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Presentación de los productos de la empresa Grass Valley

Presentación de los productos de la empresa Grass Valley



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  • Welcome to the Post NAB 2009 Customer interactive PowerPoint Presentation. While in slide show presentation mode, there are a number of links (both keywords and pictures) that are active and will take you to additional information on the highlighted product(s). These may be directly to the website page for that product or solution, to an interactive website to learn more about the product and solution, or to a video that contains additional product information. Make sure that you check out all the links as each one is unique and will provide additional information to you. To reach all of these links your computer will need to be connected to the internet and you will also need to have a current version web browser installed. If you have additional questions please contact your local Grass Valley sales representative or go to our website for contact information. To test your system and browser, in slide show presentation mode of PowerPoint, click on the grass valley booth picture and you should be directed to the Grass Valley home page at – We thank you and appreciate you taking the time to review what was new at NAB from Grass Valley and hope that you enjoy the tour.
  • NAB 2009 – The South Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center provided a great canvas for painting a picture of the launch of the new Kayenne Video Production Center.
  • While in “Slide Show Presentation” mode, click on the product names for more information via your web browser. Many of the pictures will also take you to different areas of information as well as interactive presentations and videos on some of the products.
  • While in “Slide Show Presentation” mode, click on the product names for more information via your web browser. Many of the pictures will also take you to different areas of information as well as interactive presentations and videos on some of the products.
  • The LDK 3000 which was introduced at the NAB 2009 is Grass Valley’s new affordable studio/portable camera for HD acquisition.It combines the LDK 8000 based mechanics with our full bandwidth TriaxHD signal transmission and the latest 34 bit signal processing with 2/3” Xensiumcamera imagers based on CMOS technology.The LDK 3000 provides a 35-40% (if compared to LDK 8000 camera systems) savings while allowing great image performance and a feature set which fulfils customer requirements for many applications.The target markets for LDK 3000 include: regional studios, SNG-vans, compact OB-vans, high end corporate productions, house of worship, etc. - Click on the first “Xensium” sensor for more detailed information via your web browser, as well as the LDK 3000 picture for additional information.
  • The LDK 8300 is the first and only HD Super SloMo camera system which offers full switchability between normal speed, double speed and triple speed.In addition Grass Valley’s new AnyLight anti-flicker processing allows the camera to produce clean and undisturbed images even under the most demanding lighting conditions.These two unique features allow for better utilization of its investment costs.The LDK 8300 is the ideal camera for all customers requiring the best possible Super SloMo images (such as large OB-van operators) while also providing the highest flexibility (such as rental companies).There are five presets for different lighting conditions available in the LDK 8300 camera. These presets can be accessed from the Operational Control Panel or the Base Station. The various presets allow the camera to reduce the flickering in the most effective way. It is dependent on the amount of light fluctuations caused by the type of light being used. The following AnyLightTM presets are available: Optimal (default) - for daylight and non-alternating or high-frequency artificial lighted environments. Each field has the same video level and flicker reduction is not needed.Good - for good artificial lighting with minor amplitude changes. Suitable for environments lighted with incandescent or well balanced three-phase lighting. Also use this preset for mixed daylight and artificial lighting.Fair - for artificial lighting with significant amplitude changes, for example fluorescent lighted environments.Poor - for artificial lighting with major amplitude changes. Examples are environments lighted with HMI, MHD, gas discharge lamps or neon light.Extreme - results in a completely flicker free image but it introduces an increased level of motion blur. Use this preset only when extreme light amplitudes occur. Note: this preset uses a different flicker reduction algorithm than the Good, Fair and Poor presets.
