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  1. 1. Stepping stones Enhancing the quality of primary education in India Submitted by B. Muralidhar S. Ranaveera Reddy S. Maniteja K. Gowtham M. Sampath
  2. 2. Facts: ▸ 50 percent of Standard 3 students could read a Standard 1 text. About 50 percent of the Std 3 kids cannot even correctly recognise digits up to 100, where as they are supposed to learn two digit subtraction. Causes: ▸ Failing utterly to cultivate interest among students Schools don’t provide a supportive environment for academic success or self esteem. Many students are forced to school but not attracted towards the school ▸ Untrained and inexperienced teacher 14 percent of the dropouts are because of discouragement of teachers Quality of education
  3. 3. ▸ Improve life skill activities to encourage students to participate in creative,enterrtaining activities that develop learning skills. ▸ Such as introducing abacus in maths ▸ Implementing digital methods of teaching (animation ,interactive games) ▸ Physical education should be made mandatory ▸ By introducing Montessori way of teaching Proposed solution To invoke interest among students
  4. 4. ▸ It was first founded by Italian physician educator Maria Montessori Principles of Montessori education ▸ Student choice of activity within a permitted range of options ▸ Uninterrupted blocks of work time basically 3 hours ▸ A constructivist and discovery model were students learn concepts from working with materials rather than by working instruction ▸ Freedom of movement within the classroom
  5. 5. ▸ Self construction, liberty, spontaneous activity The model has two basic elements ▸ Children and developing adults engage in psychological self construction by means of interaction with their environments ▸ Montessori believed that children at liberty to choose and act freely within an environment prepared according to her model would act spontaneously for optimal development ▸ In the Montessori approach human tendencies (exploration, communication, manipulation, exactness, self perfection) are seen as driving Montessori education theory
  6. 6. ▸ Utmost priority should be given to psychology science in teacher training ▸ Regular reviews should be taken on the teacher by a special committee consisting of parents and officials from various fields ▸ Teachers should be given Montessori training ▸ Salaries should be improved ▸ Teachers working in private schools should also be trained and supervised ▸ Private teachers also should be given same previlage Measures to be taken in teachers recruitment
  7. 7. ▸ An idea to improve infrastructure in govt schools and improving values in private schools is COLOBRATING private and government schools ▸ That is 50 percent investment of private schools has to be given by government they have to provide land for playground ▸ And teacher recruitment should be done by the government ▸ Free education should be provided to economically backward students ▸ In this method there will be good salaries for teachers ▸ Laboratories should be made mandatory Infrastructure Management
  8. 8. ▸ Students should be trained in arts basing on their interests and make money by selling these arty-crafts so that children could gain some pocket money ▸ Parents should be counselled regularly not only teachers but also by influential personalities and psychologists ▸ As long as students study in the school government should provide medical care Decreasing the dropout rate