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  1. 1. Manthan Topic: Ensuring Safety and Empowerment of Women Taking on the roadblocks in the path of an Indian woman’s growth Team Details Alina Charaniya Deboshree Bhattacharjee Pooja Choudhary Primrose Pius Sukanya Ganguly Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune
  2. 2. 20 minutes: The frequency of a rape in India 68,000 : Number of rape cases registered in 2011 16,000: Number of rapists sentenced to prison The number of deaths through female foeticide in the last decade has exceeded the total deaths in the first and the second world war Two-third of married Indian women are victims of domestic violence attacks India is the "fourth most dangerous country" in the world for women and the worst country for women among the G20 countries Notwithstanding constant public scrutiny, the Indian woman continues to be unsafe and low on empowerment Figures of Shame Why Does This Problem Exist? - Marriage and inheritance customs -Not drawing women into dialogue about current structures which do not support change -Patriarchal Society and Gender discrimination
  3. 3. • Setting up a dedicated body to initiate efforts to change society’s perception of society by integrating media and different communication mediums • Guiding women participants toward their own definition of an empowered woman by helping them build entrepreneurial skills. • As a mandate, every initiative of this body is to be covered by media Innovative Solution Concept • This body will work on the principle of SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result – Oriented and a Time –Bound Initiative • Entrepreneurial solutions will work both at an individual and social level Merits of the Solution • Officials of this body, Media, Medical Professionals, Appointed Counselors, Drama Colleges, Voluntary Organizations, Civil Service Officials Stakeholders Involved • Government Treasury funds money to this body and takes finance from World bank Funding
  4. 4. • Facilitate quick judicial decisions: a) Trials and Action within 7 days. A system which will impose an appropriate punishment for the crime b) Ensure 100% confidentiality in the cases reported • Promote gender-equitable attitudes – a) Reach out to homes, schools, communities, and workplaces b) Make public spaces more populated c) Street vendors to serve as eyes and ears for the police d) Camera Monitoring with back-end being monitored e) Abused women to have access to critical health and social support services f) Mystery Eagles - a team of officials observing various localities 24*7 • Create Awareness through Education – a) Education about women’s rights in rural & urban communities b) Offering counseling services in schools c) A counselor to be appointed in private schools compulsorily d) Raise community awareness about women’s rights Implementing the Solution
  5. 5. • Create Awareness through Entertainment – a) Street plays b) Satires • Enhance the confidence of women – a)Advertise the helpline number widely b) Tie up with media to advertise the helpline number in newspapers on a weekly basis c) Displays in bus stations and trains d)Women police patrolling in public places e) Media to highlight women’s success stories f)Radio ads conveying the message of women’s equality g)Highlight the punishments received by the court to the rapists caught in cases • Initiate sting operation to investigate female foeticide and to make it a punishable offense
  6. 6. Building Entrepreneurial Skills • Build channelized partnerships with Corporate and National NGOs • Ask corporates for government corporate funding, a skills training program for empowering women entrepreneurs in rural and semi urban areas • The channelizing partners (1-2 National NGOs who have wide access to local NGOs) to execute the field work properly • Volunteers (Youth ambassadors) from renowned post graduation colleges and retired professionals to facilitate the process • Stakeholders: Women with lesser business opportunities and understanding, Local village bodies, Not for Profit Organizations, Youth Ambassadors, Corporates
  7. 7. Impact of the solution • Increased number of initiatives to ensure safety of women • Every effort covered in online and offline media • Increased number of people made aware of the governmental initiatives • Women feel more secure on hearing and seeing the efforts taken by the body • A seed of fear instilled in men, changing the perception of society towards the changes • The efficiency of this initiative would be measured quarterly on the basis of the number of cases filed
  8. 8. SMART Results... The impact of the solution to be measures through: – Notions of self-worth and dignity (individual) – Improved entrepreneurial skills of already empowered women – Bodily integrity; freedom from coercive forces over a woman’s very body – Control and influence over household and public resources – Experience with or appreciation of the value of collective effort and solidarity among women (relations) Is the solution scalable? – This program will target to empower 10,000 women every year through a network of employees Pan India Is the solution scalable? – Partner with internationally recognized Multi National Corporates (For Example, Godrej and TATA ) as well as Globally recognized NGOs (WorldVision, CAF, UNDP) – Appropriately monitor: Management by Objectives!
  9. 9. Challenges and Mitigation Factors Social, Economic & Political Challenges • Issues of domestic violence, rape by husband or any other family member, parental pressure, subjugation in economic issues and poverty are a hurdle to our solution • If not legally bounded appropriately, corporate may back out from providing funds which could be major setback • Initial Resistance towards the rapid urge to break traditional perception against women and corruption • World Wide recession, fiscal deficit, non-passing of loan by World Bank and fall of rupee Means to mitigate the following challenges • Come up with gender equality classes through Nukkad natak since the very start so that none of the opposite gender looks down upon the other one • Severe and quick punishment to the rape culprits and their supporters and educate the adult through media so that the usual notion of “there is no life for a girl who has been raped.” can be changed • Proper legal bindings with the Corporates and NGOs so that crisis can be curbed
  10. 10. Appendix • National Crime Records Bureau • BBC report • Thomson Reuters • Mint Articles • NGO Whitepapers (Care and Women for Women Organization) • Zee News