  • With the “Elite“ upgrade the well proven LDK 4000 / 8000 camera system has become even better.In addition to the high system flexibility based on our unique dockable concept and the multiple transmission adapters available we now also offer a new level of image performance and a great new feature set.The sensitivity and the S/N-ratio have been improved by approximately 8 dB. Even though the HD pixels are 4x smaller and therefore less sensitive, through our developments the Elite series of cameras are very comparable to the SD S/N ratio, something not thought possible earlier.With the new multi-vector color corrector we offer a new level of flexibility in controlling the look of the color reproduction.The unique “in sensor” format switching by HD-DPM+ allows the camera to produce all the HD formats which are in use today directly and natively inside the CCD imagers with no electronic conversions required. DPM sensors (9.2M pixels) are unique with the following benefits:-Progressive frame sampling is the native imaging mode, providing complete frame samplesEntire sensor surface is used for image sampling – no interline channels which introduce aliasing artefactsSensor shuttering total eliminates vertical smearNative sampling of each HD format eliminates the need for cross-converting, therefore no artefacts Continuous auto black balance sampling at each sensor, therefore no need to black balance at start or during the production – gives excellent colour consistency.Choice of Triax, Fibre or Wireless :-Maximum operational flexibility for Studio and OB operatorsOptimal utilisation of equipment, therefore maximise ROI Triax transmission is full bandwidth 4:2:2 and allows easy connectivity with majority of today’s triax cabled arenas, stadiums, and venuesFibre offers the additional bandwidth required for Super SloMo and very long operating distances - 4000 metres (over 13000 ft )Wireless offers a fully integrated ‘go anywhere’ solution with the same operational look and feel of ‘wired’ systems.
  • Two new extensions to the already extremely versatile Infinity DMC 1000 camcorder has been introduced at NAB 2009.The first one is the integration of a special version of the Telecast Copperhead transmission system.The Infinity camcorder allows for a much deeper integration of the copperhead system than is done with any other competitive camcorders.It can be easily seen in the much smaller physical size of the camera adapter and less cabling between Infinity and the Copperhead transmission adapter.The second extension to the Infinity camcorder system is the optional support of the 1080p24-30 formats.In combination with the 10bit 4:2:2 JPEG2000 codec it offers an extremely high image performance for a very attractive price point. While in presentation mode, click on each of the 3 pictures for more information and interactive and video sites via your web browser.
  • The frames are also used in various combinations in all the applications within the Aurora workflow.*The assignment list plug-in when used in the ENPS newsroom computer system brings lo-res browsing, logging, and even the ability to modify the start and end points of finished stories right to the journalist desktop.*Exactly the same assignment list plug-in can be used exactly the same way in the Avid iNews or Octopus newsroom computer systems. The plug-in is completely compatible with the open Media Object Server protocol, allowing easy integration with other MOS-compliant newsroom computers.*A different combination of frames brings metadata creation, management, logging , and transfer management capabilities to Aurora Ingest*All of those functions plus the ability to drop the exact frames described by a logging note directly onto the timeline in Aurora Edit…*Aurora Playout users in the control room and previewing material can adjust start and stop times in low resolution without tying up a valuable Playout channel By enabling content management throughout the workflow, MediaFrame lets the entire staff share their work byFinding and viewing mediaAdding, viewing and modifying descriptive informationSending Archive and Partial or Full Restore requestsCreating shot lists for editors
  • The frames are also used in various combinations in all the applications within the Aurora workflow.*The assignment list plug-in when used in the ENPS newsroom computer system brings lo-res browsing, logging, and even the ability to modify the start and end points of finished stories right to the journalist desktop.*Exactly the same assignment list plug-in can be used exactly the same way in the Avid iNews or Octopus newsroom computer systems. The plug-in is completely compatible with the open Media Object Server protocol, allowing easy integration with other MOS-compliant newsroom computers.*A different combination of frames brings metadata creation, management, logging , and transfer management capabilities to Aurora Ingest*And all of those functions plus the ability to drop the exact frames described by a logging note directly onto the timeline in Aurora Edit…*Aurora Playout users in the control room and previewing material can adjust start and stop times in low resolution without tying up a valuable Playout channel*By enabling content management throughout the workflow, MediaFrame lets the entire staff share their work byFinding and viewing mediaAdding, viewing and modifying descriptive informationSending Archive and Partial or Full Restore requestsCreating shot lists for editors
