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20120118102309.2012 01-16 cmea presentation jatiluhur

  1. 1. Jatiluhur - Jakarta Pipeline & Water Treatment Plant17 January 2012
  2. 2. Project Summary• Current piped water supply of 14,000 l/sec is inadequate for current demand• Demand predicted to double by 2023 to 30,000 l/sec• Water security and pollution from West Tarum Canal (WTC) is a concern• Scheme to provide 15,000 l/sec of treated bulk water over 15 years and 3 stages• 5,000 l/sec through 78km, 1.8m diameter pipe per stage• Piped supply offers security and quality improvements 2
  3. 3. Project Scale• Hampton WTP – London. UK’s Biggest WTP @ 9.2 m3/s• Jatiluhur is 60% Bigger @ 15 m3/s 3
  4. 4. Overview of Project N Muara Karang Offtake Rawalumba Offtake Tambun Offtake Jakarta (Cawang) Puser Jaya Buaran Offtake Offtake Water Treatment Plant Near Curug Key Jatiluhur to Jakarta Pipeline: River Additional Delivery Pipeline Intakes Required: Water Treatment Plant Site: River Intake Site: JatiluhurNot to Scale Reservoir The Conveyance of Treated Water from Jatiluhur Reservoir to Jakarta 4
  5. 5. Quantitative Route Comparison Toll WTC RoadMajor 11 4Significant 9 6Over Bridge 30 7 40% Price Difference Comparison of Engineering Obstacles on Toll Road and West Tarum Canal Route Options 5
  6. 6. Qualitative Options Comparison  = Advantage Toll West  = Disadvantage Road Tarum Canal Comments Existing Land Corridor   Equal Single Land Administrator   PJT2 also supply water and power Hydraulic Profile   High point in TR may increase pumping costs Construction Access   Toll junction work access problematic Disruption (During Construction)   Extensive traffic disruption likely Disruption (Post Construction)  - May impact TR widening plans Known Other Services   WTC know to have extensive buried services Social Impact   Illegal development on WTC right of way sections Environmental Impact   Equal Damage Risk (Accidental)   Vehicle accident with pipe is significant risk Damage Risk (Deliberate)  - Illegal connections more likely on WTC routeComparison of Toll Road and West Tarum Canal Route Options 6
  7. 7. Toll Road – Other Constraints• BPJT field Survey on 4th April 2011 from Bekasi to Cawang concluded it would beimpossible to install proposed pipeline• Kep Men Kimpraswil Nr 353/2001 Chp V “Utilities in the Toll Road” 7
  8. 8. Route Comparison Conclusion• Strong technical case in favour of Canal• Toll Road option appears very attractive to start with however it is; – Most Obstructed – Least Practical (and in places impossible) – At least 40% more expensive• PJT II Operation of West Tarum Canal 8
  9. 9. Jatiluhur - Jakarta Pipeline & Water Treatment Plant Water Supply Sustainability Jatiluhur Reservoir Water Balance
  10. 10. Projected Level-Storage Curves
  11. 11. Reservoir Water Balance Model• Monthly reservoir inflows• Irrigation demands for wet, normal, dry years• Municipal and industrial demands• Future reduction in irrigation demand• Evaporation• Abstraction for Bandung water supply• Additional supply for Jatiluhur Pipeline• Minimum operating level is 75m• Target Min Operating Level is 87.5m 11
  12. 12. Reservoir Levels over 20 year Period assuming 2040 Conditions1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Years 12
  13. 13. Reservoir Levels in 2040 with supplies to Bandung & Jakarta• Planned supplies of 5m3/sec to Bandung and 15m3/sec to W Java & DKI• By 2040 supply failures every 2 in 3 years• Below 87.5m level 40% of months• Max period below 87.5m level is 10 months 13
  14. 14. Measures to improve reliability of supply to 95%• Reduction in irrigation supplies of 30% by 2025• Reservoir releases limited to agreed demands• Reservoir operating rules to be reviewed• PJT II - additional sedimentation monitoring• Only minor impact expected from climate change 14
  15. 15. Jatiluhur - Jakarta Pipeline & Water Treatment Plant Water Treatment Process
  16. 16. Water Treatment Process Principles Based on results from Mott MacDonald testing regime A robust treatment process to cover foreseeable quality envelope Easy to operate using, where possible, local sourced chemicals and materials Safe access and maintenance Allow for future upgrades to meet future legislation 16
  17. 17. Jatiluhur - Jakarta Pipeline & Water Treatment Plant Pipeline Design & Route
