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  1. 1. Presented by:- Ravneet kaur (Team Leader) Sonali Bakshi, Dalvinder kaur (economics hons. 1st year) Sakshi,Neha (M.A Economics 2nd year) College:- D.A.V College For Girls, Yamuna nagar
  2. 2. So we should try to concentrate on building of our food security system by adding new ideas to our production methods, because importing food grain from a predominant agricultural country like us will have the same impact as importing unemployment and this can lead to great agrarian distress
  3. 3. The total planned expenditure for the Ministry of Agriculture has increased considerably to Rs 27,049 crore (US$ 4.98 billion) in the Union Budget 2013-14. The outlay is 22 per cent over the revised estimates of the year 2012-13. Further, the amount of Rs 1,000 crore (US$ 184.32 million) has been allocated to continue support to the new green revolution in Eastern States like Assam, a)The Chennai based Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) keeping its thrust on agricultural lending under priority sector area has proposed to open 15 special agricultural credit branches in Karnataka and Maharashtra. The bank intends to lend about Rs 500 crore through these branches. Bihar, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal to increase the rice production. .
  4. 4. Goals for increasing agricultural productivity:- a) Achieve 4 % growth in agricultural and raising income by productivity , diversification to high value agriculture and rural non- farm by maintaining food security. b)Sharing growth by focusing on small and marginal farmers, lagging region. c)To sustainability of agriculture by focusing on environmental concerns. But to achieve all these aims the government should help farmers more and more by providing them price policies, subsidies and investment, credits, irrigation and water management etc. government should try to educate farmers about the mechanization, fertilizers, high yielding varieties (which were the basis of green revolution), irrigational techniques, pesticides, increasing plant densities etc. The deep study of these new technologies is study below :
  5. 5. A new technology of tractors in foreign countries is used and that is Tractors on autopilot Thanks to GPS tractors, combines, and more can accurately drive themselves through the field. These systems are capable of tracking curved lines as well. The tracking system is tied to the tractor’s steering, automatically keeping it on track freeing the operator from driving. This allows the operator to keep a closer eye on other things. Initiatives related to new technology:- a)Several programs should be organized to develop with the objective of enhancing farm productivity and output by new and latest technologies. b)Strengthening human capabilities to effectively implement those modern agricultural programs. These programs should focus on latest agricultural researches, new and latest irrigation techniques etc. c)There should be more and more development in the input delivery and market services. d)I n order to increase productivity a training centre should be setup in every area so that the farmers should know how to increase their resources by new technical methods.
  6. 6. 1. Tractors on autopilot 2. Swath control and variable rate technology 3.Field documentation 4.Biotechnology
  7. 7. Some strategies related to Irrigation techniques:- a)Creating irrigation potential by conserving rainwater which is being drained out to rivers by constructing modern irrigational structures . b)There should be a department made by government in each state which should totally take in care the facilities providing the facilities related to irrigation. c)Expanding minor irrigational programs which include digging shallow wells for command area of 1-2 hectares But for practicing all these methods farmers need to be financially incentivized and technically trained by the government
  8. 8. For high and high production of agriculture a farmer need to be specializes as well as he should be financially perfect. It is very difficult to increase our production for middle and low financially secured farmers. There should be some steps that should be undertaken by government for providing financial security to the farmers so that they can easily opt the new techniques and machinery in order to increase productivity. a) Government should establish branches of banks at strategic locations .They should also provide Kisan credit cards to the farmers and wherever necessary links with the insurance companies to facilitate the farmers access insurance. b)government should also design simple borrow friendly lending policy, procedure documentation, customized and flexible financial products that can match needs of farmers in the states rather than one- fits-all for a country. c)State government should create enabling environment that can improve credit absorption capacity of farmers and geographical areas, accelerate flow of credit and loan recovery simultaneously. d) Government can launch massive campaigns to create awareness among farmers to avail financial services.
  9. 9. GOVERNMENT SCHEMES AND THEIR APPROACHES National e-Governance Plan in Agriculture The Mission Mode Project has been introduced for ensuring timely access to agriculture related information for the farmers of the country.. CENTRAL SECTOR SCHEME:- Extension Education Institutes (EEIs): Four Extension Education Institutes located at Nilokeri (Haryana), Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh), at the Regional level. The objective of EEIs is to improve the skills and professional competence of Extension field functionaries of Agriculture and allied departments
  10. 10. Government should bring awareness among the farmers about environment friendly resource management option that minimize land degradation and bring about improvement in Natural Resource Based. Establishing of ”sites of learning "in the area where farmers will undertake participatory research and development. Indentifying institutional and policy option that can provide incentives for network of community based organization to achieve common goals of increasing production. Fields studies centre should be established in each and every area of the country to train the farmers regarding the agricultural techniques, modern farming, effective use of resources, less and less wastage of resources as well as these schemes that the government has provided to them so that they can work efficiently and effectively for increasing the AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTIVITY in the country.