  • IGNITE HD – Integrated Live ProductionTimed Events - New for NAB 2009Automatically trigger production actions based on the running time of an event. (For example insert lower third graphics automatically based on times entered in the NCS (Newsroom Computer System).Trigger production actions based on the show running time. (For example trigger the close sting music to play 1 minute from the show ending.)IGNITE IQ - included with ALL IGNITE SystemsIQ Templates – more flexible production templates Auto-channel – reduces resource conflicts
  • MediaFUSE – Official LaunchMediaFUSE is a software and hardware Platform , option for Ignite, that empowers broadcasters to efficiently re-purpose content for broadcast on the Internet, and on mobile devices. MediaFUSE allows broadcasters to:Repurpose ALL content, including extended play, in a much shorter time frame, using the same personnel on staff today;Stream shows live, and replace over-the-air content and breaks with material created for, or more appropriate for, web and mobile distribution;─ Produce better content that has much more metadata that can be used to make all content more valuable and targeted;─ Implement the C.O.P.E. workflow (create once, publish everywhere) that leverages the production of content to enable a sound business strategy for multi-distribution of content
  • To complete the Elite family, Elite 100 is now available in VHD Band 3. This new release meets mobile TV emerging market (T-DMB) as well as digital radio (DAB+). Both T-DMB and DAB+ are based on DAB standard evolutions. DAB, DAB+ and T-DMB are successful implemented all over the world. 17 countries have already adopted them and more than 30 countries are currently making trials. Ranging the medium power range, Elite 100 VHF will also enable to extend our presence on the US market. Elite 100 VHF descriptionBand 3: 170MHz to 240MHzOutput power rate: from 100W rms to 1200 W rmsBased on the structure of the efficient and field proven Elite 100 UHF version Elite 10, the newly developed low-power segment of the now complete Elite digital TV transmission range, includes extremely compact iso-frequency gapfillers as well as robust transmitters. After the successive releases of the high-power Elite 1000 and medium-power Elite 100 transmitters, necessary as the first step of any digital deployment, the complementary low-power coverage is crucial to fill-in coverage holes. Elite 10 is then particularly adapted to achieve indoor/outdoor coverage in dense urban areas or outdoor coverage in mountainous areas. Elite 10 descriptionElite 10 UHF gap filler: from 0.5W RMS to 100W RMSElite 10 UHF transmitter: from 10W RMS to 100W RMS
  • EDIUS continues to add both new features and new workflow improvements with the release of Version 5.1, new updates for Aurora integration and workgroup products.EDIUS 5.0 was introduced last IBC (September 2008) featuring end-to-end native workflows for JPEG2000 (in addition to end-to-end workflows for P2, XDCAM, HDV and others). No transcoding or rewrapping is needed to support these formats – they are supported natively. Additionally, EDIUS 5.0 featured a renewed package of third party plugins and applications worth over $1000 in value. Dramatic improvements in codec efficiency improved the number of layers of HDV or JPEG2000 streams EDIUS can process in realtime. See NPAs and sales tools for more info.To this, EDIUS 5.1 adds new features such as Blu-ray disc writing from the timeline, partial download of P2 and XDCAM clips, and direct export to our FIRECODER Blu hardware accelerator for Blu-ray discs. EDIUS 5.1 is available for $799 (US MSRP) and as a free upgrade for existing users of 5.0.Aurora EDIUS Sys 5.1 is the new Aurora system plugin for EDIUS. With this update, EDIUS is now a full-fledge member of the Aurora product family. In addition to NRCS and QoS support, the new system plugin features drag-and-drop integration with MediaFrame, import of Aurora Edit XML files, Script Viewer, import of Long GOP VMF files, creation of smart bins and multiple send. Aurora EDIUS Sys 5.1 is available for $5200 (US MSRP) and as a $299 (US MSRP) upgrade for existing users of this plugin (formerly known as Aurora-Craft-SYS).EDIUS XRE is a new conform/render engine for EDIUS. It essentially works as a batch processor for final comform of completed projects. When finished editing a project, an EDIUS user in a workgroup can send the final project to an XRE engine and start editing the next project. Multiple users can access and XRE and multiple XREs can be connected to a workgroup. XRE works in both Aurora and K2 Production Storage environments.
