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OPC UA Connectivity with InduSoft and the OPC Foundation
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OPC UA Connectivity with InduSoft and the OPC Foundation


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OPC UA Connectivity with InduSoft and the OPC Foundation

OPC UA Connectivity with InduSoft and the OPC Foundation

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Thomas J. Burke OPC Foundation President & Executive Director October 23rd , 2013
  • 2. 2
  • 3. 3
  • 4. Community: • The OPC Foundation is the world’s leading community for interoperability solutions based on OPC specifications that deliver universal connectivity. Collaboration: • The mission of this community is to advance the development, adoption and certification of OPC based products through global collaborations. Compliance: • The Foundation is the official source for the OPC Certification Program, ensuring that OPC products plug-and-play in real-world application.
  • 5.  Community ◦ Commitment to open standards  Participation in working groups  Helping drive the technology  Interoperability workshops  OPC technology adoption and deployment ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ Multi-platform Embedded Security Reliability  Collaboration  Certification ◦ Indusoft products span multiple industries ◦ OPC certification  Quality OPC products  Plug-and-play interoperability at its finest 5
  • 6. The key markets for OPC technology include • • • • • Industrial Automation Building Automation Embedded Devices Energy Management (Smart Grid) Manufacturing Enterprise Management • M2M • Cloud-based Computing 6
  • 7. Before OPC  HMI #A  HMI #B Modbus Profibus Modbus DH+ Profinet CIP FF Bacnet EGD SNMP DNP SNMP TSAA AS511 TSAA AS511 UDC Others… UDC Others… OPC Bacnet DNP OPC CIP EGD HMI #B DH+ FF HMI #A Profibus Profinet With OPC PLC DCS Controller OPC Server Modbu s Profinet PLC DH+ DCS Bacnet Others … Controller
  • 8. Features Discover OPC Servers on the network/PC Benefits Clients can be completely agnostic to the underlying PLC, protocol, and addressing scheme View the tags available in the server Tags could be grouped into a hierarchy Easy configuration possible by simply pointing + clicking Read one or more tags Write to one or more tags Subscribe to tags and receive value-change notifications Easily identify good/bad data Reading and writing to tags is much easier than memorizing a PLC address Optimized traffic on the wire thanks to a highly-efficient subscription model. • Adding more clients does not necessarily add more overhead.
  • 9. MES and/or HMI Application (OPC Client) HMI Application (OPC Client) Windows PC Internet Firewalls Embedded HMI OPC Server Windows PC DCOM No Standard PLC ? Installation Configuration Consistence with PLC Configuration PLC Proprietary Protocol OPC Data Access 9 PLC
  • 10. Vendors were no longer required to maintain extensive device protocol libraries High-quality and affordable device-drivers (Servers) emerged More specialized Clients emerged Developer toolkits emerged for rapid development of custom applications that could also integrate with the OPC infrastructure End-users could mix-and-match numerous vendor products to achieve the best overall solution
  • 11. Problem Solution How to let OPC solve more problems “OPC” re-branded: Data Access More capabilities needed in Data Access OPC Data Access 1.0, 2.05a, 3.0 Need to store real-time values OPC Historical Data Access Need to standardize Alarm Notifications OPC Alarms & Conditions Need to standardize data acquisition via internet OPC XML-DA Need to allow PLC-to-PLC communications OPC Data eXchange Need to secure access to servers/tags OPC Security Need to standardize batch-process operations OPC Batch Need to standardize a simple PLC program OPC Program 11
  • 12. Wide adoption of OPC Security Access control Internet Firewalls Performance Communication between distributed systems Redundancy Robustness Fault tolerant Platform independent SCADA Embedded devices MES ERP Scalability OPC used as common system interface Common model for all OPC data Type system Modeling Data Base for other standard data models Complex data Method calls Meta information
  • 13. Cross Platform Internet and Firewall friendly Unified Access Standard Security Model
  • 14. Single Solution from Embedded to Enterprise Reliability by design Builds on existing investments in OPC COM Flexible object-oriented information model
  • 15. Standard internet protocols allow cross-platform communication Mainframe Server Cluster Server Desktop PC Portables Embedded Systems Controllers Multiple UA APIs • C/C++ • JAVA • Microsoft .NET
  • 16. Eliminate boundaries for single solution from Embedded to Enterprise Data Size Time Frame OPC Client T K Bytes T Hours Internet Office Network OPC Server OPC Client OPC Client Plant Information Network Classic OPC OPC Server OPC Client Control Network Bytes Yokogawa Users Conference 2013 Asia Pacific . KLCC . Malaysia Requirement Gap S Security D Data size T Time frame P Platform OPC Server Let’s build a sustainable future together… Milliseconds
