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  1. 1. TEAM MEMBERS:- Priyank Agarwal, Satyam Agarwal, Osamah Ahmad Warsi, Nabeel Rauf Khan, Prashant Srivastava
  2. 2. INDEX S.No Topic Location/ Page No. 01 Manthan Topic Page 1 02 INDEX Page 2 03 Problem Statement Page 3 04 Solution Proposed & Implementation Techniques Page 4 – Page 6 05 Ensuring Uninterrupted Progress & Impact Explanation of the Innovative Solution Suggested Page 7 06 Problems in Implementation & Challenges Page 8- Page 9 07 References Page 10
  3. 3. Reports show that 58% of subsidized food grains get eaten up before reaching BPL families. A) Over 36% of the budgetary subsidies on food is siphoned off the supply chain and another 21% reaches the APL households B) The implementation of PDS is consumed by targeting errors, prevalence of ghost cards and unidentified households C) The cost of income transfer to the poor through PDS is much higher than that through other modes. D) Kerosene distributed through PDS is one of the largest generators of black money. INEFFECTIVENESS FIGURESCauses Corruption Ghost Beneficiaries. Delayed court proceedings. Poor law framework No responsibility Errors of Exclusion (of BPL families) and Inclusion (of APL) families. Poor Statistics due to interferences of parties & hence poor policies. More than 75% 50%-75% 50% - 25% Less Than 25% Bihar & Punjab Haryana, M.P. & U.P. Assam, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Orissa, Tamil Nadu & W.B. Total Leakage: Intensity of Leakage of Subsidized Grains Issued from Central Pool
  4. 4. Solution Proposed Bringing Justice All issues related to this matter must be handled in fast track courts. Strict punishment up to a minimum of 10 years & definitely sealing up the properties of the ones involved.  Attacking Ghost Beneficiaries Introduce concept of time bound door visiting in order to check the needed beneficiary. If any card is fake card is detected both the card holder & concerned officers should be prosecuted as stated in point A.  Make Workers Responsible Introduce the concept of personal responsibilities in case of lapses. New definitions are needed to be laid for roles of each position. There should be no hesitation in deducting salary of the guilty. Computerization Involvement of computer needs to be increased to limit the human interference and data manipulation. The AADHAAR could be quite effective. For e.g. computer says – “No ration until the fingerprint gets matched”.
  5. 5. “Don’t give us free electrical equipments, give us 24 hour paid electricity supply” -Common Man STATES EXCLUSION ERROR INCLUSION ERROR Assam 47.29% 17.16% Gujarat 45.84% 9.78% West Bengal 31.74% 10.23% Bihar 29.81% 12.20% Haryana 27.90% 14.16% Maharashtra 32.69 11.11% Uttar Pradesh 26.75% 13.25% Complaint Cell Developing a toll free complaint call center to listen to all complaints about PDS. The complaints to be forwarded to a special “Flying Squad Team” who will then be bound to surprise scan the FPS* or the reported part of the PDS within the next 48 hours. After each delayed hour 0.5% salary to be deducted of this team. Independent Statistics Parties in power try to play with statistics through the Planning Commission. Poor statistics lead to poor policies, from which many are left out. There is need to set up an independent body which can determine poverty and other economic indicators without influence from political lobbies. *FPS: Fair Price Shops
  6. 6. “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ―-Virginia Woolf, A Room Of One’s Own  Redefining PDS Working  All target beneficiaries should be given quota of tokens.  Tokens to be bought by the people from Post Offices within first week of the month after their ration card and aadhaar cards verified.  Data to be maintained against both cards.  Each token to have a unique numbering.  People will only get ration from their zonal FPS.  BPL Card Holder Pays In Tokens And Not Money.  Payment made by government to FPS holders per token returned to the government.  If no of tokens issued no of tokens returned. Then something is wrong. Investigation is bound to be carried out. Redefine Poverty Line Poverty should not be measured on basis of expenditure and calorie intake but also on availability of basic amenities. There are millions of households which do not have access to clean drinking water, sanitation, health care, education, etc. POPULATION CONROL With a population of 325 person/sq. km of area the time has come to enforce strict laws on putting restrict on the no. of children a family can have. Each mother should be allowed to make two deliveries. Restriction shouldn’t be based on no. of living children as it might agitate baby girl killing.
  7. 7. Complaint Cell  Within the 48 hours of complaint made, a surprise checking of report part of PDS should happen. Failure to do so should impose fine on the officials responsible.  If this happens for the twice in a week, a answer seeking notice to be issued.  If this happens for 4 times in a month, suspension of official guilty.  States should be divided into zones and each zone should have one FST**.  All reports to be submitted in special courts which would impart their decision within a week. The judge of this court would be a retd. Justice of Supreme Court.  These courts would be temporary. Decision can be challenged in High Court. Suggested Model Of PDS  If the owner of FPS, refuses BPL card Holders from accepting their tokens, Complaints can be made to CC*.  If for 1 month ration card Is not used, then issuing a notice to card holder. If this happens twice in a year, termination of the card. However, the card can be re-made, only after the beneficiary is ensured not to be bogus.  Proper storage techniques to be ensured.  Adulteration matters to be reported to CC*.  Whenever an official is found guilty punishment to be carried as described earlier.  All FPS to be given limited ration, which would be calculated in each zone. ENSURING PROGRESS & IMPACT *CC: Complaint Cell **FST: Flying squad Team
  8. 8. “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” ― George Bernard Shaw CHALLENGES  POLITICS + BLACK MONEY = WIN ELECTIONS………Is it True?????  Yes, at present time our democratic system is in deep threat. It would be very hard to implement new measures to improve PDS. A report suggested that the PDS corruption estimate is about Rs 20747 Crores.  Kerosene is one of the biggest generators of black money. The subsidized food items are sold in the market. Some food items are shipped illegally via Bangladesh and Nepal Routes and hence is used generate Black Money. PROBLEMS SOLUTION A warning time period of 4 weeks should be given to all for submission of bogus cards and termination of all such illegal actions before implementing the suggestions. After the warning time period expires the agencies should launch a full scale attack.
  9. 9. DO WE HAVE THE FUNDS ???  Computerization, Complaint Call Centers, Zonal Flying Squad Teams might require budget. Where would the funds would come from ?????  Our economy is suffering heavy degradation. With the present scenario, & the value of Rupee for U.S. Dollar being at its lowest would it be advisable to go for such measures immediately ?????  Of course all these steps would require financial backing but it wouldn’t be a very large sum. It would be easily affordable. 1000 computers would hardly cost Rs.2 Crores.  It might be true that we are stuck with recession finally but this could bring a new life to our GDP. Even if we were able to reduce 50% of the corruption in PDS we would save about Rs.10,373.50 Crores. So it would be eminent to implement these laws immediately and very strictly. PROBLEMSSOLUTION
  10. 10. REFERENCES  Census Of India common/census_data_2001.html  Performance Evaluation Of TPDS (Planning Commission 2005). df  Wadhwa Committee Report On PDS In India 0Wadhwa%20Committee%20Report%20on%20PDS.pdf  Planning Commission : Reports & Publications