  • Several products were announced at IBC 2008 last September and are making their North America debut at NAB 2009. These include:HDSPARK: HDMI monitoring for EDIUS with unbalanced audio monitoring output. Available as a standalone board, bundled with full EDIUS or bundled with an upgrade version of EDIUS. Targeted at high end professional and broadcast users.HDSTORM: HDMI input and output with optional analog I/O bay with composite/S-video/component video I/O and unbalanced audio I/O. Targeted at professional users.HDTHUNDER: SD/HD-SDI I/O with embedded audio, HDMI and audio monitoring output, machine control and reference input. Targeted at high end professional and broadcast users. HDTHUNDER will soon be available as a turnkey system as well.FIRECODER Blu: Hardware accelerator for Blu-ray encoding. Features a standalone “FIRECODER Writer” application for simple authoring and “write to file” or “write to disc.” As of EDIUS 5.1, you can export directly to FIRECODER Blu from the EDIUS timeline. Approximately 2-3x faster than realtime for HD files, 4-5x faster than realtime for SD files.FIRECODER Intra: Hardware accelerator for AVC Intra 50/100 encoding. Export directly to FIRECODER Intra from the EDIUS timeline. Approximately 2-3x faster than realtime encoding.MEDIAEDGE DS: Improves features within MEDIAEDGE to present targeted graphics and video for a true digital signage solution. Capabilities of MEDIAEDGE will be readily apparent at NAB as all digital signage and the video “chandelier” will be driven by MEDIAEDGE and HDMA 4000 units. In addition, there will be a dedicated MEDIAEDGE demo area. If someone asks how we did the great signage at NAB, please point them to the MEDIAEDGE area for a demonstration.
  • Grass Valley Group Organizational History  1959 Founded by Dr. D.G.C. Hare as a research and consulting firm. First major engineering project was the design and manufacture of a panoramic sound system for Cinerama Inc. (1959) Eighty wooded acres on Bitney Springs Road purchased for between $200 and $300 an acre. (1961) First video products developed for the American Broadcasting Company. (1964) First official attendance at the NAB convention in Washington D.C. (1965) From 1965. field sales offices eventually opened throughout the U.S. Shares of GVG stock first offered to the public. (1967) Now around 70 products in the product line - Sales exceeds $1Million By the early 1970’s, GVG had moved to making large, sophisticated studio switching systems, creating a major place for itself in the television industry. Stock went from over-the-counter market to the American Stock Exchange. (1969)     1969 GVG’s First Big Order - ABC Network Julie Barnathan places $500,000 order for A/V routing switcher – installed in 1970 it ran for 13 years before ConEdison turned the power off to all NYC 1971 Products first displayed internationally at trade shows in Switzerland and Australia. (1971)   1974 Acquired by Tektronix, Inc. Provide a broader international marketing organization. Expand Tek’s line of television communication products.     1981 Three divisions formed. Each focused on a major product group: Production Systems, Switching Products, and Modular Products (including transmission systems/fiber optics). 1982 Opened an international service and support organization in the United Kingdom. Network of U.S. distributors appointed to help sell products in non-broadcast markets. Purchased 160 acres in Nevada City for expansion. 1983 Biggest contract ever ($4.3 million) landed with NASA for a 192x512 routing switcher system. 1984 Fourth division formed. Professional Video Twenty-fifth anniversary celebrated. GVG acquires Dubner Computer Systems of New Jersey. Computer generated graphics systems enhances GVG product line. 1985 GVG merged with a Dave Bargen’s company ISC, a Colorado computer editing manufacturer. Editing systems integrated with GVG switcher, effects and audio products. 1988 Dan Wright appointed to position of VP of Tektronix’ Communications Group and President of GVG. Part of Tek President Dave Friedley’s overall reorganization plan. Dave Mayfield named executive VP and chief operating officer for GVG.  Opened field office in Japan.  1990 Tektronix announced that the Communications Group, which included GVG, would be combined with the Visual Systems Group with Larry Kaplan replacing Dan Wright Dan Wright resigned from GVG. (Apr.)  GVG received its first Emmy Award. (Oct.) for the development of E-MEM / effects memory systems for the storage and recall technology in large production switchers 1991 Realignment of organization structure to consolidate related operations. (Jan.) Streamline the company and reduce the time it takes for products to reach the market. Four divisions consolidated into two larger ones: Production Systems and Distribution Systems. Telecom Systems Division remains the same.  Bob Wilson named President and CEO. (Apr.) Model 3000 Production Switcher introduced at NAB.  GVG received second Emmy award. (Aug.) for developments in real-time component digital video compositing  Dubner Computer Systems becomes GVG’s Graphics Systems Division. (Oct.) Focus of development efforts narrowed and operations streamlined.      1992 Major reorganization announced. (Apr.) Telecom Systems Division merged with Distribution Systems Division. With Graphics Systems, there are three divisions. (May)  Construction of Building N4 begins at Nevada City site. (Jun.) Cornerstone laying ceremonies. (Jul.) 1993 Consolidation of divisions completed. GVG centralized into functions.  