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  1. 1. Boosting Skillset: Increasing the Employability of Youth. TEAM DETAILS :  DIVYANSH KUMAR, BHUMIKA ANAND, PRIYANKA SINGH, SANKALP SINGH ROHIT MITTAL
  2. 2. Great minds, Standard education policies, still an ocean of “Unemployability”. But why is it so?  There are more than 1 billion young people between the ages of 15 and 24, and 85 per cent of them live in developing countries. Many of these young people are in the process of making, or have already made, the transition from school to work, i.e. they are in the process of being employed. Now the point comes are they really meant to be employed or not ‘To be employed is to be at risk, to be employable is to be secure 'The Art of Building Windmills, Peter Hawkins (1999)  Faulty Human Resources planning at the Central/State Government.  Lack of planning and execution in Education/Technical Education.  Lack of Capital and Technical Know how.  Lack of skill development/Vocational Training programmes.  Technological Changes.  Lack of natural resources.  Migration of people from Villages to Towns and Cities.  Lack of motivation/dependency on others.  Lack of entrepreneurial capabilities/risk taking capacity.  Frequent changes in Political Systems.  Increased Life Expectancy. People going for 2/3rd career
  3. 3. “The main reason of choosing the particular topic is that the whole economy of India is dependent on its youth employment. The burning issue of our country at present is the rising prices and decrease in the value of rupee”. Among the various socio economic problems, which our country is facing today, the problem of unemployment is one of the most serious Unemployment is defined as condition of a person who is willing to work but unable to find a paying job. Why India even after 63 years of Independence is not able to so this problem? Even after so much of planning, where are we lacking tackling this problem? First thing that strikes everyone whenever the question unemployment is raised is our rapid growth of population. The employment opportunities that are getting created in our country are not able to keep pace with our population growth. According to Unit Nations population report, India with its annual population grow of 1.65 percent is the largest contributor to the world's population growth, which accounts for 21 percent of the annual increase in the world population and China is in the second position with a contribution of 15 percent.
  4. 4. Employment can only be increased if youth can understand the “EMPLOYMENT SKILLS.” Employability Skills can be defined as the transferable skills needed by an individual to make them ‘employable’. Along with good technical understanding and subject knowledge, employers often outline a set of skills that they want from an employee. These skills are what they believe will equip the employee to carry out their role to the best of their ability
  5. 5. Implementation In all countries, some groups of young people are more susceptible to unemployment than others. Females tend to be far more vulnerable than males. In a review of youthunemployment in 97 countries, more young women than young men were unemployed in two-thirds of the countries; in a quarter of these countries, female unemployment was more than 20 per cent higher than male unemployment, and in around half of the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean unemployment rates forfemale youth exceeded those for young males by more than 50 per cent. 30 In manycountries, education and vocational skills provide some protection, with young people who have advanced qualifications being far less likely to experience unemployment—particularly long-term nemployment. In the more developed countries, the differential chances of unemployment for qualified and unqualified young people have beenincreasing, leading to a greater differentiation in experiences among young people.31Conversely, in the less developed countries, it is educated rather than uneducated “India still has poverty on a large-scale. Unemployment is one of the reasons for this large scale poverty. The families without having able-bodied members employed are pushed to the vicious circle of poverty”.
  6. 6. Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy. The Government must continue its policy towards the encouragement of agriculture and development of agriculture-based industries. This will arrest the problem of migration from the rural areas to urban areas. The Government has to take up massive irrigation development programmes in the rural areas which will not only make the land capable of cultivation but would also create jobs for the landless labourers and seasonally unemployed. Provision of irrigation facilities is the main panacea for rural and agricultural development. Employment based on agriculture
  7. 7. Effects of Unemployment:  Low economic growth.  Unemployment can lead to emotional and mental stress.  A person can also get demoralized, he can do wrong things like he can indulge in the habits like  alcohol and drug abuse or even may commit suicide.  Higher income income inequalities and disparities leading to nothing but poverty.
  8. 8. Remedies And Solutions to unemployment:  The main remedy lies in the Rapid Industrialization.  The need of faster economic growth to generate more jobs.  The need of improvements in the education and training provided to the youths with a greater  focus on vocational skills and self employment.  The Government support to struggling industries is necessary to try to save jobs.  Cuts in real wages is also a way to help in reducing the problem of unemployment.  Promoting education especially female education and motivating people to have small families. Due to this global recession, it is a macroeconomics crisis. In last few years, unemployment has become a serious and top most problem in many part of the world.
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