8 ind ii role rli final


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8 ind ii role rli final

  1. 1. IndII's role Richard Iles
  2. 2. 2 Project Activities • Evaluation of the present situation – data collection – observation – discussion with operators • Assisting Dishub personnel with specific tasks • Advising Dishub on key issues • Reviewing outsourced projects • Providing technical advice • Review of legislation
  3. 3. 3 What IndII has done so far • Presentations to Dishub • Briefing and advisory notes • Direct assistance to Dishub officers • Advice on Dishub outsourced projects • Technical Papers • Workshop
  4. 4. 4 Examples of what we have done • Presentations to Dishub – Bus Registration, Regulation and Planning – Bus Stop Planning & Design – Public Transport Information for Passengers • Briefing and advisory notes – Recommendations on deployment of new medium buses – Bus Depot Design Considerations – Suggested Terminal Monthly and Yearly Report format • Direct assistance to Dishub officers – Assistance to Land Transport Division with route surveys and planning for three new medium bus BKTB routes: Tanah Abang - Semanggi – Kalibata, Tzu Chi - Pluit – Monas, and SCBD Loop • Advice on Dishub outsourced projects – Route Restructuring Study – Paratransit Demand Study – APTB Study: Planning Services for Tangerang – Terminal Revitalization Plan
  5. 5. 5 Technical Papers • Already completed – Bus Industry Restructuring and Integration – Legal Framework for Reforming the Bus Sector – Review of DKI Perda on Transport – Franchise for Commercial Bus Operations – Analysis of Bus Operating Costs • In preparation – Route Network Development Strategy – Guidelines on Design and Location of Bus Stops – Recommendations on Establishing a Public Transport Information Unit – Bus Specification Recommendations – Bus Depot and Workshop Requirements – Pilot Corridor Plan – Recommendations on Bus Fare Scales and Structures – Bus Service Standards – Ticketing System Requirements – Bus Inspection Procedures – Outline Bus Fleet Development Plan
  6. 6. 6 What IndII can do in future • Continuing advice and support to Dishub • Input to developing a public transport policy • Assist in developing database and information system • Long-term implementation plan for bus sector reform • Develop route restructuring programme • Detailed bus fleet development plan • Infrastructure development plan • Detailed specification for system-wide e-ticketing system • Assist in drafting amendments to regulations • Advise on interface with MRT (short and long term) • Assist in implementation of plans • Strengthening of Dishub capability for potential Authority role • Assist in designing and implementing pilot projects
  7. 7. 7 Implementation time scale • There are no “quick fixes” • Transition from individual to corporate ownership must be phased to minimise resistance • Necessary legislative changes will take time to implement • Existing operators must be given adequate warning and time to adjust • Bus fleet replacement must be based on vehicle life and delivery lead times • Manpower reduction should take advantage of natural wastage • Timing of interdependent changes must be coordinated • Implementation of overall plan must be within Dishub’s capacity • Minimum of ten years before all major reforms can be fully implemented