Building N4 completed 1994 Dan Castles becomes executive VP and chief operating officer. Bob Wilson assumes new assignment GVG’s 35th anniversary. (Apr.). 1995 Entry to Video Server business with Profile product line  First Production PDR100 Video Disk Recorders ship to NBC (Sept.’95) 1996 Formation of the Video and Networking Division under Tektronix Lucy Fjeldstad appointed president of VND  GVG, formerly operating as a subsidiary of Tektronix, is merged with the Profile business unit, Network Displays (NWD) group and a part of Tektronix’s Communications Research Labs.  Dan Castles leaves and later starts TeleStream  Grass Valley Group/Tektronix receives third Emmy for pioneering efforts for rounding techniques for multiple generation image manipulation for minimal visibility of truncation errors 1996 Steve Helland appointed General Manager, Nevada City site1996 Acquisition of Lightworks (UK), a manufacturer of non-linear editing systems used in of-line editing of feature films. Tektronix Video and Networking division awarded fourth Emmy (ATAS) for Profile1997 Larry Neitling appointed VP and General Manager, Grass Valley Products Nevada City site) (July) Larry makes the papers with “We’re going to gut the place” sending local community into panic. Nevada City Manufacturing is modernized into world class facility.  1998 ? Acquisition of NewStar, (Madison WI) a newsroom computer systems supplier 1998 Tim Thorsteinson succeeds Fjeldstad as President, VND Initiates highly successful strategic investment to renew Grass Valley product lines and restore competitiveness in world markets   formed as a business unit within VND concentrating activities of the advanced development group and the group in Nevada City  VND moves all manufacturing operations to Nevada City 1999 Sept 29, 1999 Dr. Terance Gooding purchases Grass Valley Products and Profile businesses from Tektronix. remains with Tektronix. Gooding restores the Grass Valley brand and names the new company Grass Valley Group (US) Tim Thorsteinson appointed President and Chief Operating Officer, Grass Valley GroupGVG (US) sets up subsidiaries in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Honk Kong and Singapore GVG celebrates 40 year anniversary 2000 GVG acquires Vibrint Technologies, Boston, MA developer of newsroom editing systems. 2000 Lightworks sold to OLE, Montreal Canada 2001 NewStar product line sold to Avid Technologies 2001 LennartHjord appointed Vice President and General Manager, Nevada City site (March) Larry Neitling retiresTim Thorsteinson appointed CEO, Grass Valley Group 2002 (April) Thomson multimedia SA acquires Grass Valley Group (US) merging the company with Thomson’s own Broadcast Division, the Nextream joint venture and Philips’ Broadcast division (which was acquired one year earlier) Marc Valentin appointed Sr. Vice President, Thomson Broadcast and Media Solutions (TBMS) a business group under Thomson’s Digital Media Solutions Division (Technicolor)   2004 (May) Thomson acquires ParkerVision Inc. (Jacksonville, FL) adding automated news presentation systems and robotic camera lines and merges it with Grass Valley business. 2005 (Feb) The Grass Valley name is restored as the business groups name and extending the GV brand to cameras, compression and networking product lines.  2005 Thomson acquires outstanding shares of Nextream (France) from a Joint Venture previously held by Thomson and Alcatel. Adds compression product line as well as products targeted to transmission service providers in the telco, cable and satellite segments. 2005 (December) Thomson acquires Thales Broadcast including Radio and TV Transmitters, antennas, the SmartVision mobility product line and a small line of test equipment for MPEG streams and files. 2006 (January 26) Acquired Canopus (Japan) adding desktop editing, and professional video products expanding the reach of the group into the ProAV segment and a increasing our market footprint in Japan..  2007 (Feb) Jacques Dunogue replaces Marc Valentin as head of Broadcast and Networks a business under Thomson’s Systems Division. Group is organized in three profit centers. Jeff Rosica - Broadcast & Professional Solutions (BPS), Patrick Montliaud - Integration and Transmission Solutions (ITS) and Christophe Delahousse - Video Network Solutions (VNS). Grass Valley name is suppressed but GV check mark logo retained with a Thomson tag on it.  2008 (July) Jeff Rosica appointed Sr. Vice President, Broadcast and Professional Systems.  2008 (Nov) Divestiture of Post Production business – sold to Parter Capital (Germany) 2009 (Jan) Businesses related to the broadcast and networks markets business is regrouped under the Grass Valley name – Broadcast and Professional Services (BPS), Network and Integration Services (NIS), Transmission and Professional Services.  2009 (Feb) Thomson announces their intention to sell assets including the Grass Valley business and Premier Retail Networks. 2009 (March) Thomson rebrands Broadcast and Professional Systems as Grass Valley returning the Grass Valley name to the brand identity 
  • While connected to the internet and with an installed web browser, click on any of the individual products to go to the company store and purchase items.