  • 17. Layered conceptual model OPC UA Client Application Layer Software Authentication User Authentication User Authorization Execute UA Functions OPC UA Server Application Layer App Authentication Encryption, Signing Communication Layer Make message secure Communication Layer UA TCP, HTTP, HTTPS Binary, XML Encoding/Decoding Transport Layer Transfer message Transport Layer Enable to choose appropriate abilities to meet various requirements – Level 3 Apps : Internet accessibility and Security (e.g. HTTP & XML, E & S ) – Level 2 Apps : High speed and Security (e.g. UA TCP & BIN, S ) – Level 1 Apps : High speed and Small-footprint (e.g. UA TCP & BIN) Yokogawa Users Conference 2013 Asia Pacific . KLCC . Malaysia Let’s build a sustainable future together…
  • 18. Authentication and Authorization Apps Authentication Authenticate individual application installation - Application Instance Certificate Software Authentication User Authentication Authenticate software - Software Certificate Authenticate User - Username & Password - WS-Security Token - X.509 V3 Integrity and Confidentiality Signing Write: FIC001.SV=50.00 Write: FIC001.SV=50.00 Encryption Yokogawa Users Conference 2013 Asia Pacific . KLCC . Malaysia Let’s build a sustainable future together… User Authorization Fine-grain information for all items - Access Level - Write Mask - Executable
  • 19. Provide all abilities of a server through a set of services Service Sets Server Discovery Secure Channel Session Data Sources View Attribute Method MonitoredItem Subscription NodeManagemen t Query Yokogawa Users Conference 2013 Asia Pacific . KLCC . Malaysia Address Space Apps Process Data Alarms & Events Historical Data Let’s build a sustainable future together… Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved .
  • 20. Remote Offices ERP Systems Managers PC MES Systems Home PC OFFICE NETWORK - Ethernet Firewall VPN Connection Internet Connection with Firewall Other Computing Devices Plant Servers PLANT INFORMATION NETWORK - Ethernet Personal Computer Network Manager Plant Network Modules Area Servers Archive Replay Module Control Stations Application Module History Module Fiber Optics CONTROL NETWORK Network Gateway Network Gateway Additional CN Modules Control Network Extenders Subnetwork The factory floor is no longer an island Subnetwork Gateway Network Interface Module Other Data Hiway Boxes Process Manager Multifunction Controller Extended Controller LocalProcessors Logic Manager Advanced Process Manager Basic Controller PLC Gateway Advanced Multifunction Controller Other Subsystems Transmitters Yokogawa Users Conference 2013 Asia Pacific . KLCC . Malaysia Let’s build a sustainable future together… PLC
  • 21. Choosing The Appropriate Security Appropriate security according requirements ◦ Between Level 3 and Level 2 Apps • • • • • Authentication of individual application installation Authentication / Authorization of user (optional) Encrypting of message Signing of message Firewall friendly ◦ Between Level 2 Apps • • • • Authentication of individual application installation Authentication / Authorization of user (optional) Signing of messaage Firewall friendly Yokogawa Users Conference 2013 Asia Pacific . KLCC . Malaysia Let’s build a sustainable future together…
  • 22. OpenO&M •(ISA S95, Oagis, MIMOSA, MESA (WBF), OPC) SLC • (Energistics, OPC, Geospatial, PODS, MIMOSA, PIDX, PoscCeasar) PLCopen FDI Cooperation LLC, •(FF, Hart, PNO, OPC, FDT) MTConnect Cloud Based Initiative (TIA) SPE • (DSATS, WITSML) FDT CIM S95 Building Automation (BACnet) Machinery Initiative (ODVA, Sercos, OPC) MDIS Smart Grid •(OpenADR/ESI) SGIP, CSWG ProdML 22 © 2012 OPC Foundation
  • 23.   Modeling Data – Providing Information Transport Data – Platform Independent OP C Bo ard of Dir ect ors Me eti ng 23
  • 24.            General machine builders Packaging Embedded systems Digital Signage Warehouse Pharmaceutical Building Automation Assembly and Material Handling Automotive Water & Waste Alternative Energy (Wind/Solar)  24
  • 25. OPC UA for Devices (DI) ISA 95 Generic FDI Features V 1.01 and IEC FDT OPC UA for IEC 61131-3 (PLCopen) OPC UA for Analyzer Devices (ADI) V2 Features MES Connectivity Field Device Integration (FDI)
  • 26. MCS-DCS Interface Standardization ("MDIS")  All Major Oil companies (operators)  All major DCS Vendors (Yokogawa, ABB, Siemens, Rockwell, Honeywell, GE…)  Sub Sea Vendors
  • 27.    Standardize Communication Protocol Standardize Information Model Benefits ◦ Reduce costs ◦ Simplify engineering  Key OPC UA features: ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ Subscription Security Robust Communication Redundancy Information modelling capabilities including Sub Types 27
  • 28. Information model  Well ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦        Pump Choke Valve Valve Instruments EPU SEM Motor Manifold CIMV DHPT MPFM Subsea Field bus
  • 29.  All Oil Companies agree to require MDIS Information Model once completed in all bid requests.
