Steering committee draft policy introduction


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Steering committee draft policy introduction

  1. 1. Gas Development Master PlanSteering Committee Meeting – 28 March 2013GDMP Overview
  2. 2. 2Objectives• Developing a long-term strategy for the futuredevelopment of Indonesia’s gas market (for up to 50years)• Identifying key transportation infrastructure required forthe gas market in the medium to long-term (20-25 years)• Defining policy measures required to implement thestrategy• Building the capacity for continual development andimprovement of the long-term strategywhile recognising the huge uncertainties around futureIndonesian and international energy markets
  3. 3. 3Three inter-linked tasksTASK AGDMP ModelTASK BPolicy issuesTASK CCapacity-buildingOptimal uses of gas in thelong to very long-termMedium-term infrastructuredevelopment planBarriers to increasing gasproductionPromoting the domesticgas marketUsing the GDMP Model forplanningRevising the regulatoryframework
  4. 4. 4Task A components• Task A1 Benchmarking - completed• Task A2 Market Conditions – in progress• Task A3 Demand Scenarios – in progress• Task A4 Supply Situation – completed• Task A5 Supply and Demand – in progress• Task A6 Gas Infrastructure – data availability issues• Task A7 Load Management - data availability issues• Task A8 Gas Economic Benefits - later• Task A9 Development of Uneconomic Fields – in progress• Task A10 Economic Ranking - later• Task A11 Investment and Financing - later• Task A12 Manpower Requirements - later
  5. 5. 5Task A activitiesScenariosTask A5GDMPModelDemandTask A3MarketIssuesTasks A1 / A2SupplyTask A4InfrastructureOptionsTasks A6 / A7EconomicRankingTask A10InfrastructurePlanTasks A11 / A12Gas EconomicBenefitsTask A8Optimal Usesof Gas
  6. 6. 6Task B policy notesB1 – Overview of gas resources anddevelopment potentialB2 – Impediments to developingresourcesB7 – Review of PSC provisionsB4 – Policy support for developingdomestic gas marketsB5 – Framework for gas infrastructuredevelopmentB6 – Permitting and approvalsprocessesB8 – Regulation of consumer gaspricesB9 – Private investment in gasinfrastructureB3 – Identification of policy gaps andrecommendations for policy actionB10 – Gas export scenariosIncreasing gas productionDeveloping the domestic gas marketImproving the policy frameworkAs inputs to GDMP Model Using outputs from GDMP Model
  7. 7. 7Deliverables• Consensus-Building Workshop – June 2012• Inception Report – August 2012– issues and scope of work• Interim Report – March 2013– progress update on Task A / drafts of B1 to B6• Draft Final Report – to be determined– draft strategy and infrastructure plan / drafts of B7 to B9• Final Report – to be determined– revised strategy and infrastructure plan / draft of B10• Final Policy Notes – to be determined– revised B1 to B10• Training Programme– two-day GDMP Model Scenarios workshop proposed for May 2013– other model training workshops to be arranged at a later date
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