  • Click on the GV logo to go to the Grass Valley home page website.

Grass Valley Presentation Grass Valley Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • New at NAB 2009 Innovation • Performance • Passion It’s Gotta be a Grass! May/June 2009 for Customer Release and Viewing
  • Grass Valley was Everywhere at NAB 2009 Grass Valley’s booth traffic was strong and steady the entire show thanks to a wide variety of both new and exciting products on display Kayenne Banner Outside South Hall at NAB It’s Gotta be a Grass! 2
  • Grass Valley NAB 2009 – New Products Introduced • Kayenne – Video Production Center • Kayenne XL – New Panel for KayakHD / Ignite • LDK 3000 – Affordable Studio Camera • ViBE EM3100 – MPEG-4 HD Codec • ViBE Transcoder – MPEG-2 / MPEG-4 • ATSC M/H – Mobile Xmission for Broadcasters • MediaFUSE – Automated Content Repurposing • ELITE 10/100 – TV Transmission Updates • Trinix NXT – 3Gb Transmission, Longer Length Kayenne Private Demo “Sport Suite” at NAB 3
  • Grass Valley NAB 2009 – First Showing in U.S. • Infinity – Systemized w/ Telecast Copperhead • HD file based editing with AVID • JPEG 2000 support for Final Cut Pro • 24p “digital cinematography” option • Trinix NXT – Introduced at IBC 2008 • LDK 4000/8000 Elite – 60dB S/N • LDK 8300 – 3x SSM with “AnyLight” • K2 Dyno / K2 Summit – Replay Controller and Playout Server for affordable applications • EDIUS 5 – $799 Pricing and New Features • Ignite IQ – Automated Content Production Some of the Products Introduced at IBC 2008 and Shown for the First Time in the U.S. at NAB 2009 • Aurora 6.5 w/ MediaFrame – New Features It’s Gotta be a Grass! 4
  • LDK 3000 – CMOS Studio / Portable Camera Based on the Proven LDK 8000 Platform Same die-cast magnesium mechanics as LDK8000 Full bandwidth TriaxHD transmission system Full support of SuperXpander and Triax repeater Same accessories and C2IP control system compatible New CMOS Sensors Three 2/3” – 2.4Mpix Broadcast Xensium CMOS imagers Selectable 1080i and 720p video format as standard, 1080p25/30 optional Dual on-chip A/D-converters and 34 bit signal processing Powerful feature set at an affordable price – Motorized filter wheel incl. ND’s & 4x star w/ full electronic color correction – Extensive and flexible color matrix, gamma correction and detail setting It’s Gotta be a Grass! 5
  • LDK 8300 – 3x Super SloMo Camera 720P – 1080i Switchable 1, 2, or 3x speed selectable Unique Anylight anti-flicker feature True HD performance – S/N > 57dB A full member of the LDK 8000 family – Offer the same image look and feature set – Utilizes same control system and accy. No-compromise Fiber transmission Over 60 pre-production units were utilized at the Beijing games this summer as well as UEFA 2008 It’s Gotta be a Grass! 6
  • LDK 4000 / 8000 Elite - Studio and Portable Cameras The World’s Best HD Multi-Format Camera Has Gotten Even Better! New enhanced Digital Signal Processing – 34-bit digital signal processing resolution Improved picture performance S/N ratio of 60dB while F10@2000 lux Powerful 16 vector secondary color corrector Flexible “in sensor” format switching – Native image acquisition in all formats – 1080p 50/60 in WorldCam – 1080i100/120 and 720p100/120 in SportElite Multiple choice for signal transmission – Triax, Fiber and wireless HD It’s Gotta be a Grass! 7
