Indian Remy Hair Extensions by Kromé Hair


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If you are in search of the most natural looking hair extensions, then Kromé International is perfect place for your needs. Our hair comes in naturally straight, wavy and curly textures and gives a perfect match for every style.

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Indian Remy Hair Extensions by Kromé Hair

  1. 1. Kromé International A Leading Supplier of 100% Remy Indian Human Hair Extension to Europe, United Kingdom, USA and Middle Eastern Countries India Office UK Distribution Contact: 0091 8141887749 Email: Website: Contact: 0044 - (0) - 203 0054965 Address: White house, F Block Shantineketan, Anand Mahal Road, Adajan, Surat, Gujarat, India. Address: Krome Hair Limited, 29 Sheppard Way, Teversham, Cambridge, CB1 9AX, United Kingdom.
  2. 2. Indian Remy Hair Extensions by Kromé Hair What is Remy Hair Extensions? Remy hair is considered as a best quality of human hair, because the cuticles of the hairs are kept intact and are not stripped like other non Remy hair. In Remy hair extensions the cuticles of each hair is aligned in unidirectional manner which creates a complete natural and appealing appearance. It is reliable and can be used for two to three times longer than other hair extensions. Due to the fabrication manner the Remy hair remains shiny, soft and tangle free throughout its life. But such is not necessary in every case, it can be the completely opposite from brand to brand, because the durability aspect is directly affected with the fabrication process and the quality of raw material. At Kromé International we strictly monitor the quality process for optimum results. We avoid the acidic products in our cleaning and cleansing process and also ensure that the cuticle is not inverted or damaged during the entire process.
  3. 3. Remy Hair Extension versus Synthetic Hair Extension We could go on and on about Remy human hair extensions, but why we should prefer Remy hair extensions when there are a wide variety of synthetic hair extensions are also available. Here are some variety benefits of using Remy hair versus synthetic: Longevity: Each hair extension has its shelf life and this is directly affected with many factors such as the care, way of wear and the maintenance. Generally Remy hair extension will last about one year, whereas the synthetic hair extension is required to be replaced after few months. Versatility: The Remy hair extension is containing wide versatility, as it is fabricated with pure human hair so it is heat friendly and can be set in different styles, also you can color your hair extension. But on the other hand the synthetic hair extension has a pre set style and it is heat sensitive, you cannot color the extension according to need, for this you have to buy other unit. Maintenance: On maintenance aspect the Remy hair extension is required high maintenance and care. As it is 100% human hair extension it can be affected with high humidity and rain. However the synthetic hair extension comes with pre set style so weather is not an issue for it. Texture: The texture of Remy hair extension is similar to your natural hair, you can use shampoo, conditioner and other styling products which you regularly use for you hairs. But the synthetic hair extension is fabricated by plastic and comes in different textures so it needs special products for styling. Appearance: The appearance of the Remy hair extension is the main factor of its high demand, out of the entire hair extension categories the Remy hair gives the most natural appearance. However the synthetic hair extension is also looks like natural hair but a close observation can identify its artificiality.
  4. 4. Medical Aspect: The Remy hair extension acts as you natural hairs, it can be applied for your daily use. It is also skin friendly and didn’t harm your natural hairs. But the synthetic hair extension is not for daily use, its regular use can cause allergy which can harm your natural hair. Blonde Remy Hair By Kromé International Virgin Remy Hair By Kromé International Curly Remy Hair By Kromé International Premium Remy Hair By Kromé International Stop Buying from Middle Man. Buy from Kromé (Best Price Guaranteed) Call Us on 0091 8141887749(India), 0044 - (0) - 203 0054965(UK).