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  1. 1. Brain Gain: Promoting Research and Innovation Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse. Winston Churchill Team Details Nishant Anand Havaldar Rajesh Kumar Choudhary Argha Tribedi Abhay Sengar Sharun. S Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham , Kerala
  2. 2. With a 1 billion+ population India's scientific research-rank slips to far below than the leading science nations such as The UK ,US and Japan. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 No. of universities in top 200 A) The nation spends only 0.9% of GDP on R&D keeping us way behind these other nations. Hypothesis-Energy crisis, potable water shortage and brain drain . B) Private sector, which contributes only one- fourth of the total expenditure on research and development in the country. Hypothesis- imports spending is more than export earnings, hence leads to current account deficit (CAD). C) Inability of Indian Universities to book a spot in the elite list- A NATIONAL SHAME in spite of India claiming to have substantially increased its spending on higher education in recent years whereas there are seven institutions from China which figured in top- 200 institutions at a global level.
  3. 3. An efficient innovation system of firms, research centres, universities, consultants to provide infrastructure for dynamic flow of information. Role of Government Identify critical areas of research and create opportunities. Role of Universities Collaborate among various universities and impart practical based education. Role of Domestic Industries Production of self made technological know-how.
  4. 4. Reverse brain drain-need of the hour Remigration of expats Transfer of skills and knowledge Domestic products will gain a competitive edge Improvisation and strengthening of Indian economy Creates a ripple effect to lure more migrants
  5. 5. Prob: Multinationals don’t invest in our economy due to instability in the administration . Prob: Domestic industries cannot grow comprehensively . Prob: Our nation’s shape invokes perjury of which intellectuals refrain . Sol: Suggested measures to stabilize the statecraft : Anti corruption model of US and the UK must be adopted . Decentralization of power .Eg for every major govt project monitoring of capital flow should be done by a committee comprising of ex- corporates . RTI act should be made a ‘’ZERO STEP PROCESS’’. Sol: This shows a lack of strong decision making body in the country. Rural placement of key govt officers at the beginning of the career should be made compulsory .Eg Chinese senior soldiers . PM candidates should debate face to face sharing a single stage on national TV during election campaigning days . This fosters entrustment on leaders . Sol: Incorporating transparency in the system will cater the social needs of academicians . The PM should address the common people , at least once a month and keep the nation updated about the key developments being done/implemented. Eg Venezuela ,Cuba etc. THE MOTION FOR GOVERNMENT
  6. 6. INDIAN UNIVERSITIES Premier Indian institutes like IIT,IIM,AIIMS should have an arrangement with the students which compels them to work in INDIA for a fixed period of time . Eg: IIST(ISRO), Trivandrum has an agreement of 5 years . Teachers should conduct and encourage students to engage in real time projects which benefit the society. Eg: A-VIEW virtual lab software for AAKASH tablets developed by Amrita University . To sign MoUs with Foreign universities which guarantees regular exchange of students and information across continents who share the same ventures and projects. Eg: Manipal university student exchange program .
  7. 7. Govt.sectorPrivatesectormixed Increase fund for research from 0.9% to 1.6% of GDP . Govt. employees should give away a day’s salary on Teacher’s day for research institutes . Millionaires should donate a considerable amount of money to their alma mater in order to improve the quality of research . Sponsor bright PhD and PG students to pursue their career in research field and hence fulfill the needs of the industry . Luxury and entertainment taxes for R&D dept.
  8. 8. BOLLYWOOD LUXURY LIFESTYLE Total turnover 2012-13 : Rs. 7,350 cr. Net earning 2012-13 : Rs. 3,561 cr. Proposed R&D tax : 1% per movie (Animation technology, cancer research). Proposed R&D tax : 1% per luxury car* (petroleum research, automobile indst.) Total collection = Rs. 73.50 cr. per year. Total collection = Rs. 35.61 cr. per year. *cars costing more than 30 lakhs The R&D development model will generate around INR 100 cr. of funding from government and corporate bodies annually.
  9. 9. SCALING THE IMPACT AND THE CHALLENGES FACED With more flux of Quality human resource there will surely be a growth in exports. This will lead to the strengthening of the INDIAN Economy as well as there will be a growth in the GDP. Steep rise in the standard of Living of the common people at large . Legal challenges- Immigration laws should be made more relaxed to encourage the inflow of immigrants back to India. Also increased strictness in us immigration law is leading to reverse brain drain to India . Political challenges : Any foreign scholar when given a key position in India is looked upon by suspicion by various political parties. Govt. has to make them trust the capabilities of the person which has to be utilised for the collective good of the state. A feeling of PRIDE for the motherland. Instillation of good value based system SCALING THE IMPACT THE CHALLENGES FACED
  10. 10. • Innovation in India – Nesta . • Indian research and innovation data - Google Scholar. • Top 200 world universities – THE rankings - Telegraph • MIT Press Journals - Review of Economics and Statistics – Abstract . • Determinants of R&D in an LDC: The Indian engineering industry, Science direct journal 2012 . • Interviews • DR. BALAKRISHNAN SANKAR Professor and Chairperson, Mech Dept. Amrita University . Ph. D. (University of Texas at Austin, USA) . • DR. SUNDARARAMAN GOPALAN Associate Professor and Chairperson, ECE Dept. Amrita University . Ph. D. (University of Texas at Austin, USA). APPENDIX