Laparoscopic Gastric Band Surgery In India - Cost & Benefits


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IndiCure offers Laparoscopic Gastric bypass surgery In India at select few hospitals and clinics in India at affordable costs. The surgery is offered in association with best bariatric surgeons who are well known for their expertise and skills.

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Laparoscopic Gastric Band Surgery In India - Cost & Benefits

  1. 1. IndiCure Treatment Solutions +919818462127 +919320036777
  2. 2. Lap Band Surgery  Lap band surgery is performed to make the stomach smaller with help of a gastric band.  The band is placed around the upper part of stomach to create a small pouch.  The procedure helps in limiting the amount of food stomach can hold and makes a person eat less and feel fuller soon.  The surgery is an effective way to curb obesity.
  3. 3. Lap Band Surgery
  4. 4. Candidates For Lap Band Surgery  The ideal candidates for Laparoscopic bypass surgery are those who have - BMI 40 or more - BMI 35 with obesity related health conditions - Body weight twice the ideal weight or 100 pounds overweight - Age between 18 and 60
  5. 5. Gastric Band Surgery Procedure  Lap Gastric band surgery is done through small cuts or incisions in the tummy. Through these incisions, small surgical tools and camera are inserted. A device is then wrapped around the upper part of the stomach to make a ring. To the ring is attached a thin tube leading to an access port which is left under the skin.  The doctor puts in a needle to add or take away the saline. Adding saline makes the stomach smaller.  The small pouch in the upper part of the stomach is created with a stoma, which is adjustable and controllable.
  6. 6. Outcomes &Recovery After Lap Gastric Band Surgery  Although weight loss after lap band surgery depends upon a number of factors such as starting weight, diet after surgery and the amount of exercise after the surgery, yet one is expected to lose 1.5 to 2 pounds per week and over 50% of excess weight is expected to be lost during the first year of surgery.  Recovery after lap band is quick with most people resuming their routine activities in about two weeks.  For quicker recovery, a strict regimen about diet should be followed upon surgeon’s or dietician’s recommendation.
  7. 7. Benefits Of Laparoscopic Gastric Band Surgery Over Traditional Surgery  Laparoscopic gastric band surgery is minimally invasive procedure of its kind i.e. the surgery is done through smaller incisions rather than the larger incisions required in traditional gastric band surgery.  The laparoscopic surgery requires short stay at the hospital, leaves lesser scars & marks and has shorter recovery period.
  8. 8. Cost of Lap Band Surgery  Laparoscopic weight loss surgery is very economical in India as compared to its counterparts in western countries.  The cost of lap band surgery in India is as less as 6000 USD whereas the average cost of lap band surgery in USA is approximately 25,000 USD  The cost of lap band surgery in India is a fraction of what one has to pay in European countries
  9. 9. Lap Band Surgery in India India is home to:  Excellent health care facilities for lap band surgery  Highly qualified and experienced bariatric surgeons  State-of-the art weight loss clinics & hospitals  Experienced health care facilitators  Low cost bariatric surgery  English speaking hospital staff
  10. 10. Lap band surgery in India with IndiCure IndiCure is the most trusted medical tourism company in India which offers assistance by - Replying promptly to your queries and concerns - Helping you make an informed decision about best of bariatric surgeons, hospitals and health care facilities in India - Offering lap band surgery with huge discounted prices
  11. 11. Contact Us  Visit us: gastric-banding.htm Or band.php Write at: Call at: +919818462127 +919320036777