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  1. 1. “ELECTORAL REFORMS” Dr.Raghu Ram Uppalapati , Mr.John Preetham ,Mr. Manikanta Reddy , Miss. Anusha U , Mr.Pradeep Dr.NTR UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES , AP .
  2. 2. • We call India as Largest Democratic country in the world . As People are given supreme status in democracy , We feel that the ‘Reforms’ should begin from the people . The definition of ‘Politics’ had been redefined by the latest political stunt masters . But instead of playing blame games on politicians , its high time that we have to concentrate on “ELECTORAL REFORMS both by the ECI & Citizens ” to establish clean politics . • In India , we can observe a generalized hatred over the politicians in Common people , particularly in youth . Then why such “undesired” people are becoming our representatives ? • Politician have many factors to trap the minds of people at the time of elections ………. • (1)Money (2) Caste (3) Religion (4) Region (5) Language (6) Race (7) Sex (8) Promises (9) Influence (10) Sympathy (11) Fear ............. & Recently “Publicity as if rest are Corrupts /rapists /racists etc & Only they are SINCERE ” • Like wise ...... we can give an never ending list ........ We have seen many parties emerged and still emerging on the name of above mentioned factors .
  3. 3. • Even in 6th standard Social studies book it will be mentioned that – “ No political Parties should use Religion or Region or Caste or any other factors that hits our National Integrity” . But today we see that there are parties representing almost all the major religions in India and parties still emerging on the base of all the above mentioned factors . One thing we can observe here is that “We have many rules and many loopholes ” or some times they are not implemented . • One Interesting Example : Our Constitution gave special provisions to safeguard the uniqueness and honour of our National Symbols . It is even mentioned in the Election Commission regulations that No poltical parties can use National Symbols for any purposes . But shocking one National Party uses the Tricolours in our National Flag for its Party flag and party purposes . One more major National party was using “LOTUS” ( one of our National Symbols) as its Party Symbol . • We all know “ How we ourself follows the rules & How well the rules are implemented in our Nation ” . But when the same is being with the rules framed by Election Commission – Its going to brutally hit our Indians Future
  4. 4. As per our Observation : Some of the major problems concerned with elections in India . # Note for Vote # Being trapped by the mentioned Factors # Caste / Gender based reservations # EVM mode of elections # Alliance governments # Lacking realistic view for ECI # Lack of interest to vote in many sectors # People considering ‘Trends’ while voting # Political fight even at village level
  5. 5. “ NOTE FOR VOTE ” - Its been part and principal of majority of Indian Political parties . Its not the recent trend , but started from the very early election in Independent India . At that time VOTE SLIP given to Voter was to be dropped in the BALLOT BOXES of various parties . Even then there are some people who used to bring their VOTE SLIP without dropping them in any of the boxes and sell it for 25 Paisa to Rs.1 rupee . Over a time the PRICE for vote increased and Vote sellers had increased . The great progress we achieved in this aspect is – Now even the elected Representatives are being for SALE . India knows how a Minority Govt completed its full turn from 1991 – 96 and how many state governments are running today . Recently our Parliament been the witness for the BUNDLES of NOTES distributed for MP to vote in their favour . Its nothing wrong to say that – There are even many POLITICAL PARTIES in India for SALE . This is the most alarming scenario that can brutally hit our Nations Future if it is not Corrected . Initially ---- People’s Votes for sale Later on ---MLA’s / MP’s/ Representatives Votes for sale . Now --- Even many political parties are for sale .
  6. 6. • ALLIANCE GOVERNMENTS : • And now , in this multiparty democracy we had seen end of a Single party alliance & its not even in reach . In 1991 ,1998 & 99 India had seen mid term elections , in 2004 the union govt was forced to go for early election by a state party . We are also witnessed the state parties favouring their states after being a part in union govt . Union Govts are running by bowing before the end number of local parties , meeting all their demands , many a times even supporting their mischief’s . Recently they even started influencing the foreign polices of Indian Union Govt . So , in future if some one wishes for a stable government , it is to be crippled / with bent back bone . • - Only , Pre Poll alliances should be accepted and the allies should be bounded by laws without breaking up in middle. • RESIGNATIONS : • Recently its been a fashion to resign for parliament & contest back in the by elections. They are marking as sacrifice and asking the people to vote back for them . Its one the options being selected by some politicians to bring their issues or problems to live light . - Person who resigns should not be allowed to compete in the Very next elections.
  7. 7. CASTE BASED & GENDER BASED RESERVATIONS : Our great political parties had amended constitution and given caste based reservations in Parliaments & Assembles . 33 % of women reservation bill is on pending . We all know that these parties will just give their B - forms only for the RICH in that particular castes or For Wifes or Daughter in Law’s of the present Leaders . If the parties are really interested or worried about their representation – They can make a “Political Party Reservation Policy/ bill ” and get it accepted by parliament easily without any constitutional amendments . In such case they can even reserve 50% or even more of their Party tickets for women or whom ever they feel like to be supported . We should realize one thing – Our Constitution gives us Right to VOTE & Right to COMPETE in Elections . If one even being 25 yrs old looses his Right to COMPETE , then there is no sense in Having right to VOTE and in doing a mass propaganda asking the people to vote . To be considered : (1) In our Nation we are sure that – People will vote without considering the REGION of contestant . If not in our constituency where we have Vote , it will certainly be a very difficult task . The other candidates will certainly bring the “Non Local” aspect and anyone can expect its outcome . Particularly , It will be merely impossible for an Independent to win in such circumstances . (2) This can be even used as a weapon for parties to target a Independent or powerful leaders by reserving his constituency . (3) This will still weakens the local leadership and make them dependent on Parties . (4) If a MP / MLA’s gets known that he / she will not have an opportunity to contest in the same constituency – They may not at all feel responsible and also can start concentrating on a different segment . They will be busy in impressing their High commands that bothering about the people whom they are representing .