  • Infinity DMC 1000 – Product Updates Infinity with Copperhead option Turns Camcorder into Systemized Camcorder – Easy click-on module from Telecast – Dark and Hybrid Fiber solutions – Full camera control with C2IP using standard OCP 400 panel – Remote control for Tally and ISO recording – Now available for delivery Infinity 24P option – Digital Cinematography – 1080p24/25/30 CineStyle – 10bit 4:2:2 codec available with JPEG 2000 – The “Power of Choice” – Format, Media, Connectivity, Compression and Codec – All in one affordable package It’s Gotta be a Grass! 8
  • Production Servers - K2-Summit & K2-Dyno System K2 Summit Production Client/Server – 4 HD/SD channels with 10 hours of internal storage HD – K2 AppCenter PRO w/ Multiviewer & M/E K2 Dyno Controller – Full featured, easy-to-use control Surface – Tuned for fast Replay, Highlight and Playlist creation K2 Dyno Application Software Suite – K2 Dyno Controller Software All 3 Components - Priced: Under $90K USD It’s Gotta be a Grass! 9
  • Product Update - ContentShare 2 New version 1.2 released – Support for QuickTime Wrap and Unwrap – Support for Language Tagging – Support for Rhozet Carbon Coder Version 1.3 scheduled for Q3 2009 – Dynamic Cataloging Module – Clip trimming and subclip creation – Web-based UI – Support for many additional devices Flexible Workflow Management solution – adapts to the customer’s needs It’s Gotta be a Grass! 10
  • News Production – Final Cut with K2 and Aurora  MacPro iSCSI connected to K2 SAN or K2 Production Storage  NEW GV FinalCut plug-in for easy file access  Works with K2-Summit  Works with ANY Aurora System  IMX, MPEG (including XDCam HD) DV (including DVCPro HD  Accept EDLs from Aurora Edit and Aurora Edit LD It’s Gotta be a Grass! 11
  • News Production – Aurora 6.5 with MediaFrame MediaFrame is an easy to use, cost effective asset management tool for Aurora and K2 systems. It’s Gotta be a Grass! 12
  • News Production – Aurora 6.5 with MediaFrame This means that throughout the daily process, producers, journalists, reporters, managers, and editors can •Find and view media •Add, view and modify descriptive information •Send Archive and Partial or Full Restore requests •Create shot lists for editors It’s Gotta be a Grass! 13
  • Kayenne – Video Production Center Kayenne is the latest evolution in award-winning production switcher technology from GV Kayenne is a new family of HD production switchers, from 1.5 M/Es to 4.5 M/Es designed for a worldwide market. Half M/E standard in all models Complete range available at launch It’s Gotta be a Grass! 14
  • Kayenne – Three Physical Elements Video Processing Frame – New tools and capabilities in 4 or 8 RU. – Switchable SD/HD – Up to 96 Inputs, 48 assignable outputs PCU (panel control unit) – Contains panel/menu CPUs in 3RU – Allows panel to run silently without fans Panel / Menu – Ultra thin, modular – Ergonomically optimized – Touch-screen menu It’s Gotta be a Grass!
