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  1. 1. PROBLEM STATEMENT  The targets for the power hungry Indian politicians are the simple minded and poor citizens living below poverty line, who are vulnerable to the temptations of easy money and vague promises due to their desperate economic and social conditions.  Such poor citizens are cajoled with bribing for votes and are also threatened with muscle power which is nothing but a by product of money power. Considering the prevalence of the twin evils of money power and muscle power, the results of the Indian elections cannot be considered as genuine mandate of the people
  2. 2.  Today, the money and muscle power play such a dominant role in elections, that there is little chance for a common man with honest intentions and little resources to contest elections , even if he has the capability. The political parties are responsible for this situation, since they only consider the “winnability” (money power & muscle power) of the person for nominating him as the party candidate. Therefore, the political parties in India should be held totally responsible for denying the citizens good candidate to choose and thus killing the spirit of electoral democracy.  The use of money power and muscle power in elections are the direct consequence of corruption in government machinery , which have made money power and muscle power in elections possible. Therefore, without eradicating corruption, it would not be possible to defeat money power and muscle power in elections
  3. 3. PROPOSED SOLUTION During elections we see that,strong politicians use their financial & physical approach to win the election.To reduce these external interfere in elections we have some ideas . We need to change some rules for nomination,like eligibility criteria for nomination in election.
  4. 4. PROPOSED INNOVATIVE SOLUTION CONCEPT  Election commision should be seperated from central government body.they need to do their work independently.  The welfare policies & work for their area of constituency declared by ministers,MLA’S,MP,before the elections should be submitted in written to the election commision,for future record.  If their party wins & not try to complete 50% of the work & policies they declared they will not be eligible for next election.
  5. 5.  Circulation of black money in the country which plays a big role in the elections can be largely curtailed by de monetising one thousand rupee currency notes and five hundred rupee currency notes immediately.  The suggestion of Rajaji that the President’s rule should be imposed before the general elections should be accepted and implemented to ensure fair elections, even if it would require an amendment to the constitution. Ensuring that the politicians would not be in power at the time of conducting the general elections would go a long way in conducting fair elections in the country.  Rajaji had the wisdom to say this several decades back . But, today, it is unfortunate that the governments do not seem to have the will and segacity to accept this extremely important suggestions.
  6. 6. MERITS OF THE THE PROPOSED SOLUTION  If this type of solution become code of conduct then developement in the areas of these ministers take huge boost up.  Presently they are not in any pressure to complete their work but after this code of conduct they will have to complete minimum 50% of work they declared for their sake.
  7. 7. IMPLEMENTATION OF THE SOLUTION  The election observers have now become a laughing stock in many cases , since they are posted from other states and often do not understand local language, customs and practices. An independent group of election observers from local areas must be posted for each constituency chosen carefully from various walks of life, in addition to present practice of posting observers, if the election commission would so desire.  A special permanent court must be constituted to look into all issues relating to elections at the state and central level , which should be a fast track court, which would have the authority to ban criminals and dishonest people from contesting in the elections.
  8. 8. HIGH LEVEL DESCRIPTION OF KEY STEPS INVOLVE IN IMPLEMENTING THE SOLUTION  Special crime branch introduced to keep watch on the electoral candidates.on their legal & illegal works involve in election.  Some special powers will have to be given to the election commision.behalf on which they can decide the nomination of the candidate.  Parties should firslty ask the election commision that the candidate they select is elegible acc to the code of conduct” we talk above” or not.
  9. 9. IMPACT OF SOLUTION  Impact of this solution leads a drastic change in politics of india.our main problem is lack of developement & this problem can solve easily by this code of conduct.  All criminal type candidate can’t able to stand in the elections.  People can freely choose their candidate without any pressure.
  10. 10. APPROPRIATE MONITORING MECHANISM  If we select some retired senior judicial powers it will be more benificial step.  A special election commision team should work on these guidelines & protect them from any violation.  Strictly these guide lines should be follow by every party & candidate.  Online data of every candidate containing their full information & stat of their past works.
  11. 11. SOCIAL,ECONOMIC,POLITICAL,CHALL ENGES TO THE PROPOSED SOLUTION  When any right thing want to happen in our country there are many negative factors that challenge it.  Its not easy to introduce these guidlines against power ful politics because these guidlines are in maximum favour of peoples.  Kind of pressure come from high commands.  Many problems related to finance come there because government should not be ready for funding.because every one here is corrupt.
  12. 12. CREDITS  This Presentation is created by  Abhineet Sinha  Shubham Sachdeva  Nishant Pundir  Vibhu Chinmay