officer Inductive Automation
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda 1. Introduction to Ignition 2. The Demand for Data 3. PLC and Device Data 4. Databases 5. MES and ERP Data 6. Web Services Data 7. Demo 8. Q&A
  3. 3. About Inductive Automation • Founded in 2003 • HMI, SCADA, IIoT software used in 100+ countries • Supported by 1,400+ integrators • Used in virtually every industry • 60% average growth rate since 2010 Learn more at:
  4. 4. Used By Industries Worldwide
  5. 5. Industry Recognition • Gartner named Inductive Automation as a Cool Vendor in Managing Operational Technology in a Digital Business for 2016.
  6. 6. Industry Recognition
  7. 7. Web-Based Deployment Unlimited Licensing Security & Stability Real-Time Control & Monitoring Rapid Development & Deployment Easy Expandability 6 Reasons Why Ignition is Unique
  8. 8. Panelists Travis Cox Co-Director of Sales Engineering Inductive Automation Kyle Chase Chief Technology Officer Kymera Systems, Inc.
  9. 9. • Big Data, IoT are challenging companies to deal with larger volumes of data and make it actionable The Demand for Data
  10. 10. • Companies consistently want to get more data to more people The Demand for Data
  11. 11. • Larger enterprises with locations across the world need to share data constantly • Within industrial organizations, there is a need to share operational data throughout the enterprise The Demand for Data
  12. 12. • SCADA = Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition • Millions and millions of businesses use SCADA but it does not meet their increasing data needs • You can’t acquire data if you can’t connect to it! The Problems with Getting Data
  13. 13. • Data is hard to query when stored in proprietary systems • Lack of interoperability leads to data silos • Can’t get data in real time The Problems with Getting Data
  14. 14. Ignition: The Ultimate in Data Acquisition
  15. 15. • Data acquisition is the main purpose our customers use Ignition for. • Collect as much data from as many different sources as possible. Then query it, analyze it, or use it in any way that will benefit the organization. Ignition: The Ultimate in Data Acquisition
  16. 16. • Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) capture data from the plant floor by monitoring inputs and outputs • Ignition can also connect to just about any device through a range of drivers and modules. Connect to PLC and Device Data
  17. 17. • Allen-Bradley Drivers Module • Siemens Drivers Module • Modbus Driver Module • UDP and TCP Drivers Module • DNP3 Driver Module • Omron Driver OPC-UA Driver Modules for Ignition
  18. 18. • Connect to Allen-Bradley CompactLogix/ControlLogix (including v21+), Logix, MicroLogix, SLC System, PLC-5, SLC PLCs with Ignition’s Allen-Bradley Driver Suite • Connect to Siemens SIMATIC S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200 & S7-1500 PLCs with the Siemens Drivers Module Connect to Allen-Bradley & Siemens PLCs
  19. 19. • The Modbus application protocol helps manage and pass data between various layers without having it be affected by the protocol used by the next immediate layer. • The Modbus Driver allows the Ignition OPC-UA server to communicate with any device that supports the Modbus TCP protocol. Connect to Modbus Devices
  20. 20. • Collect data from barcode scanners, weigh scales, analytical equipment & similar devices with the UDP and TCP Drivers Module. • UDP and TCP Drivers connect and passively listen to one or more ports on a given IP address. Connect to UDP & TCP Devices
  21. 21. • The DNP3 protocol is used by many electric and water utilities in North America to communicate between SCADA master stations and remote outstations. • Communicate with devices that support the DNP3 protocol by using the DNP3 Driver Module for Ignition. • Driver can also be used to set up Alias Point lists for DNP3 devices. Connect to DNP3 Devices
  22. 22. • Connect to Omron NJ-series controllers with the Omron Driver Module for Ignition. Connect with Omron Controllers
  23. 23. • Get data from legacy OPC servers that use DCOM by using the OPC-COM Module. • Connect to third-party OPC-UA servers such as Kepware, Matrikon, or Beckhoff. Connect to Third-Party OPC Servers
  24. 24. • Send and receive information over a serial port by using the Serial Module for Ignition. Connect with Serial Ports
  25. 25. • Use the SECS-GEM Module for Ignition to connect with semiconductor fab equipment. Connect with Semiconductor Fab Equipment
  26. 26. Collect Data from Field Devices with Ignition & MQTT
  27. 27. SQL Bridge Module: • Connects and synchronizes PLCs with databases • Allows data to be posted to a SQL database • Allows data to be logged across all sites to a central location • Moves data bidirectionally Connect PLCs with SQL Databases
  28. 28. • PLCs are the devices best suited for moving plant-floor data to a database • SQL databases make PLC data easily accessible by getting it into an open format Move PLC Data From Plant Floor to Database
  29. 29. Ignition Connects with SQL Databases
  30. 30. Ignition is the 1st database-centric SCADA solution: • Unlimited connections with almost any type of database, including SQL • SQL databases are the most commonly used in the world • Most standard enterprise systems use SQL databases • SQL databases known for simplicity, speed, flexibility, ease of connectivity, and quick querying of related data Ignition Connects to SQL Databases
  31. 31. Ignition Connects to SQL Databases
  32. 32. • Old SCADA doesn’t let you access real-time data easily • Most SCADA software uses proprietary historians to compresses and store data • Pulling data out of proprietary software and putting it into a usable format takes hours or days • This keeps time-series data detached from the rest of the enterprise data Time-Series Data
  33. 33. • Ignition uses SQL databases to log and store data in real time. You don’t have to pull it out of proprietary historian software. • Get real-time, plant-floor data from anywhere while it's still relevant. • It gives you answers in milliseconds, not in hours or days. • See real-time trends and cross-reference any number of data sets. Get Time-Series Data in Real Time
  34. 34. Connecting to Databases is Easy in Ignition
  35. 35. Connect SCADA, MES, and ERP
  36. 36. • Downtime • Quality • Recipe • Traceability • Scheduling • Genealogy • And more Connect to MES Data
  37. 37. • When SCADA software utilizes SQL databases, getting SCADA and MES to communicate is fairly simple because both systems are speaking the same language. • Ignition connects to and collects information at the MES level. • Add third-party MES modules to your Ignition platform or easily integrate it with an existing MES system. Then connect to your ERP system. Connect to MES Data
  38. 38. • Supply chains • Procurement • Human resources • Financials • Sales • And more Connect to ERP Data
  39. 39. • Connect to either REST or SOAP web services • Ignition can communicate with ERP systems to pull production orders from an ERP, update the ERP at the end of a production run, etc. • It can also access work orders, schedules, product definitions, asset information, and more. Connect to Web Services
  40. 40. Ignition Demo
  41. 41. Acquiring data is just the beginning … • Once you’ve gathered data from multiple sources onto the Ignition platform, there is a whole set of powerful development tools you can use. • Ignition has rapid application development tools, and a web-launched Designer application that provides concurrent design clients and a uniform design experience. • Collect all of the data that you need and then build lots of great applications with it. Get More Data and Do More With It
  42. 42. Ready to Try Ignition for Yourself? Download the full version for free at:
  43. 43. Questions & Comments Jim Meisler x227 Vannessa Garcia x231 Vivian Mudge x253 Account Executives Ramin Rofagha x251 Shane Miller x218 Myron Hoertling x224 Maria Chinappi x264 Dan Domerofski x273 Lester Ares x214 Melanie Hottman Director of Sales, Inductive Automation 1.800.266.7798 x247 Kyle Chase (Panelist) Kymera Systems 1.800.470.2303