  8. 8. OUR SUGESSTION : Yes , they should be supported . But not yet discriminating or taking away right to contest of others . One best way possible is that – All Political parties should reserve 50 % of party seats and election tickets for Women . We are sure that there will be better chances for emergence of strong women leaders than ‘ Term Representatives for Husbands / fathers ’. All the political parties who says that they are sincerely committed for that should start by allotting 50 % of their Rajya Sabha seats to women . It can be the same with caste based reservations – They can reserve a higher percentage of their party posts and election tickets for the proposed communities . They can make an act regarding guidelines and reservations for “allotment of registered Party tickets / B – forms ”. Such an act can be passed with just one half majority without any constitutional amendments needed . DIRECT ELECTION : To have a stable Union government , we are sure that we need to make major amendments in the electorial pattern and go for a DIRECT ELECTION . Of course in a Country like India where there are many elements to divide people , but still some day we may be left with no other option than “Direct Voting for Prime minister candidate” allowing all the National Praties to keep a contestant .
  9. 9. BALLOT BOXES INSTEAD OF EVM’S : The disadvantages are over ruling the advantages of EVM’s . Particularly for the Indian Context , its not the need of the day . “Privacy” during vote is the basic aspect when giving our vote . We think that it not only applies for individuals , but also for the small group of people . The factor of FEAR is being encouraged by EVM’s in rural areas – Its being easy for the politician to identify the people who voted them and who denied them . Ex : In our Village where there are 350 odd voters , the election was also singlesided from over years . But there was no strong evidence as all the ballot paper were mixed before counting as per the previous system . But now , after knowing that only 20 – 30 people voted for him , a winning candidate neglected the problems of our village . The supporters of the winning candidate , who got known that none others voted for them , inspite of taking gifts / money – gone for clashes with the lower sections . In the next election , there were good votes for the same person , can say that – Its due to FEAR . It will be very difficult for the people to take a wise decision even if a hopeful person in contesting . Knowing that he / she is the best option – they will be forced to vote as per the projected trends or talks •Even after calculating people who learnt their signature as ‘Literates’ India is lagging behind in literacy rate – Many people reported that they feel a bit nervous when they are voting in EVM’s . •Problems with EVM’s , Suspections of people and parties are also to be considered . •ECI says that ‘ They are going to introduce giving VOTE SLIP after voting in EVM’s . Then what should the voter do with the slip ? take it out with him ? or should deposit in one more box over there ? •If ECI says they can take it with him – Its going to be horrible . Or if it was supposed to be dropped in another box – Its again the same as ballot box . The only thing that makes difference is it will be few hours late to announce the results . • SO , considering all it is highly recommended to go back with the BALLOT BOX system .
  10. 10. PROMISES SHOULD BE MONITORED : FREE ..... FREE ..... FREE ...... Schemes by various political parties should be monitored rules should be framed to control these things , which are worstly hitting our economy and productivity . REALISTIC APPROACH : WHEN MAJOR POLITICAL PARTIES ARE DISTRIBUTING 1000’S , ITS BEING UNEVITABLE. BUT INDEPENDENDETS OR ‘LOW BUDGET CONTESTENTS’ NOT ALLOWED TO STICK POSTERS OR DISTRIBUTE AS MANT AS PALM LETS THEY WANT . ( EC’S attempts to control money expenditure in Elections) ELECTION COMMISSION SHOULD NOT ALLOW TO USE THE “PARTY” NAME / SYMBOL IN THE PANCHAYAT OR LOCAL BOSY ELECTIONS. WE SHOULD NOT ALLOW VILLAGES TO DIVIDED INTO GROUPS ON THE NAME OF PARTIES . PERCENTAGE HOUSE : This might be the new proposal – There should be one more house in state and National level with 100 seats . The seats can be alloted to the parties on the basis of their vote share . So that people can vote even the small parties , without going back thinking that they may not win any seats . ROLE FOR THE RUNNER : - EC and the govts should consider giving the runner up in every constituency some role to do with . They can act as opposition in their places and always alert the Winning representative.
  11. 11. VOTING DAY NOT A HOLIDAY , for the people who don’t vote : We observed that on the voting days , all the movie theatres , restaurants , malls are busy with people . Having holiday on the name of election , many people are habituated to enjoy on that day without even voting . So in all the government and private workplaces , Voting day should be considered as ‘Leave’ for the employers who had’nt voted . OPURTUNITY FOR 18 PLUS STUDENTS TO VOTE : Being in professional colleges and at non local places many students are not getting a chance to vote . Inspite of all the efforts of EC , its being a difficult task . Colleges should be orderered to see that all its 18 yr plus student gets his Vote . NSS units can be linked for this work . ONE MAY QUESTION US – “DO YOU THINK ALL THESE ARE POSSIBLE ?” What we strongly believe is that If people can get away from all the attractive promises , schemes and from the ‘Trapping Factors’ – We are sure there will be a government for which “Citizens and Nations interests” will be their single agenda . Then with a committed Government , hopefully all the good things are always possible. JAI HIND ! JAI BHARAT !!