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Yakeen Presentation Transcript

  • 1. By, SIMSREE (Abhijeet, Ashwaghosh, Harshit, Princely and Siddhesh) Yakeen - A Thought to Uproot Thalassemia's root cause
  • 2. INTRODUCTION  Thalassemia is not a Disease but a Genetic Disorder  There are approximately 60-80 million people in the world detected as beta thalassemia major  4%(approx.) of Indians carry the Beta Thalassemia trait (minor)  There are 1,20,000 known Indians diagnosed with Beta Thalassemia major, projected increase in Beta Thalassemia major in the next 5 years is 84,500  Alpha, Beta, Deltabeta, Gammadeltabeta and Hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin (HPFH) are the types of Thalassemia (Source: www.thalassemicsindia.org)
  • 3. THE PROBABILITY OF A THALASSEMIA MAJOR KID 25% Are you ready to take this 25% chance which has your child’s future at stake???
  • 4. THALASSEMIA MAJOR PROBABILITY IN A GROUP EXAMPLE Considering a Batch of 2500 People at random 4% of 2500 = 100 Thalassemia Minors 100 spouses of these 100 Minors 4% of 100 = 4 spouses 4 Thalassemia Minor Couples having 2 kids each 25% probability in 8 kids to be a Thalassemia major= 2 kids Probability= (2/(2500+100+8))*100 0.076% (Source: www.thalassemicsindia.org)
  • 5. TYPES OF THALASSEMIC PATIENTS MINOR • These are carriers of Thalassemia • They don’t show any symptoms • At times show mild anemia INTERMEDIATE • Some HB chains are not formed • They may not require transfusion • They may suffer from moderate anemia
  • 6. TYPES OF THALASSEMIC PATIENTS  MAJOR • No HB chains are formed • Since 2 years show symptoms of severe anemia • Require regular blood transfusion
  • 7. TARGETED AUDIENCE FOR AWARENESS  College students in Graduation or Post Graduation Courses  Corporate Professionals  Couples getting engaged or are in talks of getting married  Couples planning an offspring and are unaware about themselves being thalassemia carrier  The rural and underdeveloped parts of India
  • 8. CURE FOR THALASSEMIA MAJOR  Periphery Blood Stem Cell transplant  It’s very difficult to find someone who has a similar genetic structure as yours  Even after finding the matching person, people at times refuse to come ahead and donate out of fear which is because of lack of awareness  This is also a cure for Leukemia patient which is their last resort
  • 9.  The rising trend amongst India’s population and especially the youngsters is the use of Facebook and Whatsapp (approx. 62 Million users of Facebook in India)  Facebook can help in creating wide spread awareness, create chain networks and find new members to help our the cause  An examples of such an initiative is - Our own Facebook page - ‘Yakeen - A Thought to Uproot Thalassemia's root cause’ SPREADING AWARENESS – SOCIAL MEDIA  In India print media has farthest reach. We can use newspapers, magazines, pamphlets to make people aware about it  In India 69 million urban and 79 million rural households owns television, televion ads can be used to create awareness asibout this disorder  Radio and Films can also be used to spread the message across the nation SPREADING AWARENESS – MASS MEDIA
  • 10.  Organizing free seminars in colleges, corporates and social gathering  Organizing large scale blood donation camps and clubbing the Thalassemia test with it  Flash mobs and Street plays at railway stations  Tying a black knot and observing a day of tribute to the Thalassemia patients SPREADING AWARENESS – GENERAL
  • 12. THANK YOU !!! We have a thought and to make it a success –”WE NEED YOU WITH US”