Affordable Spine Surgery in India with Best Neurosurgeons


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A successful spinal surgery requires an interdisciplinary team of neurosurgeons, hospital staff and rehabilitation personnel. India is among the most favored destinations for providing unmatched healthcare facilities for treating complex spinal diseases. Many patients come to India for various spinal procedures at best spine surgery hospitals in India. The cost of spine surgery in India is much affordable than what one would pay for the surgery in western countries.

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Affordable Spine Surgery in India with Best Neurosurgeons

  1. 1. AFFORDABLE SpinE Surgery IN INDIAA Brief Overview of Spinal Surgery Procedures in India Brought to you by IndiCure Treatment Solutions
  2. 2. What is Spinal Surgery ?• A Spinal Surgery is the surgical procedureused for alleviating pain and disability in the spine caused by a lesion/trauma which has failed to improve with other non surgical options suchas physiotherapy, medications etc.• Spine is divided into 5 types of vertebrae –7 Cervical,12 Thoracic, 5 Lumbar segments, 5 Sacraland Coccyx. Of these segments, cervical and lumbar spines are the segments that commonly undergosurgeries.
  3. 3. Types of spinal procedures• Discectomy – Removal of the disc lying between the two vertebral bodies.• Laminectomy - It is the excision of the bony lamina (part of the spinal vertebrae).• Laminotomy - It is the removal of a small portion of the lamina and ligaments, usually on one side.• Foraminotomy - Removal of bone, disc, scar tissue or excessive ligament around the inter-vertebral foramen, that is compressing the nerve bundles.• Spinal Fusion - Fusion is the spine surgery in which two vertebrae are joined with a bone graft or any similar biological substance. It is used to eliminate motion between adjacent vertebrae.• Spinal Decompression – It refers to surgically removing the tissues which are pressing against the spinal cord or the nerves resulting in pain or other problems.
  4. 4. Cervical Spine SurgeryCommon indications for spinal Surgery:• Degenerated Disc• Osteo-arthritis of cervical spine• Bulging disc• Herniated disc• Thinning of the discCommon Spinal surgical procedures:• Cervical Decompression Surgery – The procedure involves surgically removing the tissues which are pressing against the spinal cord or the nerves resulting in pain or other problems• Cervical Fusion Surgery – In this surgery, the adjacent vertebral bodies, facets or the lamina may be fused together. The inter-vertebral disc material is removed and bone graft, taken from the top of your hip, is put in its place
  5. 5. Lumbar Spine SurgeryCommon indications for Lumbar Spine Surgery:• The most common indication of Lumbar Spine Surgery is Lower Back Pain, commonly called Lumbago which is persistent pain in lower back caused by any pathology in the back, such as:• Herniated inter-vertebral disc• Osteophyte formation/ Degeneration of vertebrae.Lumbar Spinal Surgeries:• Lumbar Decompression Surgery – Surgery is indicated in spinal stenosis or disc herniation or because of bony growth.• Lumbar Fusion Surgery – It is most commonly performed with a posterior approach
  6. 6. Minimally Invasive Spinal SurgeryThe Procedure:Minimally invasive Spine Surgeryis a procedure thatinvolves creating small incisionon the tissue throughwhich endoscopic instruments andtools are insertedto perform the spinal surgery
  7. 7. Common minimally invasive spinal procedures Spinal Decompression Surgery
  8. 8. Common minimally invasive spinal proceduresSpinal fusion surgery for correction of degenerative disks
  9. 9. Common minimally invasive spinal procedures Correction of herniated disks
  10. 10. Common minimally invasive spinal procedures• Correction of deformities like scoliosis
  11. 11. Benefits of Minimally Invasive Spinal surgery• Smaller incision and smaller scars• Less damage to muscle and skin• Less blood loss• Reduced pain• Shorter hospital stay• Quick recovery and rehabilitation• quick return to activities of daily living invasive-spine-surgery.htm
  12. 12. Recovery after advanced Spinal Surgeries• With the advent of the most advanced techniques, there has been a high success rate of spine surgeries for even complex spinal disorders.• The cervical and lumbar spine surgeries have excellent outcome. Patients generally have rapid recovery and quickly return to activities of daily living with complete resolution of their symptoms.• Good nutrition and slowly increasing activity (as recommended by your physician) along with physiotherapy during the recovery period lead to a successful spine surgery.
  13. 13. Why is India a favorite destination for spinal surgeries?• Latest Medical technologies• Affordable cost of spinal surgery• Treatment in State-of-the art hospitals with excellent infrastructure• JCI accredited Hospitals• World renowned surgeons
  14. 14. For Advanced Spinal Tumour Surgery in India at affordable prices Call us at : +91 9818462127 +91 9320036777 Write to us: Visit us :