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  3. 3. So where are we going wrong?? ▪ We ,being in the 21st century are still following the orthodox method of rote learning.Hence, we need to upgrade our education system and keep pace with the 21st century learning. ▪ Lack of digital literacy ▪ Catch – 22 : Need job experience to get a job , but can’t get a job without job experience. ▪ Lack of understanding of the microlevel scenario. ▪ A gap between our thoughts and words – Need for better communication skills. ▪ Lack of professional education
  4. 4. So here’s what we think can help you!!
  5. 5. FRESH APPROACH TOWARDS LEARNING ▪ AT THE GRASSROOT LEVEL BETTER SCHOOLING SYSTEM Introducing novel courses like professional training and spoken English. Developing “metaskill”- matching specific information to a specific need. MOOC Data driven schooling Alternative teaching-learning model
  6. 6. ProfessionalTraining & Communication Skills ▪ The power of an idea often lies in the delivery of words. Innovation is achieved through novel ideas and hence, the delivery (or theWAY one speaks) is as important as the content of speech. ▪ The introduction of spoken English as a course in the school curriculum is a secure way to ensure that there is a wholesome development of this skill. ▪ Professional training in turn will ensure the development of professional skills needed to survive in the business world. ▪ As is the case with everything, the more one is exposed to such training, the better one becomes. Therefore, starting at the school level is the best. Developing Metaskills ▪ It is not enough to simply solve a problem by verifying different possibilities. The best and the ideal way to solve a problem is by identifying a specific solution. This is what we call metaskill. ▪ The lack of problem solving skills in today’s youth is hampering their employment prospects therefore developing metaskill is highly important. ▪ In order to develop this skill, assignments that forces students to think which solution is the most effective after implementation, should be introduced like solving real life problems. ▪ The development of this skill will enhance efficiency and greater efficiency leads to greater employability. The basic challenge to overcome in education today is the mentality of merely “learning” concepts without realizing their practical applications. In the quest to develop a more practical approach, one most ensure a more hands-on approach to learning, which will in turn enhance skills such as critical thinking and problem solving.
  7. 7. Massive Open Online Courses ▪ MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses.These are offered by leading universities across the globe.It gives an opportunity for learners to get the best of education.This is a highly sustainable model of learning that has a mass reach,, thus erasing barriers of time, space and other demographics. ▪ MOOCS are gaining huge popularity in India which is presently the second largest market after US. Students in India shall benefit hugely thru this model as it will allow them to gain an additional certification while pursuing their traditional degree course from an Indian University. ▪ Basic pedagogical method : Explore and attempt, then discuss with the instructor, Classical apprentice system, Peer evaluation Alternative Learning & Teaching Model ▪ One of the challenges in India is the lack of good quality educators who join the teaching profession. We could build on the expertise of highly qualified Industry professionals to help in academics . ▪ Some initiative can be taken by government to make a video in which these professionals will not only clear the student’s concepts but also give them Industry knowledge. ▪ This will really very beneficial to students especially living in remote areas.
  8. 8. Increasing Digital Literacy ▪ A Google A Day keeps unemployment away: An awesome way for students to practice research and evaluation skills online. Immediate impact – Enhances research and evaluation skills which are in demand today.  Increase conference teaching in the remote areas Immediate impacts- Knowledge can reach places where teachers may not be available. Learning through the internet will also increase the technological know-how. Data Dtriven Schooling ▪ Data-driven instruction means is that teachers should use actual data from student testing to drive their classroom instruction. ▪ It is more scientific and less subjective.You look at test results to see what specific skills and knowledge the students did well in and which they have not mastered, and use that data to plan upcoming lessons.
  9. 9. Catch-22 ▪ VocationalTraining : The primary purpose of vocational training is tp prepare individuals especially the youth in the age group of 15-25 years for the world of work and make them employable for a broad group of occupation. ▪ R & D projects: ▪ In order to give school and college students
  10. 10. CHALLENGES Challenges ▪ As there are numerous education boards in India, it becomes a challenge to revise the syllabi. ▪ Educated youth of India are not job ready.  Inaccessibility of internet in remote areas.  Lack of good quality educators who join the teaching profession.  Outside the school system, relevant vocational training centers are ill-equipped to handle the demand and are accessible to only a selected number of students who have passed at least level 10 and 10+. Solutions  Understanding the specific needs of various states and then developing a standardized national framework.  Creating Learning Models that would help industry- academia deficit.  Government partnering with NGOs and other industry affiliates could develop an actipn plan.  Developing technological infrastructure by partnering with the telecom industries.  Government should start providing incentives to teachers so that more and more people take up teaching as their career. We could build on the expertise of Industry professionals to help in Academics thru the MOOC kind of learning model, whereVideo lectures and other such teaching sources are provided to the students thru CloudComputing.  Govrenment partnering with industry affiliates could develop a action plan so that government can provide the stidents with vocational training.
  11. 11. CONCLUSION We will need to ensure far greater availability of educational opportunities at the higher education levels so that we have not just a literate youth but a skilled youth, with skills which can fetch them gainful employment. As our economy booms and as our industry grows, we hear a pressing complaint about an imminent shortage of skilled employees. As a country endowed with huge human resources, we cannot let this be a constraint.