  • Automated Control Room – Product Updates IGNITE HD – Integrated Live Production IGNITE HD provides broadcasters a production tool to do live production cost effectively, without making production compromises. – IGNITE HD Delivers on it’s Promise Ignite HD is the only control room automation solution that truly delivers on the promise of a single-operator workflow for all production components (video, audio, graphics, servers, cameras) - while also managing both scripted and unscripted events. – Single Workflow; Multi-Distribution Ignite HD & MediaFUSE can help create New Revenue streams. Streamline distribution of content to the Web & Mobile Devices It’s Gotta be a Grass! 16
  • Automated Control Room – MediaFUSE MediaFUSE allows broadcasters to: Repurpose ALL content in minutes, including extended play, and make existing staff more productive Stream shows live, and replace over-the-air content and breaks with material created for, or more appropriate for, web and mobile – Produce more targeted and valuable content with MediaFUSE empowers rich metadata for longer life span broadcasters to efficiently re- Implement the C.O.P.E. workflow - purpose content for (Create Once, Publish Everywhere) that broadcast on the Internet, leverages the production of content to enable and on mobile devices. a sound business strategy for multi-distribution of content It’s Gotta be a Grass! 17
  • Routing Switchers – Introducing Trinix TMNXT Double the cable length Better recovery of poor signals Better output cable driving Deterministic switching with industry’s largest capacity It’s Gotta be a Grass! 18
  • Routing Switchers – Trinix TMNXT – Breaking the Barrier Exceptional Signal Performance! TrinixTM NXT can equalize Less need for additional DA’s 140m @ 3Gb/s Installs into your existing infrastructure Less need to add expensive fiber gear Supports Belden 7731A cable for support of runs > 140m Conventional routers can Length Does Matter! equalize just 60m to 100m @ 3Gb/s It’s Gotta be a Grass! 19
  • Head End – New for Content & Distribution ViBE EM3100 MPEG-4 Contribution Encoder 8bit, 4:2:2 Chroma Support Up to 80Mbps for High Picture Quality Low Latency (350 to 850 msec) Up to 8 Stereo pairs of audio SD and HD Encoding “Auto-switch” BISS Scrambling (option) ASI or IP (Option) outputs ViBE iRD3100 Decoder New for NAB 2009 Decoder to match EM3100 It’s Gotta be a Grass! 20
  • Head End – New for Our Hybrid Head Ends ViBE Transcoder Enhancements 6 channels on transcode per unit Improved Compression Performance MPEG-4 to MPEG-2 Transcode Audio Only Transcode PIP Generator When to use ViBE Transcoder For long-tail channels For low cost systems New for NAB 2009 When low bit rate is less important 21
  • Head End – New for ATSC & ATSC-MH For ATSC 310M Amethyst for easy redundancy Sapphire logos & EAS insertion For ATSC M/H Comprehensive demonstration with encoder, ESG, multiplexer and exciter ViBE Mobile TV ready for ATSC M/H; adds unique ROI and SVC capabilities Jade for OMA-BCAST based Electronic Service Guide Specific ATSC M/H processing added to Netprocessor 9030 via a simple SW upgrade Commercially available in Q4 2009 It’s Gotta be a Grass! 22
  • Television Transmission – Elite 10 and 100 VHF Elite 100 Latest release of Elite 100 in VHF Band III from 170MHz to 240 MHz – From 100W RMS to 1200W RMS – Same architecture and modules as for UHF ELITE 10 transmitters Completes our comprehensive Elite transmitters’ range to build consistent television networks – Elite 10 UHF gap filler: from 0.5W RMS to 100W RMS – Elite 10 UHF transmitter: from 10W RMS to 100W RMS It’s Gotta be a Grass! 23
  • Desktop Production – EDIUS 5.1 and XRE Aurora EDIUS Sys 5.1 MediaFrame database workflow integration – Drag & Drop Browse Integration – Import Aurora Edit XML – Script Viewer support – MPEG2 Long-GOP VMF support EDIUS 5.1 End to end Blu-ray editing solution – Timeline to BD-R direct burn – FIRECODER Blu H.264/MPEG2 acceleration EDIUS XRE eXternal Rendering Engine for EDIUS – Turnkey conform engine to off-load render jobs It’s Gotta be a Grass! 24
  • Desktop Production – NEW for NAB 2009 HD Editing Boards for ProAV/Broadcast HDSPARK – HDMI monitor board for file-based editing HDSTORM – Hardware HQ codec with HDMI I/O HDTHUNDER – HD SDI I/O with HDMI Monitor H.264 Codec Acceleration Board FIRECODER Intra, FIRECODER Blu – Accelerate AVC-Intra, AVCHD, MPEG2 MEDIAEDGE DS Digital Signage Solution – Great Integration of Signage and Video Capability It’s Gotta be a Grass! 25
  • Happy 50th Anniversary Grass Valley! The History Wall Highlighted Key Moments of Grass Valley Innovation from 1959 to 2009 It’s Gotta be a Grass! 26
  • Grass Valley Company Merchandise As part of our 50th anniversary celebration of Grass Valley we are opening up the company store for you to purchase merchandise – We are all very proud of our history and the Grass Valley branding and hope that you are too. •Shirts (polo and dress) •Sweatshirt •“Green” Waterbottle •Travel Mug •Duffel Bag •Pen Click on any of the items above to go directly to that item in Company Store 27
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