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Road safety audits john coles

  1. 1. 2/06/2012Delegation from Indonesia.Road Safety Audit. World MapMay 31, 2012 Victoria 29-09-05 Australia Roads in Victoria Road Type Length Lane Networ Travel (km) km (km) k (%) (%) National 1,010 2,960 0.9 8.9 highway Rural arterial 18,060 32,240 10.2 21.8 Urban arterial 3,180 10,040 3.2 51.7 Rural local 106,100 212,200 67.3 5.2 Urban local 26,400 53,000 16.8 12.4 All road types 154,750 315,440 100.0 100.0 29-09-05 29-09-05 ACCIDENT BLACKSPOT A road safety audit is…... ”a formal examination of a road/traffic project in which an • “An accident blackspot can be defined as independent,qualified team a site where there is a concentration of crashes over a nominated short period of reports on the project’s time” accident potential” (AUSTROADS 2002) 29-09-05 29-09-05 1
  2. 2. 2/06/2012 Road Safety Audit The Basic Aim of Both Techniques is to: “Proactive approach” REDUCE ROAD TRAUMA Accident Blackspot “Reactive approach”29-09-05 29-09-05 Accident Blackspot Approach requires crash data.• Engineers analyse data• Design solutions to reduce risk• Select most economic solution• Seek inclusion in a program• Construct• Monitor performance• The engineers actions are based on crash data29-09-05 29-09-05 “We have excellent standards, we follow them exactly, and we do not “We don’t have trained staff, or need another check that we are access to trained consultants.” complying with standards.” • Road safety audit is much more than a compliance check • Whenever a new process is introduced, there is a against standards. need to get staff and other professionals aware • there may not be a standard for some of the issues. of, and trained in, the new process. Road safety • the audit team is trained to put themselves in the shoes audit workshops should be an integral part of any of the road users – that entails much opinion, conjecture implementation strategy. and empathy with all sorts of road users. • many of these issues will have nothing to do with standards. • Finally, minimum standards may not always be safe enough – going above and beyond the minimum is sometimes essential.29-09-05 29-09-05 2
  3. 3. 2/06/2012“We have experienced designers – we don’t need audits.” “This is a new road project, designed to the• Road designers have a job latest standards, costing millions. Of course that often entails many it will improve road safety – we don’t need compromises – costs, an audit”. standards, land acquisition, environmental concerns and • New road projects generally create a safer road more. Sometimes safety environment than before, but that does not mean may become a casualty. A that the risk of using the new road will be as low road safety audit is the one as practical. A road safety audit is good insurance opportunity for road safety to ensure that the new road project delivers a low engineering input to be risk road. injected into the project. 29-09-05 29-09-05A road safety audit: A road safety audit:- does not take over responsibility forthe project - is formal (not casual)- that responsibility remains with the - requires professionalProject Manager judgment - helps to inject safety into projects 29-09-05 29-09-05 When do we do audits – the Objectives of road safety audit stages of road safety audit  to ensure high levels of safety on new road projects Feasibility  reduce whole-life costs of projects • Preliminary design  minimize accident risk on the adjoining • Detailed design road network • During construction  promote the safety of all road users • Pre-opening  promote road safety engineering • Existing road 29-09-05 29-09-05 3
  4. 4. 2/06/2012 Independent Team members. Key Roles to Remember.• Independent of design,maintenance or management of the Project • Audit team identifies Safety Concerns.• Removes pressures of budget • Audit team may suggest solutions.• Eliminates concerns of previous actions• Reduces concerns that team members • Project/Road Manager decides are biased. • Does he agree – if no why not. • If agreement • When will the work be done29-09-05 29-09-05 Remember the Designer Road safety audits are a small part of the design cost…• Don’t try to redesign the road  1-2% of total design costs• Remember the designer has spent months on this job and knows it intimately.  About 0.1% of total project cost• Most important for audit team to identify the safety concern• Identification of the solution is secondary at this stage.29-09-05 29-09-05 Costs and BenefitsRoad safety audits offer great benefits Road safety audit -theHigh BCR’s earlier, the better - – 36:1 for design stage safer, cheaper – 6:1 for existing roads – (AUSTROADS study 2001)29-09-05 29-09-05 4
  5. 5. 2/06/2012 Reviewing Road Safety AUDIT Common Issues-Delineation29-09-05 29-09-05 Road Safety Audit Road Safety Audit Common Issues-Delineation Common Issues-Delineation29-09-05 29-09-05 Road Safety Audit Road Safety Audit Common Issues - Width Common Issues-Width29-09-05 29-09-05 5
  6. 6. 2/06/2012 Road Safety Audit Road Safety Audit Common Issues-Width Common Issues-Roadside Hazards29-09-05 29-09-05 Road Safety Audit Road Safety AuditCommon Issues-Roadside Hazards Common Issues-Roadside Hazards29-09-05 29-09-05 Road safety audit has much to offer Indonesia.29-09-05 6