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  1. 1.  Today’s students are tomorrow’s citizens  Education reflects economical as well as political growth of India.  Education imparts awareness and prosperity in society.  Education enhances living conditions of our citizens.
  2. 2.  Still following the old procedure of assessment.  Not utilizing the advantages of technology.  Students are hardworking but not smart working.  Earning is the only focus of the student , either earning marks or money.  Morality is the concept that is definitely missing in every student’s syllabus.  Flexibility and creative freedom in selecting courses and subjects may bring out much innovation in India.  Research orientation is not being taught in classes.
  3. 3.  Indian Universities , even IIT’s , are not in world’s best 100 universities.  Most of the Indian researchers are working and pursuing their research for foreign agencies.  Many students are committing suicides due to pressure.  India’s amateur performance in most of the sport events except cricket.  India’s economic and industrial growth should be much higher, with such a huge educated population.  Are the subjects and syllabus they teach serving their purpose??
  4. 4.  Every method is getting deviated from the original purpose.  Earning marks became priority and learning became impossible.  Commercialization of education have became the biggest problem these days.  Poor resources in government based institutions is forcing students to join private institutions.  No amendments have been made in our system since many days.
  5. 5.  Let’s change our system by ourselves, lets focus on basics and in building the character of a student.  Providing flexibility in courses and topics he want to deal with.  Establishing educational institutions which focus on providing education but not on money.  Following the rules strictly and providing a student friendly atmosphere with good facilities.  Creating awareness among students about the use of technology and gadgets in a right way and training them to use them perfectly for their betterment.
  6. 6.  Providing opportunities for the student’s to explore the magnificent world and to find their own passion.  Then providing them enough facilities to fulfill their dreams.  Government should be able to cope up with the funding for the research programs of the students, in the form of scholarships perfectly on the merit basis,.
  7. 7.  Providing assurance for career opportunities  Implementing plans for encouraging entrepreneurship.  Providing much more financial assistance for establishing small scale and medium scale industries.  These methods can really reduce our rupee’s downfall.
  8. 8.  The answer is yes.  Education became marks now a days.  The guy who completed 10th class doesn’t know the value of a vote.  Education we provide should impart awareness that castes , religion and money are not important than values and human relations.
  9. 9.  Here are few schemes  Creative intelligence leagues  Research Programs  Establishing Smart schools, not for the name sake with one projector but they should use them too.  Providing funding and encouraging students in the way of entrepreneurship.  Changing the schooling system , grades and everything outdated.
  10. 10.  Creative intelligence leagues: Assessment of students by new methods , exposing them to national level innovation , and there by providing chances to them to show their passion and reach greater heights. This will be an yearly event and it will expose our national talents to world.
  11. 11.  Research programs are to be encouraged.  Government should recruit candidates from Educational institutions directly every year.  I hope these programs are going on very well these days , if we aware students regarding research opportunities in India, we can find new talents.  We should provide confidence among citizens that research is also a safe path to travel.
  12. 12.  Encouraging e-learning  Audio visual education makes education much more interesting.  Educating the students , about importance of purpose of everything they learn.  Imparting knowledge and technical skills as a part of Education.  Enhancing the skills of technical education as well
  13. 13.  Change in Educational system  Providing opportunities and creating awareness about them.  Unbiased approach while forming merit lists.  Encouraging entrepreneurship.  Establishing smart schools.  Innovation and Creativeness should be given the utmost importance while testing a student.  Research should be encouraged as a career and safety should be assured to choose that as a career.
  14. 14. Thanking you
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