  • 30. OPC UA is selected  Information model definition underway ◦ General guidelines for models ◦ Object definition  Instrument, Valve, Choke valve ◦ Compliance   OPC Unified Architecture Companion Specification Vendor Evangelism Required
  • 31.    Supports all Resources Models Includes OPC UA concepts of Subtypes Includes DataTypes for better tracking Modeling Target Production Activity Object Models Capacity Definition Logical View of Resources Resources Production Definition Production Schedule Production Performance Process Segment Role Base Equipment Physical Asset Common Object Model Personnel Material
  • 32. OPC UA Standard Information & Data Access Model BaseObjectType • Specification Complete – TAC Voting Underway ISA-95 Base Information Model ISA95ClassProperty Type ISA95 Reference Types Built-in DataTypes ISA95Property Type CDT Compatible DataTypes ISA95TestResult Type Data Representation Model • Initial Implementation – Multiple vendors and sample BaseDataVariable Type Standard Reference Types ISA95Test SpecificationType ISA95Object Type ISA95Class Type ISA-95 Common Object Model Personnel Information QualificationTest SpecificationType Role based equipment information EquipmentCapability TestSpecificationType PersonnelClass Type Person Type EquipmentClass Type Equipment Type Physical asset information PhysicalAssetCapability TestSpecificationType Material Information MaterialTest SpecificationType PhysicalAsset ClassType MaterialClass Type PhysicalAsset Type MaterialDefinition Type MaterialLot Type
  • 33. Benefits over B2MML • High speed secure robust communication (realtime) • Type System • Integrated History • Can easily port B2MML models Tank Class Type T Available Classes for Manufacturers and Models Temperature Sensor Class Type Manufucturer Model # OPC ISA_TS001 ISA Pumps Class Type OPC_TS380 ISA T ISA_TS002 Available Classes for Manufacturers and Models Manufucturer Av a Level Sensor Class Type Heater Class Type Model # OPC ila bl ISA e In s ta n ce OPC_P787 ISA_P003 s OPC Centrifugal Pump Model #: OPC_P787 Serial #: 90123 Location: Maintenance Storage
  • 34. General  Standard hierarchy  Physical vs Logic equipment Reactor Capability Test(s) ◦ Great for asset tracking  Material handling model Heating Reactor Capability Test(s) Results Mixing Reactors R101 HR101 HR102 Capacity =300 Gal Capacity =300 Gal Max Temp =320 F Capacity =300 Gal Max Temp =320 F HMR101 Capacity =300 Gal Max Temp =320 F Mixing= 30 RPM MR101 MR102 MR103 Capacity =300 Gal Mixing= 30 RPM Capacity =300 Gal Mixing= 60 RPM Capacity =300 Gal Mixing= 60 RPM
  • 35. • Surface Equipment – Top Drive – Mud Pumps – Hoist – Auto Driller – Sensors • Example: Standpipe Pressure Sensor
  • 36.     Bits / Hole-openers Motors / RSS ◦ Active control of trajectory Measurement Tools ◦ Direction / Inclination ◦ Formation Properties ◦ Drilling Dynamics Telemetry ◦ Mud Pulse / E-Pulse ◦ Wired Drill Pipe
  • 37.     Operators (ex. Chevron, Shell, NOC) Drilling Contractors (ex. H&P, Transocean) Equipment Suppliers (ex. NOV, Canrig, FDS) Service Companies (ex. Schlumberger, BHI, Halliburton) Cooperative Adversaries
  • 38.  Benefits ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ COTS available (Clients, Servers, SDKs) Maintainability/Setup Security model Combination of classic OPC capabilities Compatible with many SCADA systems Information Model  Well Information Transfer Standard (WITSML)  10+ years old  Used throughout drilling industry
  • 39.      Equipment Composite Control System + HMI Comms Device Automation Console External Systems
  • 40. Top Drive Simulator DrillLink (Commercial Product) Automation Console (WinCC SCADA) Comms Device (OPC UA Server) Sliding Agent (OPC UA Client) Rotating Agent (OPC UA Client)
  • 41.    Universal factory floor communications protocol Intended for the shop floor environment Defines a “dictionary” for manufacturing data 41
  • 42. MTConnect Application Device Manufacturer PLCopen OPC-UA Client MTConnect To OPC UA Gateway Generic OPC-UA Client MTConnect OPC-UA Client MTConnect Server OPC UA to MTConnect Gateway MTConnect OPC-UA Client PLCopen OPC-UA Client Internal Device APIs Device Hardware MTConnect Application Milling Device Generic OPC-UA Client OPC UA Server Internal Device APIs Device Hardware Controller, PLC or other dedicated Device
  • 43. MTConnect Application Independent Software Vendor Value added Analysis Engine MTConnect OPC UA Client OPC UA Alarms Client OPC UA Historian Device MTConnect Agent MTConnect Agent Device OPC UA Server OPC UA Client Device Device
