InduSoft and Dream Report Webinar


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A webinar detailing how InduSoft and Dream Report have teamed up to offer new reporting options to InduSoft Web Studio users.

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InduSoft and Dream Report Webinar

  1. 1. Ocean Data SystemsDream Report 4.5 Designer–Friendly™ Programming Free™ Reporting For InduSoft
  2. 2. Dream Report is: Dream Report is professional Designer-Friendly™ reporting software for industrial automation  Open connectivity • Real-time connectivity to SCADAs, HMIs, PLCs, … • Connectivity to databases (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, …) • Direct connectivity to proprietary historians  Easy-to-use • No programming or scripting • No software development skills are required to design reports • 2 Days training is enough to develop and maintain reporting  Scalable All-In-One Solution • Simple installation, no strong resources required • Produces PDF, Excel, Web, Database output
  3. 3. Publish & Distribute reports Generate reports Design report templates Connect todata sources
  4. 4. The Architecture: Automatically Publish and Distribute Web Portal File Server FTP Server eMail Printers Mobile Provide Reports Automatically: Manually: Generate and execute  Select Report  On Schedule Generate  On Event  Change period or select batch Reports  Generate new report Provide Data Design and configure Define and execute periodically Design any type of calculations: • Design reports in easy environment Configure Data Min, Max, Average, Current, Integral, • Use Page Templates Reports Aggregation Duration, Counter, SQL commands, free Mathematical Calculation… • Use Report Templates Provide Data Provide Data Connect to Data Sources Data Real-Time Access existing Dream Report logger can archive Logger Data and Alarms 3-d party archives real time data into any open database REAL TIME HISTORIAN DATA • SQL Server data and alarms OPC HDA • MySQL - OPC DA-AE • ODBC & OLE • Oracle - Native Drivers • CSV files • Access • Native drivers for proprietary archives • … HMIs, PLCs, DCS, SCADA, …
  5. 5. Integration with Indusoft Web Studio Real-time System Real-Time Platform Tag Values Native driver Dream Report Direct Driver Historical Historical Tag Values Alarms and Events Historical
  6. 6. Reporting Development Environment  Developer-friendly environment  Integrated statistical objects  Built-in statistic functions  Template-based development  No programming, no SQL scripts Charts Tables Widgets Pictures
  7. 7. Secure Environment FDA CFR 21 Part 11 validation:  User Management: • Local or Windows-integrated user management • Support Windows local or/and domain users and user groups • Extended user access control to reports and modules  Version Control • Secure version ID stamp on reports • Ability to roll back to the specific (certified) report version • Track user changes in secure database  Runtime is running as a service!
  8. 8. User Management  Access to Windows domain or local Windows users and user groups  Assign access to Dream Report to Windows domain or local Windows users and user groups  Separate access to view and generate reports
  9. 9. Report Version Control  Add secure object with report version on report page  Every save of report modification increment its version  Option to oblige developer to enter comments  Ability to roll-back or roll-forward report to desired version  Audit trail database with all versions information with: • Date and time • Report name and Version number • User name • User comments
  10. 10. Redundancy Two runtime engines can run in a couple in hot-backup mode: Redundant servers will share:  Connectivity to data sources  Archiving data  Generating reports Sharing one database Using different databases Central Database Main Backup Main Backup Server Server Server Server
  11. 11. Dream ReportEngineering Tools
  12. 12. Engineering Tools Automatic Project Generator Wizard: Create a complete turn-key simple project in 20 clicks!
  13. 13. Engineering Tools Virtual Report Instances  Create report instances just by selecting different sets of tags  No need to re-create reports  Manage one report with multiple sets of tags as multiple reports  Separate generation and distribution rules for each report template One Report Apply to multiple equipment
  14. 14. Data Aggregation Filter Build a Chart or Calculations on Prepared Aggregated Data  Define extraction mode for any object from any data source: (e.g. Hourly averages, first 10 values, 100 values over period, any …)  Build charts directly on key values  Automatically works on all retroactive historical data
  15. 15. Database Archiving Archive Aged Data and Keep it Ready and Available  Define maximum age for data in Dream Report database  All aged data will be recorded into binary archive files and deleted from Dream Report database  When generating report, which requires aged data – it will be automatically loaded into the database, generate report and then remove it from the database again. Dream Report Database Generated reports Archiving aged data Auto-load of aged data for report generation Binary archive files File Server with aged data
  16. 16. Setpoint Analysis Automatic Setpoint Analysis and Results Calculation  Start and End of stability zone  Mark on a chart Start and End of stability  Automatic stability process validation – Pass or Failed  Calculate rate of change before/after stability  Calculation and Display on a chart: Fastest/Slowest TC, All TCs  Various rules for process validation
  17. 17. Pulse Analysis Integrated Statistical Functions for Pulse Detection and Analysis  Number of pulses  Min pulse value  Maximum pulse value  Pulse period
