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    Luminance Luminance Presentation Transcript

    • ELECTIONS: A TEST OF MONEY AND MUSCLE POWER. Team Luminance SRM University, Chennai Team Members Mohanakrishnan S Korah Jacob Sree Ganesh S Vivek M Abel Jayamon
    • The current scenario in Indian election is such that it is impossible for a common man with honest intentions and little resources from winning elections. Since politics has become a highly profitable line of work which can bring in enough wealth to last generations, politicians have but one aim to embrace power by any means, the resultant of which is the usage of money and muscle power. Power hungry and corrupt politicians use money to lure the poor people of our nation who are tempted easily due to their needful economic conditions and easily fall for the politicians' blunt promises.
    • India has never been ruled by generals, but the current situation is not very different from this as politicians are using money and muscle power to their advantage. The figures serve as a testimony to show money plays a deciding role in the outcome of an election. 4% 20% 25% 51% No of candidates very high (5 cr and above) high (50 lakhs to 5 cr) medium (10 lakhs to 50 lakhs) less (less than 10 lakhs) 56% 32% 11% 1% Percentage of winners very high (5 cr and above) high (50 lakhs to 5 cr) medium (10 lakhs to 50 lakhs) less (less than 10 lakhs)
    • Subjecting candidates to psychometric tests Candidates wishing to contest elections must be subjected to psychometric tests to determine their mind-set. This can to a very large extend keep people with intentions other than to serve people of the country from getting elected by means of money and muscle power. The organisations conducting this test must be free from the control of the government in all ways. Reducing people granted parole during election time The number of people being granted parole during election time should be brought to a minimum as criminals are brought out on purpose for activities such as booth capturing, distribution of money to lure voters and such activities.
    • Dry week Like money, liquor too is given away to attract voters. Liquor plays and important role in getting ruffians to work for candidates during election time for booth capturing and rigging. Limiting the sale of liquor for a week prior to the election can reduce the role of alcohol in determining the winner of an election to a very large extent. People found drunk during this week should be apprehended and appropriate actions must be taken to find the source. Announcing candidates earlier The list of candidates contesting in elections should be made available to the public at least 3 months before the date of election. This provides the public time to analyse the credibility of the candidates.
    • Counselling of voters Enlightening voters regarding the power vested in them in the form of vote and how a wrong choice can adversely affect them and the people around them can prevent the voters from being cajoled. A nation wide campaign by eminent personalities regarding the same should be conducted. Campaign should be concentrated in regions with low literacy rate as these are the people easily carried away with the short term benefits they receive from candidates. Voting machines with fingerprint scanner Usage of voting machines with fingerprint scanner can prevent impersonation which is common in rural areas. Linking the voter’s identity card with their Aadhar Number can ensure that the impersonation of voters is averted.
    • Special court for election related cases As there are already many cases pending in general courts, special courts for election related cases should be set up. These courts should release judgement for cases filed within a set period of time. Debarring of candidates with criminal offence Candidates with proven serious criminal offences must be barred from contesting in elections. The court should be given authority to decide whether a candidate is worthy of contesting election in case of pending cases. As mentioned earlier, announcing the candidates list early will help the court with the same.
    • Hurdles It will be very difficult to bring about these changes as the people responsible to bring about these changes are the ones resorting to these unconstitutional ways of winning an election. There are chances that counselling might become a cajolery to vote for a particular candidate. Starting new courts will involve huge monetary requirements. The need for new judges will add to the already existing shortage of judges. To link voter’s identity with Aadhar card, all the current citizens who hold voter’s identity must enrol for Aadhar or NPR. There will be heavy opposition from bar owners and wine shop owners against the closure of their shops for a week. These small hurdles can easily be overcome with a little effort from the side of the concerned authorities.
    • Conclusion It would be inapprehensive to assume all candidates with money resort to muscle power for winning elections. All the problems that our country face can easily be overcome if the citizens realize the importance of choosing their representatives wisely. The outcome of Indian elections can never be taken as a genuine representation of democracy as long as the commonness of money and muscle power intimidation remains.
    • Reference www.lawmin.nic.in Analysis of criminal and financial details of MPs of 15th Lok Sabha (2009) Cartoon courtesy www.istockphoto.com www.cartoonstock.com www.theindependentindia.com