  • 44. MTConnect Agent End User Engineer End User Engineer Reduced Same Structure and Costs Semantics OPC UA Server 1 Device OPC UA Server 2 Different Vendors Same Device
  • 45. Cloud Historian Secure Communication Across the Internet Browser Thin Client ERP Integration with ERP and MES Firewall Control to Device Network Integration MES Visualization HMI Device SCADA Device Fast, NonProprietary Device to Device Device
  • 46.  Includes the following MTConnect items: ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ Device (√) Component (Needs some minor work) Sensors (need some work) Conditions (√) Events (√) ConditionType Assets (√) MTDeviceType Manufacturer SerialNumber SampleInterval Availability DataItems EnableState Components MTConditionType Conditions HasTrueSubState TwoStateVariableType: ActiveState MTCurrentState LimitState NativeCode NativeSeverity
  • 47. BACnet working group started on October 01, 2012 Physical Security Systems • Collaboration with BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU) • Integration of Industrial and Building Automation • Mapping of BACnet and OPC Unified Architecture • First mapping specification planned for July 2013 • Collaboration with ONFIV (Video) in discussion • OPC is used but lack of standardization in this area
  • 48. BACnet is a global standard for communication in Building Automation Systems BACnet specifies the representation of field-level devices, automation stations up to management systems. The BACnet Interest Group Europe promotes BACnet in the European markets. BIG-EU approaches 100 members
  • 49. In September 2012 the OPC Foundation and BACnet Interest Group founded a new WG. The main task is to create a mapping model for OPC UA and BACnet. OPC UA model BACnet Objects
  • 50. Data from Building Automation Energy metering data, Energy analysis Real-time information (weather, temperature) Maintenance tickets (alarms) Enterprise systems Accounting, Billing Operating surveillance Energy Monitoring
  • 51. Data from Automation systems Production information PLCs used in Building Automation Energy Supply Systems Building Management Systems Facility monitoring Alarm Management Historical data storage Scheduling
  • 52. Incorporates ALL of the OPC Classic specifications into one cohesive standard: DA, HDA, A&E, DX, XMLDA, Batch, Security, Program etc. Vendors that support one technology, e.g. DA, will be able to very quickly and easily add others, e.g. A&E, HDA, Programs etc. Provides backwards compatibility with OPC Classic via Proxy/Gateway components. Achieves other goals for security, platform-independence, performance, and growth. Vendor products can now quickly and easily be expanded over time to incorporate newer features and capabilities at minimal cost. Everything you know about OPC Classic is the same in UA!
  • 53. PLC & DCS IEC 61131-3 vendors Embedded HMI • PLC & DCS integrated OPC UA servers available • Integration into runtime IEC 61131-3 runtime systems • Windows CE based HMI vendors implementing OPC UA clients OPC Unified • Opportunities to expand into other domains, such as Architecture on a chip ! security and building automation Communication Gateway Building Automation • Wireless sensor gateways with OPC UA server • Field bus gateways with OPC UA server • Partnership with BACnet to expose BACnet objects (data and all the meta data !) 61
  • 54. Device OPC Server • Existing OPC Server migration to OPC UA • Many vendors, such as Kepware, Matrikon and Siemens, provide UA interfaces for their PC based OPC device server suites PC SCADA / HMI OPC UA Client UA TCP PC LINUX / UNIX SCADA • LINUX and UNIX based automation systems are integrating OPC UA • Replaces external OPC interfaces on Windows based systems OPC UA Server • OPC UA server and client • Numerous SCADA systems have integrated UA • JAVA based SCADA systems adopt UA 62
  • 55. PC Enterprise MES Engineering Engineering OPC UA Client SAP supports OPC UA Many Historian Systems support OPC UA Ethernet Industrial networks and devices have OPC Unified Architecture interface for configuration, commissioning and operation UA TCP SAP PCO (Plant Connectivity) provides OPC UA client interface JAVA based MES systems adopt UA Ethernet Device Different SAP research projects work on UA OPC UA Server 63
  • 56.         Total Cost Of Ownership Multiple Vendors Multiple Products Expectations Of Multivendor Interoperability Information Integration Plug-and-play Not Plug And Pray Consumer-electronics Driving Expectations Systems Thinking 64
  • 57. CE Microchip Tablet Desktop PC Enterprise Servers Smartphone Laptop PLC/Controller
  • 58.    Thomas J. Burke OPC Foundation President & Executive Director