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  1. 1. Brain Gain: Promoting Research and Innovation (Innovation at the heart of economic and social progress) Submitted By Saurabh Kumar Roshan Gupta Dhirendra Mani Shukla Pratik Rathore Kaki Mahedhar
  2. 2. Problems • India is one of the leading economy but lags behind other economies in terms of research and development • Indian Universities do not feature among top 100 universities of the world • Investment on research considered like a sunk cost, uncertain about return • Little connect between academia and real world needs 2.70% 1.97% 3.67% 2.30% 3.74% 0.90% 0.90% 1.00% RESEARCH & DEVELOPEMENT SPENDING US China Japan Germany South Korea India Brazil Russia
  3. 3. Objective Attracting global investment Developing global talented work force. Providing employment Pushing economy Successful Research & Useful Innovation Channelized Policies Proper Infrastructure Right Minds
  4. 4. Government Initiatives • National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB) • Created National Innovation Council (NInC) • Creation of State Innovation Council • Creation of Sectorial Innovation Council National Knowledge Network India Inclusive Innovation Fund Innovation Challenge 718 MNC’s in India World top 1000 R&D spenders 300 major MNCs in India
  5. 5. Suggested Solutions Incentivize trained persons and institutions to impart quality training to students Optimal utilization of technology in the delivery of training to maximum populace Incentive by the government for innovative research work Providing industry- specific training Proper implementation of the policies Funding Corporate Funding Utilization of international funds such as FICER (supported by Bill Gates) Graduate student funding Formation of funds like Growth and Innovation fund
  6. 6. Recommendations Research & Innovation • Design Technology • Process • Devices Implementation • Prototyping • Productivity • Efficiency Business • Marketing • Finance Wealth & Employment  Creation of Innovation Clusters  Encouraging Private Sector and Global Network Initiatives  Promoting and Diffusing Grassroots Innovations  Research Focus but market and business driven Innovation Chain
  7. 7. Cluster Networks Scientific & Technological High Quality Research Easy Access to network competencies Large Structured Research Networks Strong Market Oriented Research Professional Partnership Research Ability to Anticipate Market Needs Proposed Cluster Formation in India
  8. 8. •Top down identification and listing of products and solutions needed by the country •For each of them identifying one or more clusters in the country to research, innovate, develop, manufacture, service and sustain them •Cluster partners and location to match with product profile Top Down Approach Energy Food Urban Infrastructure Health Care Micro Electronics Manufacturing machinery Test & Measuring Equipment Textiles Software Packages Process Equipment Bioscience & Biotechnology • Openness to business and drive for innovation • Modernizing its legal and fiscal framework • Creating Unique Tax incentives for promotion of innovation Promoting Innovation Clusters
  9. 9. Performance of R&D Centres in India Strategy • Focus on innovation & new product design • Complete product or business ownership • Brand Visibility People • Talent Development & retention • Focus on Employee Engagement • Technical Career Path definition Process • Focus on Quality and time of delivery • Focus on operational stability • Better collaboration with global teams Top Priorities of R&D Center
  10. 10. • SPV can allow securitization of assets without disturbing the managerial relationship • SPV can help in separating the risk and freeing up the capital • SPV can be integrated as a innovator, it can make profitable commercial venture Managed by forming SPV Special Purpose Vehicle • A Company that is created solely for a particular financial transaction. • Members of the SPV are mostly the companies and individuals sponsoring the entity. • A business associations of persons or entities eligible to participate in the association.
  11. 11. Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Government • Policies • Incentives • Legal Framework • Infrastructure • Funding Industry • Facilities • Workforce • Knowledge • Marketing • Production • Logistics Academy • New Knowledge • Design • Qualified HR • Tools Collaborator • Financing • Global Markets • Technical Inputs • Management Expertise
  12. 12. References Thank You Manthan