Aditya Infrasafety Solutions In Pune


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Aditya Infrasafety Solutions is well established professional company serving customers,
• Superior Counseling
• Quality Products
• Reliable services
Licensed Agency of Government of Maharashtra Fire Services

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Aditya Infrasafety Solutions In Pune

  1. 1. ADITYA INFRASAFETY SOLUTIONS Ensuring Life Safety & Business Continuity PUNE
  2. 2. About Us  Aditya Infrasafety Solutions is well established professional company serving customers,   Quality Products  Reliable services   Superior Counseling Licensed Agency of Government of Maharashtra Fire Services Our Mission   To protect our customers from Fire & other Industrial Hazards  To improve reliability & safety of their plant equipments   To utilize our Expertise in the domain of Fire Safety, Automation & instrumentation To Ensure Life Safety and business Continuity Values: We Believe In…  Customer Centric: Focusing on our customers first  Accountability: Integrity and responsibility in our actions  Innovation: Embracing entrepreneurial thinking  Empowering People: Developing the talents of our people
  3. 3.  Services         Risk Assessment of Buildings and Infrastructure from Fire Safety Point of View Installation of Fire Fighting System such as Hydrants, Sprinklers, Pumping etc. Fire Alarm System, Smoke Detector & Other Prevention System Industrial Electrical Panel Design and Instrumentation of Industrial projects Design & Installation of Emergency Lightning Supply of Safety Enabling Equipment & Consumables Low voltage safety systems Instrumentation of Industrial Projects. We are expert in standard and customized electrical panel designs  We have developed range of panel for applications in     We have state of the art manufacturing facility that allows    Fire prevention & protection system Water treatment equipment operation system Petrochemical projects instrumentation Assembly of Instrumentation Panel and Electrical system PCB welding Other Relevant Services     Fire safety Training at Customer site Fire Door Systems Service & Supply various types of Fire extinguisher Systems Annual Maintenance Contract: Periodic Testing of Sprinkler, Hydrant & Alarm System.
  4. 4. Gas Suppression System    Aditya Infrasafety Solutions have been committed to the continued development of six types of inert and chemical gaseous fire suppression system. Gaseous fire suppression is a term used to describe the use of inert gases and chemical agents to extinguish fires, also known as clean agent fire suppression systems. These gaseous mixtures leave no residue behind and are designed to protect enclosures where there is a need for quick reaction to extinguishing a fire.
  5. 5. Foam Based Fire Suppression Systems    Chemical Foam Fire Extinguishing System is considered obsolete and has generally been replaced by Air Foam Fire Extinguishing System. Being intended primarily for Flammable Liquids, Air Foam Fire Extinguishing System is installed at agencies, producers and storage site of explosives and combustibles. The system comprises Water Source, Fire Pump, Air Foam Concentrate, Proportioned, Foam Maker, Foam Discharge Outlet Control Panel, Pipe, Electric Wire, etc.
  6. 6. Medium And High Velocity Water Sprays  High Velocity:   This system works uniquely effective against fire hazards involving heavy or medium oil. This system operates using the specifically designed nozzles depending on the fire area, requirement of shape of spray cone and the water flow. This system has capacity to reach to the surface of burning oil penetrating the flame zone. Medium Velocity:  Medium velocity water spray sprayers provide a continuous water spray with medium velocity consisting of finely divided water droplets. These systems are ideal in fighting against the fire involving light oils.
  7. 7. Fire Hydrant System   A fire hydrant is an active fire protection measure, and a source of water provided in most urban, suburban and rural areas with municipal water service to enable firefighters to tap into the municipal water supply to assist in extinguishing a fire. Buildings near a hydrant may qualify for an insurance discount since firefighters should be able to more rapidly extinguish a fire on the insured property.
  8. 8. Water Sprinkler Fire Suppression   Fire Sprinkler systems is the one that protects you in the event of sudden outburst of the fire. This consist of:    Red color pressurized water pipes running across the infrastructure to cover all critical areas Electric motors & pumps for pumping of water Pendant & Upright sprinkler for precise spread of water.
  9. 9. Very Early Smoke Detection System    Aditya Infrasafety Solutions offers smoke detectors precise enough for high-sensitivity and harsh environments. Smoke Detectors may not sense a fire developing on the other side of a closed door. In areas where doors are usually closed, detectors should be located on both sides of the door. Smoke detectors are designed to be as maintenance free as possible; however, dust, dirt, and other foreign matter can accumulate inside a detector’s sensing elements and change its sensitivity.
  10. 10. Water Mist System    The extinguishing effects give optimum protection by cooling, due to heat absorption, and inserting due to the expansion of water by over 1,700 times when it evaporates. The Water Mist System provides better protection for personnel and surroundings and minimizes potential water damage, as the majority of the water mist evaporates. The Water Mist System is available for total flooding, local applications and deep fat fryers, and also as a high pressure or low pressure system.
  11. 11. Fire Extinguisher System    Aditya Infrasafety Solutions is a full service provider of highly engineered fire extinguishing systems and components. We serve a wide customer base in industries ranging from Oil & Gas, Semiconductor, Mining and Industrial to Telecommunications, High Tech and Hospitals. Their main function is to quickly extinguish a developing fire and alert occupants before extensive damage occurs by filling the protected area with a gas or chemical extinguishing agent.
  12. 12. Fire Escape System   Our fire escape system can be installed in any first floor bedroom or landing window opening regardless of the window frame design. High-Rise Fire Escape systems offer an alternative escape route for people trapped many levels above the ground. They provide a range of entirely selfcontained lowering systems which can be adapted to rescue people from any height of up to 100 floors, using a Controlled Descent Device (CDD) that adjusts to the user's weight and lowers them down to earth at speeds of between 1 and 1.5 meters per second.
  13. 13. Fire Exit With Fire Doors   Our Fire Exit with Fire Doors is available as standard or heavy duty steel doors and also available as single or double doors. The emergency exit and fire exit doors do not include a locking system as standard; they are “blank” steel doors and therefore require an additional locking system to hold them secure.
  14. 14. Contact Us Aditya Infrasafety Solutions          Contact Person: Mr. Pravin Mane Mobile No: 9372405182 Visit: Concern Person: Mr. Pravin Mane Concern Person No: 9850933438 Address: 27, Keshavnagar, Mundhwa Area: Mundhwa City: Pune- 411036 State: Maharashtra, India