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  1. 1. UIT-RGPV REDUCE THE INFLUENCE OF MONEY AND POWER IN POLITICS GROUP MEMBERS: Aditya Reja Shreyans Jain Animesh Jain Anubhuti Jain Kritika Sahu
  2. 2. 2 INTRODUCTION “WITH MONEY COMES POWER AND WITH POWER COMES MONEY” India has the largest democracy in the world, so it becomes the responsibility of our political leaders to nurture and enhance the Indian politics But does it really happen??? Lets have a discussion!!
  3. 3. WHY INDIA IS UNABLE TO PROGRESS?  No satisfactory mechanism for choosing the best person in political arena.  Emotional decision making.  Lack of institutions to groom political talent.  Parties depend only on few charismatic personalities to run the show. There is lack of better alternatives.  No suitable law for handling the cases of political scandals. 3
  4. 4. 4 THE “GANDHI PAPER” POWER • A game of smoke and mirror. • Money has unfortunately become the synonym for Indian politics • Money power has become so dominant that there is little chance for common man with honest intentions to contest elections. • Poor citizens are cajoled with bribing for votes because they are vulnerable to the temptations of easy money due to their desperate economic and social conditions.
  5. 5. 5 • Political parties are responsible for this situation, since they only consider the “win ability”(money power) of the person for nominating him as the party candidate. • Of the candidates who secured their deposits by winning at least one sixth of the votes, 87% were Very Rich or Super Rich. • The winners themselves, in 23 out of 24 constituencies, the seat went to a Super Rich, Very Rich or Rich candidate. • The Super Rich had an incredible success rate- 7 out of 10 candidates won.
  6. 6. 6 MUSCLE POWER – THE BY PRODUCT OF MONEY  Muscle power in elections is possibly an even more alarming factor in Indian politics.  According to a recent study by CSDS, money is a key factor in Indian elections.  increasing numbers of candidates and about 8 elected officials with criminal backgrounds.  in 1997, at least 40 members of the Lok Sabha and about 700 of the 4000 plus legislators in various states were “either history sheeters or had been charge sheeted in criminal case” .  criminal elements think that they can escape punishment by becoming a member of legislative bodies in the states or at the centre, thus increasing the muscle power.  Some 17 years ago Vohra Committee submitted its report to curb criminalization of politics but, no actual implementation in this regard has still been made.
  7. 7. 7 WHAT YOUNG INDIA WANTS 1) Solutions to reduce money power:  Regular surveys for checking the assets of persons in power.  RTI act should be further fine tuned.  Stringent punishment should be given to the government officials who do not provide the information sought by the citizens under RTI Act.  A special permanent court must be constituted to look into money related scams during elections at the state and central level.  Scrap MP/MLA constituency fund. The MP and MLA constituency fund should be scrapped before elections, as there are lot of evidence of illegal use of money.
  8. 8. 8 2. Solution to reduce muscle power: • To remove muscle power from current politics we have to go back to basic values in political system. • The mindset of people should change and the youth should come forward to participate in politics. • Voters should be enlightened on the importance of clean and healthy political system and they should be motivated to elect good representatives • The print and electronic media should play the role of catalyst, it should not be biased in exposing irregularities at top level • The media should educate people on the importance of removal of muscle power from Indian political scene and ushering in of new political culture.
  9. 9. 9 GENERAL SOLUTION  The ground conditions have to be improved, so that men who value certain code of ethics are enabled to come to the centre stage of politics and contest in the elections.  those in pivotal positions like Prime Minister and Chief Ministers should have the will and quality of mind set to combat corruption.  without eradicating corruption, it would not be possible to defeat money power and muscle power in elections.  Introduce eye lens match electronic voting, so that bogus voting could be eliminated.  Internal voting within a ruling party should be conducted in order to eliminate paternal candidates to come to power.  Regular campaigning should be held regarding political awareness among citizens with desperate economic and social conditions.
  10. 10. 10 COMMON MAN ASKS??  Do we want our children to mop up the mess we left behind or should we do it ourselves, now?  The next time we have an election do we practice our rights, or shed it?  Silence is no longer golden; politician must start talking now. Right?  Are we sending right people in the parliament?  Money spent on travel and residential expenditure of politicians gives no returns. Wont the money spent on welfare of common people do?  Why Common man’s life is not considered more valuable than political profit?
  11. 11. 11 CONCLUSION  Corruption is worse than terrorism. Terrorist just blows off infrastructure, but corruption prevents the formation of infrastructure.  Parties do not have formal stipend or salary system, so how is a youth joining the political party expected to survive, except through petty corruption?  According to electoral campaign rule, average expenditure is limited to 25 lakh but practically on an average 6-7 crore are spent. Where does this unaccounted money comes from?  Muscle power is the bi-product of money power so , solution to all the problems having deep roots in politics comes from the fact, if you want to strengthen the democracy, you need to join it….
  12. 12. 12