  18. 18. Engineering Tools Tag Dictionary: Manage your tags in the one central place  Manage All tags, used in your project in One place  Change One tag – change All related Objects  See, Print list of tags, used in your project
  19. 19. Internal Project Parameters Dynamic Report Generation by Dynamic Parameters  Define internal logic parameters and use them in reporting objects  Pass dynamic parameters values by command line, by hyperlink from another generated report, by URL/WebAPI (for web reports)  Provides users with reach dynamic filtering capabilities from external application  Enables users to create “Drill-Down” reporting application (from one report generate another report using selections from the parent report)
  20. 20. Engineering Tools Custom Archive Import:  Periodic automatic import of any external open or custom archive into a Dream Report database (e.g. SQL Server)  Is not limited to a database – the tool is available for all historical drivers  Available import by period (e.g. every 1 hour) or by absolute time Dream Report SQL Server Custom Archive Import … CSV files Excel files
  21. 21. Ocean Data SystemsInteractive Reporting
  22. 22. WEB Reports User is able to:  Add dynamic generation and filtering controls directly to report  Combo box (List box)  Button (action button)  Date/time picker  Hyperlink  User can make filtering selections directly in report and see the result straight forward.  Web reports do not create a document (file) for every generation The result is on the screen
  23. 23. Web Reports Filtering capabilities for web reports:  Combo boxes can be automatically filled with:  List of tags for dynamic replacement  List of batch Ids for report generation  Result of SQL query for filtering  Predefined manual entries  Text edit boxes can contain user manual entries Slide 23
  24. 24. Web Reports Action capabilities for web reports:  Action button may have the following actions:  Refresh report  Save current report as PDF file  Login with a different user  Logout  Upload local file to a server (e.g. CSV, Excel, …)  Manual values management commands Slide 24
  25. 25. Ocean Data Systems OEE AndPerformance
  26. 26. Maintenance ReportsOEE – Operating Efficiency Evaluation Reporting Dream Report has integrated built-in functions to calculate:  Equipment Running time  Equipment Down time  On Counter / Off Counter  System Availability  Production KPIs  Conditional calculations
  27. 27. Proactive Maintenance Reports Automatic report generation and distribution upon calculated OEE data  Generate and send report as soon up time reaches pre-defined value  Generate and send service request upon equipment running time  Let system analyze and control maintenance of your equipment for you!
  28. 28. Ocean Data Systems EnergyManagement
  29. 29. Energy Efficiency Reporting Saving Energy Is: 1. Measure Energy Consumption 2. Locate cost centers, analyze them 3. Workout optimization decisions 4. Measure energy saving effect
  30. 30. Energy Efficiency Reporting Measure Energy Consumption:  Integrated smart function to calculate counter  Integrated function to calculate produced energy of burned fuel  Integrated function to calculate produced emission of burned fuel
  31. 31. Energy Efficiency Reporting Display Energy Information Calculated information can be displayed as:  Numeric value  Dashboard  Energy indicator  Bar graph  Chart
  32. 32. Energy Efficiency Reporting Locate Energy Cost Centers:  Compare energy consumption between similar facility units  Compare energy consumption for the same unit for different periods  Use integrated reporting tools to measure Energy Efficiency: - Energy Signature - Energy Indicator - COP (Coefficient of Product) for HVAC
  33. 33. Reports Examples
  34. 34. Dream Report AdvancedManual DataManagement
  35. 35. Manual Data Entry Web Forms  Define manual parameters (Names, types, validation rules)  Add text box objects, combo (list) boxes and link them to corresponding manual parameters  Build multiple data entry forms in a free way  Also, build data correction and data validation forms
  36. 36. Manage Manual Data Using Manual Data, User Can:  Insert Manual Values  Correct existing values  Correct timestamp of existing values  Validate existing values (either original or corrected)  Do report on non-validated values only  Do report on validated values only  Do report on non-validated and validated values
  37. 37. Track Manual Data Having Manual Data In a Database, You Track:  Original values  Each Value Correction  User name and timestamp for every operation  Driver directly extracts manual values by criteria: - All values - Only Original Values - Only Validated Values - Only Non-validated values
  38. 38. Ocean Data Systems Integration IntoExternal Applications
  39. 39. Command Line Report Generation  Compile a Command Line in HMI or other external application  Launch command line and generate report  Report can be automatically open upon generation  Dream Report will be used as invisible/transparent report generation platform
  40. 40. Dynamic Report Generator as ActiveX  Dynamic Report Generator can be integrated into external application User Interface as ActiveX  User will see all reports tree, select report, time period and generate report directly from his native user interface  Default time period can be pre-defined  Perfect solution to use with any ActiveX container 3rd party application
  41. 41. Web Reports Integration using Web API  Integrate Dream Report web page into 3rd party web portal  Generate and display result report using URL command only  Pass dynamic time period and/or other multiple dynamic parameters using URL command or/and Web API  So, user can user Dream Report as transparent report generation platform, seamlessly integrated into external web application
  42. 42. Ocean Data SystemsThank You!