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  1. 1. MANTHAN Topic : Reducing Malnutrition Nourish to Flourish Team Details: S.Prithvi P.V.Prasant U.Mounica Chirag Arora Kartik Silla Campaigning to serve bare bones because charity begins at home
  2. 2. One in every three malnourished children in the world lives in India leading it to be a major concern •A report, released as part of the 2008 Global Hunger Index, ranks India at 66 out 88 countries. •Statistics reveal, around 60% of more than 10 million children in the state were malnourished. Malnutrition differentiated basing on level off protien- energy in children:- 1. Wasting or thinness :- • Acute inadequate nutrition leading to rapid weight loss or failure to gain weight normally. 2. Stunting or shortness :- • Inadequate nutrition over long period of time leading to failure of linear growth. 3. Underweight:- • A combination measure, therefore, it could occur as a result of wasting, stunting, or both
  3. 3. » As much as 48 percent of children under the age of five in the country are stunted. • Malnutrition is higher among kids whose Mothers are undereducated or have less than 5 years education. • The worst performing states are Madhya Pradesh(60 %) Jharkhand(56.5%) and Bihar (55.9%) Children under age of five Uneducated Mothers States with major concern
  4. 4. » The role of volunteers:- Educating Women Doctors Spreading Awareness Checking hygiene of the place Profile needed: 1. Graduate students with good teaching capability and connecting with speaking proficiency. 2. Faculty members with good teaching experience and good at vernacular language. Profile needed: 1. Final year doctor graduate students with good overall graduation score . 2. Local paediatrician or dieticians with good experience. Profile needed: 1. Youth with good public speaking and marketing skills. Profile needed: 1. Graduates with good geographical knowledge and who have high contacts to provide funds and proper food to the places where proper hygiene is very necessary. 2. Local geographists.
  5. 5. » Spread awareness online and offline about the organisation and ask for the support the volunteer recruitments. » Go to industries, schools, colleges, etc and ask them for support of volunteers from every region. Malnutrition survey in the rural areas. » Approach government and NGOs to provide support. » Put banners and posters at public places. Awareness spreading process Recruitment Process  Registrations could be done online or by public help desks.  Recruit people on basis of their skills and profile as shown in the last slide.  Divide them on the basis of the places they can be able to go.  Approach industries and colleges for experienced professionals to take over the training programs of the volunteers.  Recruit people from NGOs and Offices to manage at the central system.
  6. 6. » Volunteers should be trained to teach women as to what steps must be taken to help the child from over coming malnutrition. » Experienced teachers, recruited from different high level institutes, will train the volunteers to teach the rural women the given curriculum. » Training period: 2 months. Training volunteers to educate women Training volunteers for medical camps  Professional doctors will be hired, to train the volunteering doctors recruited. The government could provide some jobs to the expertise doctors to fulfil this task.  Training period: 3 months.  The government will provide funds to organise camps and industries and corporate people will donate money to put up these camps.
  7. 7.  Trained volunteers for educating women will be sent and will teach them in vernacular language.  The doctors will be provided aids and funds by different organisations to implement the free medical camps.  The campaign should also help in promoting in eradicate malnutrition. Spread awareness among the people as done for the polio drops.  Geo specialists should be sent to the rural places to check about the nutrition at that places.  The women should be educated on regarding the food which will keep their kids nourished and what the have to consume, so that they can give nourished milk to their child while breast feeding. The curriculum inputs will be given by the professional doctors.  The volunteers should be trained regarding the stages of malnutrition and in what way each stage has to be cured by. This stages and cures will be developed by the expertise doctors.  The government needs to provide nutritious food at lowest cost possible so that the rural people of unhygienic environment could afford it. INITIALSTEPS WHATTO CONCENTRATEON
  8. 8. Recruitment of chief members Recruitment of volunteers Educating Doctors Publicisin g dept. Regional moderato rs Central Managing system NGOs Offices Educating women Geo specialists checking over area Doctors curing children Spreading volunteers Features • Place preferences of the volunteers will be taken during the registration. • Venues will be arranged by local communities and government. • Proper training skills will be imparted to the volunteers.
  9. 9. Central management system Chief Controller Recruitment team Professiona l doctors Expertise faculty Coordinati on team Financial team Trained volunteers Regional controller City controller Regional Regional Moderates between local bodies, government and corporate bodies Give status of campaign and local hygiene updates
  10. 10. » We need to spread the awareness. So corporate bodies could sponsor for the campaign and give advertisements about it. » People adore actors in India. We could show them as ambassadors for he campaign to publicise about it. » The government bodies should ask other nations also to help India over this situation. UNO can take up an action of providing expertise doctors to India to train volunteers. » The volunteers will prepare stats of hygiene of a certain place. The government should take strict action and provide enough funds and food at very affordable prices to the rural people. » Funds should be provided for the free medical camps to be taken over efficiently. GovernmentCorporatebodies
  11. 11. Implementation problems: 1. Proper venues at rural places to gather people to fulfil the task will not be easy. 2. The number of malnutrition patients may exceed the budget. 3. The funds provided may reach to the locations efficiently. 4. The doctors may not have sufficient equipment over there to cure patients. The will face problem to carry subsidiary materials every time. Solutions: Government link ups with the rural organisations and panchayats. Proper survey of the region by volunteers, and then providing required funds by govt. Precautions to be taken to prevail over the conditions by the doctors. Enough equipment should be provided by the government to support the medical camps. The campaign should be started by the volunteers, in the states, where malnutrition is the basic concern. We need to begin from ground level by first surveying the region by the recruited volunteers. The trained volunteers must be ready with the task needed to be accomplished. Madhya Pradesh and Bihar would be our prior aims to eradicate malnutrition.
  12. 12. » 2011 Global hunger Index Report. » World Bank Report on Malnutrition in India(2009). Retrieved 2009- 03-13. » International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) » "India in grip of malnutrition.” The Times of India. 12 November 2010. » “Malnutrition stunting growth in Indian children.” India Today. October 2012. » The G8 summit, Northern Ireland. » Local dietician consulted, Seven Hills Hospital. » Personal research done by field work.