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  1. 1. -Introducing electoral reforms to reduce the influence of money and muscle power in politics BY: Vivek Kumar Ranjan Tushar Kumar Chandra Subhankar Ghosh Rakesh Kumar Kherwal Soren
  2. 2.  This is the major challenge hindering the nation’s growth, which is generally overlooked at most occasions.  Just as the termite hollows the wood without much being noticed, same as with our current election schemes.  It is apple of discord which directly or allusively is the root of all evils  Politics more or less is hierarchal in context.  Always look for self betterment even at the nation’s interest.  One who sees money and power can never refrain themselves from this glamour.  People think it a waste of time to go for voting.  One who has money and muscle power continues to win elections; whereas the deserving ones always get setback.  From grass root level to higher public representatives all are corrupt; no one to listen to or act upon genuine issues. Introducing electoral reforms to reduce the influence of money and muscle power in politics Scope of the problem Causes of the problem Reasons for selecting the concern0.00% 20.00% 40.00% 60.00% 80.00% 100.00% Comparison of votes 2009-2011 2004-2006 1998-1999 1995-1996
  3. 3. Lack of mass participation in election People are oblivion about elections Laid back attitude of “man of streets” towards election Lack of quality and efficacious contestants with influence of money and muscle power, the inept contenders achieve victory. Power lies in the hands of barefaced fellows. Trafficking of ministers during elections When people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of republic. Men in power arrogates the undue vantage of their stature. Voting on the basis of 4 C’s i.e caste, colour, creed and community People are prejudiced to vote a contender of their clan. Deserving candidates disparaged and demeaned by people of different caste, promoting casteism. Extravaganza of political parties during campaigning to seek more votes alluring people to vote by offering cash and kinds. flooding pawns with money to intimidate the commonalty for voting in their favour . MAJOR GRIEVANCES CONFRONTED BY OUR HITHERTO POLITICAL SYSTEM
  4. 4. Any unauthorized arsenals in the constituency will be found and annihilated, this action will be given top priority as the abatement of muscle power will depend a lot on the success of this action. A wing of this surveillance body will make sure that no gathering of armed mercenaries are taking place in a certain radius of the polling booths, it can take help of the local police and local people to implement this and gather information respectively.  Extravagant & Unaccounted laundering of money by political parties ”When one with honeyed words but evil mind persuades the mob, great woes befall the state” --Euripides, Orestes • This will reduce fake voting which is an offshoot of the use of muscle power in Electoral process.. • Politically affiliated goons would not be encouraged to daunt commoners not to cast their votes, thus reducing muscle power. Change in technology of voting • In the EVM(Electronic Voting Machine) another feature will be added that matches finger prints as an identity check of the voters. This should not be very difficult due to the advent of the fast spreading Aadhar card. • To save production cost the project will be made a compulsory final year project in all IITs and NITs. Impacts
  5. 5. Indian Politics : A market of ministers and votes!!! -If one learns to vote his hunger, that will herald the end of the nation! A secret surveillance body must be created which can monitor the actions of ministers pre and post elections – this will stop the “trading” ministers and the votes of the Bourgeoisie It will look at the legitimacy of large business houses and political sympathizers who claim to help parties both financially and morally. This functionality will be analogous to that of the revenue services but it will be functional only at times of elections this will reduce the unaccounted money laundering by political parties in the name of donations.  A part of the surveillance body will look into the matter that during campaigning the contestants don’t get a chance to influence the people by cash and kind.  That can be done by changing the mode of campaigning to video campaigning and debate based campaigning. Each Contestant is given a chance to make a video of their agenda, future work plan and past achievements i.e. their campaigning video . The EC will be responsible for spreading this video to each and every corner of the constituency as a part of campaigning. . The EC will show this video through electronic media and in cases of the remotest of regions it can show the video just like a “play” by gathering the population of these villages as a part of an educational and enlightenment programmes. Video Campaigning
