Home Automation with InduSoft


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Smart Home automation with Indusoft web Studio SCADA software

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Home Automation with InduSoft

  1. 1. Established in US in 1997Pioneer in industry: First HMI/SCADA package for Microsoft Windows CE Web solution and XML integration in HMI/SCADA Patent for database connectivityCertifications:Awards:
  2. 2. Argentina Costa Rica Indonesia Pakistan SwedenAustralia Czech Republic Ireland Panama SwitzerlandAustria Denmark Israel Peru ThailandBahrain Ecuador Italy Philippines TurkeyBelgium Egypt Japan Poland UkraineBelize El Salvador Laos Portugal United KingdomBrazil Finland Macedonia Puerto Rico UruguayBrunei France Malaysia Romania VenezuelaBulgaria Germany Mexico Russia VietnamCambodia Greece Moldavia Serbia and growing…Canada Guatemala Montenegro SingaporeCaribbean Honduras New Zealand SlovakiaChile Hungary Netherlands South AfricaChina Iceland Nicaragua South KoreaColombia India Norway Spain Austin, TX, USA São Paulo/Campinas, Brazil Walldorf, Germany Headquarters
  3. 3. $82,137 $41,234“The building automation and control systems market is estimated togenerate $41,234.621 million in 2011 and is expected to generate $82,137.06million in 2016 at an estimated CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of14.8% from 2011 to 2016.” Ref.: http://www.marketsandmarkets.com
  4. 4. Rising Energy Costs are changing the way we build  Facilities are becoming increasingly connected to utilities  Renewable energy options continues to rise  Need to measure the cost behind operating equipment and increase efficiency  Need to reduce or eliminate carbon footprint (green)  Compliance with government regulationsA Demand for More Control  Scheduling for automatic control (lights, HVAC, escalators, elevators, among others)  Different set-points for each period, holidays, weekends, or any other eventsIncreased Security Concerns Open architecture to interface to personal identification systems, via RFID readers, barcode readers, biometric systems, among others.  Flexible and scalable security system to control access based on specific user  Event logger to track doors controlled by the system, as well as other equipment
  5. 5. A fully integrated solution  Equipment “control” (scheduling, set-points, manual operation)  Energy Management System, dashboards, OEE  Security and surveillance  HVAC, lighting, fire, and safety systemA push toward cloud-based connectivity  Remote notification via e-mail or SMS  Remote access through native thin client solution (Web Thin Clients, Secure Viewer Thin Client, or SMA Thin Client)  Support for mobile platforms  Cloud-based history database and real-time database
  6. 6. InduSoft Web Studio is an easy-to-useHMI/SCADA/MES/OEE solutionRuns on any current Microsoft Operatingsystem (32 and 64 bits) including WindowsCE/Mobile, Embedded XP, Vista, Windows 7and Server Editions
  7. 7. Seamless deployment across all operating systems supported by MicrosoftSCADAOEE / MES HMIHardware manufacturer independency! Mobile
  8. 8. 2010 Windows CE 6.5 Windows 7 CEView v7.0 1997Windows CE v1.0 Windows 95 CEView v1.0
  9. 9. Easy-to-configure interface to Interface via standardany SQL Relational Database: technologies: ADO.NET, ADO, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, OLE-DB, and ODBC Sybase, OSI PI, MS Access, Excel, and others… Redundancy and Alarm history, Event history, Store-and-forward built-in Trend history, Process data, features OEE dashboards, and more.
  10. 10. Native Communication drivers  BACNE: Bacnet protocol  MODBU: Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol  MOTCP: Modbus TCP protocol  N2JC: Johnson Controls N2 protocol  DNP: DNP3 protocol*  IE104: IEC 60870-5-104 protocol*  More than 240 other native drivers to different protocols supported by major manufacturers, such as OMRON, Beckhoff, Allen-Bradley, BOSCH, Siemens, Schneider, GE, among others.Matrikon OPC Servers*** OPC Server for Lonworks  OPC Server for KNX  OPC Server for Johnson Controls N1/N2 OPC Server for Powerlogic SMSStandard OPC Client interface *Part of the "IND-ELE-DRV: InduSoft Communication Package for Electrical Protocols add-on OPC DA, OPC XML* *, OPC .NET, OPC UA **Part of the "IND-OPC-XML: InduSoft OPC XML Client add-on *** Part of the Matrikon OPC Servers add-on
  11. 11. Email (US) info@indusoft.com (Brazil) info@indusoft.com.br (Germany) info@indusoft-germany.de USASupport support@indusoft.comWeb site (English) www.indusoft.com (Portuguese) www.indusoft.com.br (German) www.indusoft-germany.de BrazilPhone (512) 349-0334 (US) +55-11-3293-9139 (Brazil) +49 (0) 6227-732510 (Germany) GermanyToll-Free 877-INDUSOFT (877-463-8763)Fax (512) 349-0375