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  1. 1. WALK TO EQUALITY- Ensuring Safety and Equality of women Team Name: SATAKSH Team Members: Shruti Goyal, Simran Sharma, Priyanka Yadav, Priti Yadav , Urvashi Singhal
  2. 2. The term Empowerment holds different meanings to different psyches and this divergence this comprehension of facts against fiction, this way of interpretation that people of various sects, associations and understanding can perhaps answer this quintessential question- ARE WOMEN REALLY EMPOWERED ? Today society is not safe for women so how are women empowered when she cannot move freely in fear of jewelry snatching, molestation, kidnapping and such atrocities against her. IF THE SOCIETY CANNOT PROTECT HALF OF ITS CITIZENS, HOW IT CAN EMPOWER THEM? Socially the status of women is not really empowered despite a huge change, as my daughters are happy and feel safe where they are but the process still has a long road ahead. IT SEEMS TO BE THE QUESTION OF DECADE AS THIS DECADE SAW THE RISE OF MANY WOMEN AND THE FIGHT FOR EQUALITY SEEMED TO DIM IN THE FACE OF THE NEW EMPOWERED FEMALE CITIZENS OF OUR NATION, STATE , FAMILY. But like a day that has its dawn bright and clear has its dusk as well, the dawn of the empowered women had a stronghold that seemed to slacken in the dusk. As the female populace is still facing barriers in the society in every sphere and this barrier strengthens its vice like grip through many forms of violence, atrocities and inequality against women.
  3. 3.  Ma p ofesses o ality. Ma p ea hes alues. Ma gi e se o ’s o ha a te . Ma ho o s ou o e folk. Ou constitution has given equal rights to our women. Man talk of women liberation movement. These are all so pleasant to talk about. But the reality is something else. Women have been exploited right from the beginning of the creation. Women have no personal opinion, no voice and no freedom. The role of women in society is contributed by attitude that men has given women.  In India even in the 21st century, women cannot step out of their house at any given time, assured of her physical and sexual safety. Everyday women in this society face more problems than man. The fear of violence and teasi g est i ts a o a ’s a ato y, u tails he o ility a d he a ility to o k a d pa ti ipate i so ial a ti ities. E e today i I dia, o e a ’t o e at ight i se luded pla es a d e e at dayti e at o ded places. Hundreds and thousands of incidents of physical / sexual abuse and culturally justified violence happens every day to women in this country.  Wo e ’s safety is not just about safeguarding her from sexual harassment; it also includes safe spaces, freedom from poverty and access to all basic amenities, safe public transportation, financial security and autonomy and safer healthier community.
  4. 4.  National Crime Record Bureau statistics show crimes against women increased by 7.1 percent nationwide since 2010. In 2011, 24,206 incidents were recorded, a rise of 9 percent from the previous year. More than half of the victims are between 18 and 30 years of age.  Figures indicate that 10.6 percent of total victims of rape were girls under 14 years of age, while 19 percent were teens between the ages of 14 and 18  A total of 2,28,650 incidents of crimes against women were reported in the country during 2011. The north eastern city of Tripura recorded the highest rate of crimes against women at 37 percent, compared to the national crime rate of 18.9 percent.  Kidnapping and abductions are up by 19 percent and trafficking rose by 122 percent in the same period. Crimes that include the Indian term "eve-teasing" or harassment and heckling and sexual innuendoes against women in public places including streets, public transport, cinema halls, along with the rape of minors and women in tribal and villages often go unreported and unrecorded.  According to records, Madhya Pradesh, a state with a large population of tribes, has recorded 3406 rape cases, the highest number of incidents in the country in 2011.
  5. 5.  As we have seen so far that even after the adoption of government policies , the crime rate has not yet declined. In fact, its increasing day by day and its effects are vulnerable.  We as a team come with an idea that one can definitely help in declining the violence and crime against women in each and every possible way.  Our idea is to organize self defense training for women as well as girl child regularly at a larger scale .  It is a simple idea and is an already existing idea, the only requirement is to explore it.  Today, this cause is a big question in minds of all people and it is exploiting women at at greet pace.  This is the cause which requires more attention and has to be stopped in order to preserve the future of our country.  The preceding analysis proves our reasons for the selection of this cause.  Lastly, we as girls are facing these problems on our daily basis and the neglection of these issues hampers our RIGHT TO LIVE.
  6. 6.  You have seen it in movies, a girl works through an isolated parking garage . Suddenly an evil looking guy jumps out from behind and SUV. A girl jabs bad guy in the eyes with her keys- or may be she kicks him in a certain sensitive place. Either way , while he is squirming ,she leaps into her car and speeds to safety.  That’s the o ies . He e’s the eal life a tio eplay, he the gi l goes to ja o ki k the guy , he k o s hat’s o i g a d g a s he a ,pulli g he off ala e. E aged y he atte pt to fight a k, he flips her onto the ground. Now she is in a bad place to defend herself-a d she a ’t u a ay. Ma y people thi k of self defe se as a ka ate ki k to the g oi o ja i the eyes of a attacker. But self-defense actually means doing everything possible to avoid fighting so eo e ho th eate s o atta ks you.
  7. 7.  Use your head – One way to avoid a potential attack before it happens is to trust your instincts .your intuition, combined with your common sense , can help get you out of problem.  De-escalating a situation – It means speaking or acting in a way that can prevent things from getting worst.  Take a self defense class- A good self defense class can teach you how to size up a situation and decide what you should do. Additionally ,it helps in gaining self confidence.
  8. 8.  Fi stly , to i ple e t ou idea, the e’s a la ge e ui e e t fo youngsters to come up to spread the message .  The e’s a eed fo o e to get a a e of thei i e st e gth a d the capability of handling situations .  O ga izatio of self defe se lasses at ou RWA’s a d at ou colleges.  All these measures can only be implemented when few of us come together and take the first step towards it.
  9. 9.  The idea as su h does ’t e ui e a y fu di g . It is a POCKET FRIENDLY idea at private and public levels.  A MEAGER AMOUNT is required at personal level to conduct self defense classes and attend them.  This idea does ’t e ui e a y ki d of go e e t intervention and aid . THEREFORE, THIS IDEA REJECTS ALL BUISNESS AND POLITICAL MOTIVES AND HIGHLIGHTS PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES THAT CAN HELP IN SAVING WOMEN , THUS SAVING OUR SOCIETY.
  10. 10.  NATIONAL CRIME RECORDS BEAREAU REPORT Chapters of NCRB Analysis of violent crime against women. Research papers on safety and empowerment of women. NATIONAL CRIME FOR WOMEN PUBLICATION REPORTS AND ANALYSIS REFERENCES