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  1. 1. Walk to Equality :Ensuring safety and empowerment of women : Team details :  saurabh yadav ( team co-ordinator ) Vineet dhar dwivedi Gaurav pati tripathi Abhishek pandey Atul kumar Manthan Topic College name :babu banarasi das national institute of technology and management,lucknow
  2. 2. girls/ women are facing many problems in India  According to the National Crime Records Bureau, 24,206 rape cases were registered in India in 2011, although experts agree that the number of unreported cases is much higher. A woman is raped every 20 minutes in India The number of incidents of domestic violence is higher among the lower Socio-Economic Classes .The women usually get beaten by her family members.  India is the fourth most dangerous place in the world for women to live in. Women belonging to any class, caste, creed or religion can be victims of this cruel form of violence and disfigurement. In India, acid attacks on women who dared to refuse a man's proposal of marriage or asked for a divorce are a form of revenge . The number of acid attacks have been rising. After 60 years of independence, 1 in 3 women in India are still illiterate. 30 lakh’s girl children were killed in female infanticide during 2001-2011. Of the total number of crimes against women reported in 1990, half related to molestation and harassment in the workplace Only 39.5% women in India are economically active, compared to 80% in China Sexual harassment Acid throwing illiteration Female infanticide Domestic violence Honor killing dowry Child marriage rape
  3. 3. These data will help in knowing the current status of India in women crime Rape map of India in 2011 Crime against women
  4. 4. These innovative idea’s will help in empowerment and safety of women •  in the villages of India, women's don’t have time for development. They are first to rise and last to go to bed, they work averagely twice the hours of men . If we will serve them with some technology then they will get some time for training, education etc.  In India most impoverished women's are confined to there house hold. they lack mobility and freedom of association so they have no opportunity to learn their rights and take action to improve there lives. The doorstep awareness will help them to know about there rights and will help to improve there lives.  Women's are denied a voice in the decision that affect there lives. the best way to transform this condition is to uncompromisingly require at least 50 % of leadership position be reserved for women from village councils to parliament.  Millions of women's never got any formal education in there life.we can provide the some innovative method of education. If the women will be educated then, India will develop very rapidly.  The number of gender based violence can be reduce by help of technology and with strict law’s.womens can make group ,so that they can share there personal sexual abusing and can demand the justice from police together. Some other improvement will also work in this area. Reducing drudgery Right awareness Equal leadership Function adult literacy Prosecuting gender based violence
  5. 5. we will recruit some local volunteers from the colleges of every cities •Ability of the volunteers They will have a good skills to easily connect with the people and they will have quality to make understand the women easily about there right and about some important knowledge. They will be local so that they will be aware about the condition and problem of that area. They wii trained graduate. Number of volunteers The number of volunteers will be with reference to the population of the women's of that city. 5 villages will be in the coverage area of the two volunteers. Working plan of that volunteers The selected volunteers will divided in to two categories- 1. One who will go to villages and will aware to women's about the technology, there rights, importance of education, stop female feticide etc . 2. The second group will aware in the city. They will organize time to time seminar of the women so that they will share there problems with each other and the second group will provide the solution. we will recruit some local volunteers from the colleges/towns in every city
  6. 6. • We will provide average two village phone (no other calls will be available except call center ) in every village& special women “call centre “on the block level specially for women in villages. Infested women will call to centre for the help with her problem Awareness program will be held in the villages and in city for the knowledge about this phone facility and about this call centre's. process The call center executive will guide her and take her complain ,if the women on the other side has any complain. The complain will be process ahead in the relative department and will solve in 3 days. The problem solved Local educated girls , who will be trained to handle the problems will work on call centers.
  7. 7.  if our government will provide proper drinking, sanitation and will provide gas stoves in very subsidized rates and courage to use the gas stoves then women's can get some time for themselves . We will organize 2 hour special educational class everyday for illiterate women by reducing their work time by providing them technology. The teaching team will be divided in two categories, Trained women'sTeachers first hour of the program Second hour of the program The teacher will give them,primary.So that they could not be illiterate The team of women's will teach them about sewing,art,craft that they could be self dependent and can start a mini business. duration work Special feature There will be special team who will weakly examine the progress of this system and monthly meeting will be organize to improve this plan.
  8. 8. with the help of government there will be a special women's bank in every city and its branches will be on the block level of that city. Silent features 1.This bank will for the women and all the workers will be women 3.All the funds like widow pension, old age pension will come directly in the account of that women 2.This bank provide low interest debt for rural women. implementatio n Bank for women Branches in the block level Benefits Bank will tell the womens about new plan Bank will courage the women for self employment and mini business and will help them 1. women's will feel very comfortable in women bank and they will have no hesitation. 2. Women's will be courage for the self employment. 3. When the fund will come directly then the chance of corruption will be less then before. 4. This will help in the empowerment of the women.
  9. 9. By making quick action women police booth and by some awareness , guidance and with the help of technology we can decrease the rate of the crime • There will be special quick action women police booth in every city with reference to the population of that city. • There should be cctv cameras in every intersection of the road and on the public places. • Women police wander in the city in the civil dress and mark out the suspects. • There should be a strict eye on the cigarette shop, parks and other areas. • The implementation of law is very poor .the laws should be followed very strictly. • There should be a special class of self defense (just like judo, Karate) in the school from the primary levels . • Teach boys that girls are equal. Boys should also be given empathy training to show them what it’s like to be a girl. Some things that the girl should do 1. The girl should complain if any one is sexual abusing and eve teasing. 2. The girls should not travel alone at night 3. The girls should not go through a dreary way. 4. They should not bear any time of crime, they should inform to nearest police station.
  10. 10. impact of the solution  Thousands of students will get their job .  Women's will be aware about there rights and they will connected in the stream of development.  Women's will share there experience with each other in the seminar organized in cities. .  The women's will directly register their complain from there village with the help of the telephone.  Women's will be educated and will not be cheated anywhere.  The self employment and the mini business will be done in a large amount. Then women will be self dependent.  The rate of crime will be reduce.  Some crime such as eve teasing. Female feticide will be reduce.  The rate of the women education will be increase.  The women's of the villages will also be a part of developing India. By awareness By providing phone and the call centers By providing education By safety of girls/womens
  11. 11. • the model will require 100 cr. annually from the governmentTotalfundrequired volunteers teachers Call center’s Bank’s technology 10 cr. per annum 60 cr, 1 lac volunteer and teacher 1000 call centers and 300 banks 30 cr Total 100 cr The empowerment and safety model will face some challenge and risks Challenges and Risks 1. People of the village may not support. 2. The bank may be over crowded with the women. 3. the bank may bear loss by providing cheap loans.
  12. 12. References. i. National Crime Research Bureau of India. (2012). ii. Press Trust of India. (2012, October 12). India loses 3 million girls in infanticide. The Hindu. retrieved from infanticide/article3981575.ece iii .Ibid. iv Census. (2011). Literacy in India. Retrieved from iv.
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