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Maintenance Management of Provincial and Kabupaten Roads
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Maintenance Management of Provincial and Kabupaten Roads


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  • 1. Maintenance Management of Provincial and Kabupaten Roads Project and Workshop Overview Neil Robertson ARRB Group Limited Project Team Leader This presentation does not necessarily represent the views of IndII
  • 2. Overview of presentation The Project: Technical Assistance for Support of Provincial and Kabupaten Road Maintenance Management Planning (P&KRMMP) • Project phases – Phase 1 and 2 • Review topic areas The Workshop: • Why have we invited you here? • Workshop sessions
  • 3. Role of P&KRMMP Phase 1 1. Select sub-national agencies to be reviewed • Overall characteristics of road condition and budgeting of provinces & kabupatens • Identify “better than average” locations 2. An initial review of current state of road maintenance management practices and opportunities for strengthening capabilities • 3 topic areas • Consultation workshops 3. Refine scope for Phase 2 of the project 4. Report on the review
  • 4. Role of P&KRMMP Phase 2 1. Prepare and consult on road maintenance policy 2. Pilots of institutional strengthening • Field surveys • Data analysis and reporting • Immediate and mid-term Maintenance Plans • Presentation of plans for 2012 - 2015 3. Prepare Standard Operating Procedures 4. Project reporting
  • 5. Phase 1 Topic Areas Needs, practices and capability • identify maintenance funding needs, current expenditures, sources & availability of funds in P&K • review current maintenance management practices, implications: strategies for strengthening • review adequacy of HR in the sector: strategies for strengthening • review and recommend on delivery of routine maintenance
  • 6. Phase 1 Topic Areas Procedures and tools • review availability & use of guidelines / procedures for Road Asset Management  tools etc for planning, programming, budgeting including LVRMS in Local Governments  preparation of designs; contract documents; procurement & contracting; construction supervision
  • 7. Phase 1 Topic Areas Procurement and support • review laws / regulations - performance-based contracts; output-based grant funding of maintenance • review merits of different approaches to contracting • review roles / opportunities for external agencies to provide technical & HRD support; most appropriate form of Technical Assistance support
  • 8. Why have we invited you here? We need to understand the range of current practice and needs, and gaps in capability Two consultation workshops – Jakarta and Mataram Five provinces and 8 kabupatens – “strong” to “weak” performance Your opportunity to shape the scope of pilot Technical Assistance in Phase 2 Questionnaires – questions for each topic area • Individual questionnaire responses • Group discussions
  • 9. Provinces and Kabupatens - Phase 1 consultation Province Kabupaten West Sulawesi Mamuju Utara, Mamasa West Nusa Tenggara Lombok Barat, Sumbawa Besar, Dompu Bali Tabanan Central Java Cilacap West Java Bandung
  • 10. Workshop Sessions For each topic area: • Group discussion of questions  No one answer is correct  Expect to have a range of different responses  You may have ideas different from the question options  We are interested in the level of consensus • Group appoints a spokesperson to report back to plenary discussion for the topic area Participation
  • 11. Topics – Needs, Practices and Capability Network characteristics Drivers for maintenance and betterment Maintenance funding needs Current maintenance expenditure Funding sources – national, province, kabupaten Current maintenance management practices, implications Strategies for strengthening practices Adequacy of human resources for road maintenance Strategies for strengthening human resources Opportunities for coordination between organisations
  • 12. Topics – Procedures and Tools Planning for road maintenance Programming road maintenance Budgeting road maintenance Preparation of maintenance designs Procedures, decision tools, data, decision-making
  • 13. Topics – Procurement and Support Laws governing maintenance procurement in P&Ks Maintenance delivery • Delivery types • Contract types • Procurement • Supervision of works Opportunities / roles for support to P&Ks