  6. 6. The EC will bring all the contestants for a definite post on a single podium to put forward their agendas and campaigning speech in front of the masses. This debate will also be recorded to be used in the Video Campaigning as discussed ad nauseam above. . During the speaking time of one contestant no one would be allowed to interfere, so as to avoid a pandemonium which is ubiquitous in the present Indian political scenario. .  This will be effective, concise and also reduce contact with the mass, this in turn reduces the chances of influencing the mass by money, on top this will eradicate the unaccounted expenditure of money to gather the mass from areas far away from the place of rally. Debate based campaigning Money flow Election Commission Surveillance Group Industrialist Ministers mercenaries People C h e c k s Money flow Industrialist Ministers Mercenaries Before
  7. 7. In Canada, the candidates are required to have academic, vocational, or technical studies and training acknowledged through a credential or other official documentation form, or accepted by a Canadian educational institution. In Kenya, section 22 of the Election Act requires that the aspirant must have a degree from a recognized university in Kenya. In India, by far no minimum educational qualification has been kept mandatory for candidates contesting elections resulting in the emergence of an incompetent leader. Men of ill repute rising to great heights using unfair means “He who stands for nothing will fall for anything” The above qualification test will discard those candidates whose sole motive is to win the elections by hook or by crook by any means like money or threatening people. Degree from a recognized university- Qualification test Impacts A test will be held to check the regional geographic, economic, social and financial knowledge of the candidates in their particular constituency. The candidates willing to contest elections must have at least high school, intermediate degree in any field from a recognized university of India.
  8. 8. Today common people find no benefit in the present governing system which is giving them no reason to cast their valuable vote to nothingness and those who feel like obeying their fundamental duties are burdened under the pressure of the pawns muscle power hence decreasing the voter’s turnout in every election. Taxes will be increased for those people who didn’t cast their votes - +1% increment of tax on the general tax imposed on them by central government’s budget. They can’t avail any subsidies given by the government including basic amenities like grain subsidies. Example-they will be devoid of currently passed “food security bill”. To fill these short comings “a bill” should be passed to make voting mandatory. It will maintain a data of the people who didn’t vote and as a punishment In case of any reasonable emergency their issues will be considered by evaluating its originality by the concerned institution. LIMITATIONS Unwillingness of people towards voting “Inept officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote”
  9. 9. Casteism-the most onerous and grave concerns which must be obliterated to ensure a fair elections without any chauvinism. The conclave of people belonging to particular 4Cs at a sacred place ought to be sternly prohibited  By repudiating any parties who seek for a permission to gather meeting of people belonging to a particular sect at any holy places. ..  Rather they should be granted to assemble at a place having no tinge of sacredness so that the vehement appealing of contestants to the voters on the basis of “4C’s” has negligible impact on commonalities. The contesting persona boasting about the "yeoman services" of their ancestors belonging to the same ethnic group, shouldn't be entertained.  Any party indulging itself in such mal-practices should be disqualified from contesting elections.  In lieu of blathering about the past, they should rather contemplate on the imminent events which their party undertakes ,if they have the dominion(supreme power) Devil of casteism, vanishes the growth of minds from thinking, judging and appreciating. MEASURES TO TABOO CASTEISM:
  10. 10. refraining contenders who lag the virtues of changing the perfunctory system with altruistic attitudes ,distinguished work style and smart maneuver to mitigate the impact of casteism  Perfidious political parties winning by exhuming concerns of casteism and had been in power in past but didn’t bring reforms or welfare in the lives of common people shouldn’t be allowed to contest elections.  Insolent and delinquent politicians who already have a criminal record and are willing to perpetrate crimes should be strictly restricted from contesting elections. !!!!!SCANT DEEDS MORE BOASTING!!!!! Impact
  11. 11. Mass participation increases  Quality of contestants improves  Money and muscle power  Surveillance body  Compulsory Voting Checks on money expenditure of political parties  Better effectiveness of local police  Reduces the buying of votes  Eradicates the buying of politicians  Change in mode of campaigning  voting on the basis of 4 C’s  change in voting technology  reduces fake voting The Final Precise Simulated Model