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  1. 1. Manthan Topic: Walk to equality-ensuring safety and empowerment to women…!!! “ Women should be treated as a human being not a toy or a medium of entertainment…… ” TEAM DETAILS 1 –UJJWAL DEEP (Coordinator) 2 –JUHI SHARMA 3 –VISHNU PATHAK 4 –JUHI CHAWLA 5 –SAHIL SINGLA
  2. 2. WALK TO EQUALITY:ENSURING SAFETY AND EMPOWERMENT TO WOMEN • WHAT IS IT?? • Refers to increasing the political, social, spiritual and economic strength of women • enhances the confidence , self- belief and self- respect
  3. 3. REASONS FOR DECLINING CONDITION OF WOMEN IN INDIA DOMESTIC VIOLENCE 1 in 10 married women have experienced sexual violence at the hands of their husband. 2 in 5 women have experienced physical or sexual violence, reported having injured. Nearly half (46%) of married women with no education have experienced spousal. 4 million rapes & assaults are there because of their partners. Only 2% of abused women have ever sought help from the police. Only 1% of married women have ever initiated violence against their husband. • Acc. to census 2011,sex ratio has dropped to an alarming number of 914 females per 1000 males. • United nations says an estimated 2000 unborn girls are illegally aborted. FEMALE FOETICIDE Domestic violence data Emotional Physical Sexual Physical or Sexual Physical,sexual or emotional
  4. 4. HEALING THE SITUATION OF WOMEN: ASPIRING A BETTER INDIA EDUCATION Girls should be acquainted about their rights & self defence. This should be included in the curriculum of each college & school as a separate subject. Regular training programs should be conducted to train girls to save themselves. Programs like giving extra facilities like paying for books ,uniform in secondary and scholarships to those who want to pursue higher education should be implemented in every state. These attracts the attention of crowd to send girls out for education. Education increases women level of health awareness and also improves her standard of living.
  5. 5. LETS HAVE A GLANCE PROSTITUTION IN INDIA • In 2011,source reported the presence of 3.5 million sex workers in India. • 35.47% of them entering the trade before the age of 18 years. • Mumbai & kolkata have the country's largest sex industry with 100,000 sex workers in each. • Mumbai has asia's second biggest red light area, Kamathipuram. SEXUAL VIOLENCE • With more than 24,000 reported cases in 2011, rape registered a 9.2% rise over the previous year. • More than half(54.7%) of the victims were aged between 18- 30 years. • Police records from 2011 show kidnappings and abductions of women were up 19.4% ,molestation by 5.8% in recent years. OTHERS Women being killed in disputes over dowry payments has increased by 2.7%,torture by 5.4%,molestation by 5.8% and trafficking by an alarming 122% over the last two years. Statistics shows that many women die during pregnancy due to low mortality rate and inadequate health facilities.
  6. 6. Women illiteracy: An upcoming challenge 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 6-10 years 11-14 years 15-17 years Rural Urban According to census 2011, illiteracy of women was 65.46% Its said “mother is the first teacher”, then without women how can india aspire to achieve education for all. So every women should be educated to have a society in which everyone is disciplined , educated and literate.
  7. 7. ENFORCING THE LAW Taking the case of december,2012 in Delhi the main accused was a juvenile and in most certainly going to be punished the least because he was just short of completing his 18 years. This has broken the hope of crore's of people expecting a fair justice. These flaws in laws should be amended & inforced as much as possible to make society a healthy place to live in. Unfair hiring processes- Many cases of casting couch & similar cases are coming in view that degrades the environment of working places & no action has been taken till now…
  8. 8. PROVIDING SECURITY AND OPPORTUNITIES: Giving a sense of security to women by providing only women aboggies in train with proper arrangement of lady security guards. Giving reservations to women in all fields like parliament, universities etc so that there can be equal participation by both sexes as per the population. In panchayati raj, there are 50% seats reserved for women in some states. More governmental as well as none governmental organisations should be established to work in all areas specially those having low sex ratio & low literacy rate. Regular programs should be there to enlighten the parents to send their daughters for attaining higher education as they do for their son and avoid early marriage. This will give ample opportunities for girls to be something in their life as an individual. Law providing equal wages for all should be enforced properly so that the women working for same hours as men should be paid to same level. Lack of funds in sports. So, funds and opportunities should be provided to girls to participate in sports and other extra curriculars. There should be a special cell appointed for encouraging women empowerment
  9. 9. The Janta Party Government in Karnataka in 1991 passed a Bill to implement 25% reservation for women in local elections. This spurred a national debate on the issue of reservation for women in several other states. The representation of women in the Lok Sabha has basically remained stagnant.It reached a “high” of 8% in 1984. This figure went up by a mere 0.2% in 20004. This despite the fact that all major national parties in recent years have declared through their manifestos that they would implement a 33% reservation for women in all legislatures. One – third of all seats in Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assemblies shall be reserved for women. Karnataka tops the Country in the represetation of the women in the Panchayati Raj institutions with women winning 43.7% of the seats in gram panchayats and 36.4% in Zilla Parishad. THEN TO……NOW
  10. 10. Funding Government actions • Women security bill-1,000 crores. • Gender funding-97,134 crores. • Child funding(2013-14)- 77,236 crores. • Additional share-200 crores. • Minority classes-3,511 crores. • R.E.-60%,B.E.-12% Our plans • Women security bill-2000 crores. • Hospitality maintenance- additional 1,000 crores. • More emphasis on primary education-additional 500 crores. • Night school classes for village women –additional 300 crores. • Special seminars and enlightenment programmes additional 250 crores.
  11. 11. Structure of fundingWomensecurity(2000cr.) Special lady gaurds-approx 50,000- @ 5 lacs/annum(250cr,) Special transport service for women-new trains & buses..1000cr Hospitality(30,000 doctors & 20000 staff@7&3lacs/annum) & regular check posts(50,000 special officers@5lac/annum -750cr. Education(1050cr.) primary education(500cr.)for special teachers &clerks. Women night class programme crew appointed(10,000)@3lacs/annum Seminars and provoking rallies expenses @250 cr.
  12. 12. SOURCES • http://indg.in/india • http://www.thehindu.com • http://www.indianchild.com • http://www.google.com • http://loksabha.nic.in • http://www.selfgrowth.com • http://wcd.nic.in • Mohwf.nic.in • Indian budget 2013-2014