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Swingers Swingers Presentation Transcript

  • PEOPLE NATION LAW JUSTICE CONST- ITUTION PEOPLE PEOPLE are in the center of the system as they are directly or indirectly connected to it. NATION NATION may refer to the community of people who share unity, brotherhood and equality among each Introduction to Topic: share unity, brotherhood and equality among each other with in a territory or boundary of a country. CONSTITUTION A good CONSTITUTION helps to build a strong and better nation. LAW LAWS should be effective and strong for the progress & development of the nation. JUSTICE To bring nation together JUSTICE plays an important role.
  • Necessity of Justice: “Justice to All !” What a pleasant debate we are have in our independent country India. Yes, “Justice to All” is an eye catchy and pivotal conversation to do debate on. Being a responsible citizen of country, we should feel ashamed to discuss the issues happening around us. The criminal cases are increasing day by day, injustice to common people has become burning problem for all citizens.problem for all citizens. It is not just a topic to highlight, now-a-days it is a need or requirement of the country because justice gives equal rights for same situation to all people equally. Is our constitution able to change the current law and system and set a new system for justice ?? Is the ‘Equality In Justice’ is really important to build a strong nation ??
  • Relevance to Justice and Nation: India is the most diverse country according to language and culture. It is having the best constitution in the world. It also has unity in diversity. Nation is a concept that has a variety of explanations and definitions. Nation may refer to the communities of people who do not only share culture, history, boundaries, dialects but also unity, brotherhood and equality among each other with love, affection and peace towards all. A nation should have to be fair in doing justice with the people andA nation should have to be fair in doing justice with the people and should give equal importance to people. As equality is very important factor to build a strong nation, the main base of equality is justice to each and every citizen. Justice is getting what is fair with the quality of being fair, reasonable and the administration of the law through assignment of rewards and punishments. Where there is Laws there should be Justice. Is our system fair with the people of nation ?? Are all the Indians really equal ?? What kind of basic Justice System we want ??
  • Consideration of PROBLEM POLICY/BILL should be made. PASS the policy in Problem should be consider as soon as possible. Primary cure should be effective. Time limit of passing the policy must be Basic Cure to Justice System: PASS the policy in parliaments Set proper ACTS and RULES for policy Construct Satisfactory LAW and PUNISHMENT Time limit of passing the policy must be decided and output must be in positive manner. Acts and Rules should be strict and possessive towards the problem. Laws and Punishment must be for all to equality of justice.
  • Some issues of Justice!!: Sarabjit Singh Case Damini CaseDamini Case Aarushi Murder CaseAarushi Murder Case These are some burning cases still in waiting line for justice. Meghalaya mining Land acquisition Black Buck Shooting CWG/2G Spectrum AFSPA OF 1990 Jodhpur rape case Ishrat Jahan Encounter Case Ishrat Jahan Encounter Case Hiren Pandya Murder Case Coal Case Sukana/Singur Land Case LTTE victims Tappan Chowdhury shooting case CVCBellary mining ban Land acquisitionShooting Tulsi Prjapati Murder case Is there any place for justice in India ?? BHOPAL GASS Tragedy 1984 Telangana
  • Common factors of Injustice:Common factors of Injustice: Some common issues of injustice in nation: Racism Child Labour Widow Injustice Child Marriage Female Infanticide Female feticideFemale feticide Human trafficking On the basis of religion On the basis of caste Quota system Gender discrimination Are these factors sufficient to open our eyes, Aren’t these ??
  • Role of Justice to build a nation: Justice brings nation together. Justice distributes equal rights and duties to individuals. Justice is to protect common human rights. Justice is helpful to keep peace among all the citizens of the nation and also helpful to maintain discipline. Justice is to control crime and to make criminal realize about his crime. Justice always makes every citizen realize that their rights are notJustice always makes every citizen realize that their rights are not violated as India is a Democratic and Republic country. Justice is to impose penalties on those who break laws. Justice plays an important role in progression of India and democratization of India. As the time passes, the meaning and the way, level of crime is continuously changing. So, laws have to be made accordingly and should be upgraded time to time. Is Justice really playing any role in to build India ??
  • People: Impact of Injustice on Common People: Legal procedure of justice is time consuming, waste of money, ineffective and inefficient. Common people feel helpless, frustrated and intensely angry on the system. Delay in Justice approach a person to do crime because the discipline, which justice can create that injustice can demolish in a second.which justice can create that injustice can demolish in a second. Injustice mislead the nation towards worst conditions and that will end up with worst situation of our Nation. Due to non implementation of law common person will feel free to do illegal things. “Justice to one might be injustice for another”. If the legal process of taking justice lead towards none than people will follow legal process ?? Is our system is capable to do legal process easier and faster ??
  • Misuse of power:Misuse of power: Equality and Justice can’t be separated to each other. Law and Order are same for every one and every one have to follow it. Some of the representative who are elected by the people enjoy all the advantages without being responsible to their duties. Elected representatives are misusing their power in doing ‘caste politics’, ‘corruption’, etc.politics’, ‘corruption’, etc. Power and authority comes with responsibility and a responsible person have to use the power to reconstruct the basic laws and orders to make the legal procedure faster and better. So, other person also don’t take illegal path. 30% Indian lawmakers have criminal case against them. It should be controlled otherwise we won’t be able to change the system because system is also corrupt. Is there any provision in law and order to get them punished ??
  • Real Goal of Justice: Real Goal of Justice is to develop a better nation with the help of Justice. Real Goal of Justice is to set equality in the nation, no partiality, no separation. There are thousands of problem in the nation, which should be solved first such as woman equality, child marriage, etc. In India, there are more than 3.2crore cases are pending. It is to create a transparency between system and people of nation.It is to create a transparency between system and people of nation. For that have to include new laws and get them applied. It is to create fast track courts, develop an organization and get them linked to the normal person. After cure in Justice system these problem should be solved in proper way that after making law on that, punishment will be given and law will be followed. After the change, it will really work and will we get success in “ Justice to All” ??
  • ReferencesReferences Reference with the help of Google.com/wikipedia.com History of India from different newspaper and books. India Today. General views from news channels.