  18. 18. Overview of Pipeline Route N Muara Karang Offtake Rawalumba Offtake Tambun Offtake Jakarta (Cawang) Puser Jaya Buaran Offtake Offtake Water Treatment Plant Near Curug Key Jatiluhur to Jakarta Pipeline: River Additional Delivery Pipeline Intakes Required: Water Treatment Plant Site: River Intake Site: JatiluhurNot to Scale Reservoir Route follows Citarum River to Curug, then follows West Tarum Canal to Cawang 18
  19. 19. Pipeline Route Placement Options Design factors along the West Tarum Canal:  The presence of other utilities, particularly gas mains  The need to minimise social impact;  PJT II’s need for access to the canal edge for maintenance;  The impact on houses immediately adjacent to the pipeline route;  The avoidance of engineering obstacles where possible;  Minimising disruption to existing roads during construction;  The avoidance of permanent obstruction to existing roads. NORTH BANK SOUTH BANKMain Road Along Canal Secondary Access Road 19
  20. 20. Above Ground Pipes – A. Buried Pipe Impact Reduction 28 m Corridor of Impact 17 m Working Corridor 3.5 m 8m 3m 3.5 m 4m 3m 3m Stockpile Access Clear Area Clear Area Unmade Verge Trench Trench Road Safety Stage 3 Stage 2 Stage 1 Safety Canal 4-5m 12 m Corridor of Impact 9 m Working CorridorB. Elevated Pipe 1m 2m 3m 3m Access Grass Access Verge Unmade Verge Road CanalWorking corridor for buried pipe installation comparedto working corridor for above ground installation 20
  21. 21. Pipeline Route Social & Environmental Impact Preliminary estimate, with buried pipes approx 2,400 structure needing demolition Iterative design has reduced working room from 15m to 9m Pipe route switched from side to side of canal Final estimate of structures to be demolished: 36 Houses; 46 Shops; 72 Kiosks Approximately 180 people to be re-housed Minimal environmental impact over existing 21
  22. 22. Route – Common Position Route on wide north embankment Gas Mains 8.0m 6.0m 3 2 Houses 1 Minimum clearance under pipe when access needed 2.0m Existing Road CanalA common position for pipeline is on wideembankment on north side 22
  23. 23. Visual Impact Artists Impression of all three phases of 2m pipes;West Tarum Canal; +40.000 km 23
  24. 24. Jatiluhur - Jakarta Pipeline & Water Treatment Plant Bulk Water Supply Delivery Locations PDAM Kab Karawang PDAM Kab Bekasi PDAM Tirta Patriot Bekasi Aetra PALYJA 24
  25. 25. Delivery Principles• The supply from the Jatiluhur – Jakarta pipeline should be at a constant flow rate 24 hours a day;• There should be a single, clearly identified, offtake and delivery location for each water company;• The investor should construct a ground reservoir of sufficient capacity for each water company to store surplus water during periods of low daily demand;• The supply from Jatiluhur should have a free discharge so that it cannot be influenced by downstream conditions, except that it should have a valve to prevent further delivery when the delivery reservoir is full;• If sufficient pressure head available delivery could be into an elevated tank constructed by the water company;• The water company responsible for distribution from the delivery reservoir. 25
  26. 26. WTP Muara Karang CDC Pulogadung WTP Pejompongan Delivery PipelineDCR 4 WTP to Aetra Cawang Pump Station DCR 5 Buaran WTP Jakarta Existing Water Storage and Required Scheme Delivery Points
  27. 27. Jatiluhur - Jakarta Pipeline & Water Treatment Plant Indicative Project Costs
  28. 28. Indicative Project Costs Element Capex Transmission System from Jatiluhur to Buaran US $ 229m Transmission System from Buaran to PALYJA at Muara Karang US $ 57m Transmission System from Buaran to Aetra (provisional sum) US $ 43m Raw Water Intakes (2nr) US $ 24m Water Treatment Plant (WTP) - Process US $ 85m WTP - Waste Treatment and Disposal US $ 6m WTP - General Site Requirement US $ 6m Minor Items US $ 1m SUB TOTAL Base Construction Costs US $ 451m Engineering Contingencies US $ 68m Construction Preliminaries US $ 89m Detailed Design Fee US $ 23m Construction Management Contractor Fee US $ 32m SUB TOTAL Project Oncosts US $ 212m TOTAL Project Costs US $ 663mEXCLUSIONS: Taxes/Fees/Permits; Investors Costs; Scheme Risk &Project Contingencies; Land Acquisition; Resettlement Compensation;Outturn Cost Factor; Phases 2 and 3. 28