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Curry chicken has got to be one of the most requested recipes we get at India Base. Here is a step by step recipe for punjabi style curry chicken using India Base.

Curry chicken has to be, quite possibly, the most popular Indian dish and one of the best lunch ideas out there. This curry chicken recipe consists of a thick curry sauce, which is soaked up with naan and aromatic basmati rice. Be sure to eat this dish on a cold, winter's day, beside a roaring fire and with a stunning glass of Merlot.

Curry chicken is made from a base of onions, garlic, ginger and spices. This base is essential in all Indian cooking. Once the base is started you can add your own flair to it and transform your curry chicken into something dynamic and delicious. One of the best chicken breast recipes comes from simply using India Base. With India Base, the prep work is done for you, making curry chicken one of the easiest recipes to make. Curry chicken with India Base is a fantastic way to wow your friends. Don't have time to look for chicken breast recipes, or quick lunch ideas? Look no further than your own pantry for India Base. It's the solution to all of your recipe needs.

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Curry Chicken - Indian Food Recipe

  1. 1. How to Cook Indian Food: Curry Chicken By India Base ( Copyright All Rights Reserved © India Base (
  2. 2. Who I Am Have you ever wanted to cook Indian food with that great authentic Indian flavor right at home for your family and friends? That's healthy yet delicious and can be prepared within minutes? Well, you are going to love India Base! Learn to make famous Indian dishes within minutes like: • Butter Chicken • Vindaloo • Palak Paneer • Fish Curry • Tandoori • Dal Makhani • Chickpea Masala For many more Indian food recipes visit Copyright All Rights Reserved © India Base (
  3. 3. Introduction Hi, I'm Harjoyt Kang and one of the most requested dishes we get is curry chicken. So today we are going to show you how to make a fantastic and delicious chicken curry using India Base. This one base creates hundreds of Indian dishes from scratch and it makes it really easy and simple to do. So here are the ingredients you need for this delicious curry chicken dish. Copyright All Rights Reserved © India Base (
  4. 4. Ingredients • The first ingredient will be of course, one jar of India Base. • We’re going to two medium sized diced tomatoes. Now it’s just medium sized diced for the tomatoes. • Today we’re going to be using Thai chili and the reason for that is because I really want this to be extra spicy, so I’ve used an orange Thai chili as well as a green Thai chili that I’ve just cut down the middle and I’ve left the seeds in there to give it a bit of extra heat. Copyright All Rights Reserved © India Base (
  5. 5. Ingredients continued… • I’m going to be using 8 pieces of chicken. So I’ve got four legs and four chicken thighs with the bone in. Now when you leave the bone in it actually adds some extra flavor but you may want to use chicken breast instead. • If you are using chicken breast, I would recommend two chicken breasts that you’ve cubed to one jar of India Base. • And of course if you are making less chicken, you can use less India Base, if you are making more chicken, you can use even more India Base. • And finally we are going to use cilantro as a garnish near the end. If you don’t want to use cilantro you don’t have to. Or if you prefer you can use some parsley just to give it some color and we are also going to be putting in some salt for taste. Copyright All Rights Reserved © India Base (
  6. 6. Step 1 So to our pot we put it at a medium-high heat I’ve added in two tablespoons of olive oil and once that’s heated through I’m going to throw in our jar of India Base. And depending on how much chicken you are using, you can use more or less. I’m going to turn that down to a medium. Medium hot, and stir that around. Then I’m going to throw in our two medium diced tomatoes. And our Thai chilies as well. And at this point to help the tomatoes cook and release the juices a bit. I’m just going to add in a pinch of salt. Then I’m going to bring it back to mediumhigh heat, cover it and then I’m going to let it cool down until the tomatoes are nice and soft for about 10 minutes. Copyright All Rights Reserved © India Base (
  7. 7. Step 2 So our tomatoes, India base and chilies have been cooking now for about 10 minutes. You can see that the tomatoes have softened quite a bit. And how it’s kind of melted in with the base. So now what I’m going to do is add in our chicken. So once we add in the chicken, we are actually going to cover it, and cook the chicken with the sauce for about 15 minutes, before we add in our water which is going to create our gravy. So check on it every couple minutes just to give it a stir. But the total cooking time before we add the water will be about 15 minutes again, I’d say a little bit about medium heat should be fine and let it cook for 15 minutes. Copyright All Rights Reserved © India Base (
  8. 8. Step 3 So our chicken has been cooking in medium heat now for 15 minutes and at this point I’m going to add in two cups of water. Now I like my gravy a bit thicker, if you wanted to add more water to thin it out you absolutely can or if you want to add in more water to get a thicker gravy you can do that as well. So our two cups of water is going in. bring it to a boil and cover it. There’s about 5 minutes left for the cooking time for the chicken so at this point I’m going to add in our cilantro. Now this is just a handful of freshly chopped cilantro. You don’t need an exact measurement, you can add less or more if you like. Copyright All Rights Reserved © India Base (
  9. 9. Step 4 So there you have it a really simple and delicious curry chicken dish. This curry chicken tastes fantastic! Now I know why this is one of the most requested recipes. Copyright All Rights Reserved © India Base (
  10. 10. Thank You! Well thank you so much for following my Curry Chicken recipe, I’ve made plenty more, easy to make and healthy Indian recipes at my website If you enjoyed my recipe, I encourage you to share this with friends and family. Please send me a quick email at and I will be more than happy to send you a special coupon discount when purchasing my India Base simmer sauce from my website. Sincerely, Harjoyt Kang Copyright All Rights Reserved © India Base (