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  1. 1. Introducing electoral reforms to reduce the influence of money and muscle power in politics IMPLEMENTATION OF NEW ELECTORAL REFORMS TEAM DEATAILS G.S.V.ARAVIND SWAMY (TEAM COORDINATOR) J.TEJAV B.P.TEJA REDDY B.BHANU TEJA S.PRUTHVI
  2. 2. INDIAN GOVERNEMENT TRIES TO CONDUCT ELECTIONS PROPERLY STILL THERE IS INFLUENCE OF MONEY AND MAN POWER Factors responsible for corruption during elections A. Money is the primary factor responsible for corruption in elections.Muscle factor is also responsible for corruption HYPOTHESIS: Involvement of criminals in political parties have made this factor highly prevalent and influencable B. These two factors are solely responsible for malpractices and corruption during the elections which leads to election of unethical leaders who lead our nation and our people Year Amout (rupees in crores) Increase /decrease from previous year 1992 5,000 Not applicable 1994 650 -4350 1995 5700 +5050 1996 2,383 -3317 1997 3,474 +1091 1998 8,000 +4526 2001 6,645 -1355 2002 600 -6045 2003 172 - 428 2005 19,141 + 1899 2006 1,675 17466 2008 1,25,095 +12340 2009 13,630 1,11,465 Total 1,92,165 Not applicable Major Corruption Scandals (1992 – 2009)
  3. 3. Causes for the role of money and muscle and proposed solution to prevent the influences Parties are selecting candidates who have money and muscle power irrespective of character and background which leads money and muscle power to play a major role during elections Snapshot of the problem and Proposed solution for problem In order to prevent and protect the people from money and muscle power influence new electoral reforms to be implemented and modification have to be made Implementation model and advantages of the proposed solution Electoral reforms will be modified are newly implemented and carried effectively with the establishment of ELECTION SURVIVALENCE DEPARTMENT . It helps in the creation of employment opportunities to the public in large
  4. 4. Electoral reforms to be newly implemented or modified in order to prevent corruption 1.Election expenses - Election expenses for assembly and parliaments must be reduced to 10 and 20 lakhs respectively. Election expenses report must be lodged by all the contests after elections.If there is any fraud or delay in will be penalised or declared as disqualified .Election expenses report submission time must be reduced from 30 to 18 days. 2.Proposers in nomination papers - All the proposers must submit there PAN numbers with the introduction of new colounm in nomination papers which must contain at least 50 persons in which amongst there must be 20 relatives of contestant who are residents in the same city of contestant if there is no relatives special clause will be maintained.
  5. 5. 3. All the bank account details of the proposed persons must be submitted to the authorities before 6 months from the time of contesting in elections 4.Any person who involved in criminal case or and other cases including the economic crimes must not be allowed to contest in elections and the persons who are facing the allegations also not allowed to contest in elections and if the 30%proposers of contest are facing any allegations he will not be allow to contest in elections. 5.Funding from state governments must be reduced and only allowed for 10 rs on the voter and of the total fund he must utilize only 50% during the period of 6 months before the elections. 6.Allowing the Negative voting or neutral voting which will decrease the influence of money and muscle power
  6. 6.  Criminals can be effectively kept out by having the polls in two rounds the final round should take place after a gap of two weeks in which only the two best achievers of the first round should be permitted to contest People know who’s who in the constituency best and no criminal can hope to get more than 50% of votes in a 100% poll nor hope to win solely on the basis of appeals in the name of caste ,religion etc  A proposed law on political parties should provide that no political party would be able to sponsor and provide a ticket to a candidate who has been convicted by any court for any criminal offences or if the have charged criminal charges
  7. 7. 7.Rewards for the individuals will be announced for a level of 20 -25% of the total amount catched and 30-40% of the amount captured will be distributed amongst the officials who captured it and double penality must be imposed on the person from whome it has been captured and if any evidence is availble that the contestent on elections is associated in this distribution he must be declared as disqualified. 8.Distribution of bulks of 1000 notes during the election code must be done only through banks. In order to effectively implement the effective reforms a new body must be established which works under the ELECTION COMMISSION and this will b called as ELECTION SURVIVALENCE DEPARTMENT which will be established in every district and its main aim is to prevent corruption and malpractices during and after elections.
  8. 8. Structure of ELECTION SURVIVALENCE DEPARTMENT COURT BANKS and IT AUDIT VIGILANCE and ACTION A JUDGE 3BRANCH MANAGERS 3 C A with Headed by S.P ranged 5yrs exp with 4yrs exp with 5yrs EXP person Remaining court 2 I T O with 3yrs exp 15 ATC or b.com(h) 30 grade 2 officers structure is similar every branch manager will be assisted to to district courts will be assisted with 10 every REWARD DISTRI- grade 3 persons and charted accountant BUTION TEAM I T O with 8 grade3 persons VOLUNTEERS can be recruited based on situation in numbers
  9. 9. Funtions of 4 organs of E.S.D  1.COURT: This will helps in fast tracking of the cases of the contests and proposers of the contests . Its main aim is to provide judgement that merely happened before and after 6 months of election in respective of election malpractices.it will announces penalities or ban of the candidates  2.BANK&INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT: This department will look after the transactions of proposers and contests of election it will also look after that all the tax returns are properly filed and any other allegation raised will be informed  3.AUDIT: This department will exclusively look after the receipts and payments of funds received by party .This department mainly aims at the details of donor of funds and donor must completely mention the details of funds more than 30000 and all the funds must done through banks .IF there is suspicious transaction any allegation must be reported to the court
  10. 10. 4.Vigilance and Action department  This department is responsible for surveillance during the election and taking the alleged persons into the custody. This has the power to appoint the volunteers. volunteers are those who informs about the informal activities happening during the election and they will be rewarded. This department will hand over them to court . This department is also responsible for seizing of money during elections and distribution of rewards to individuals who conducts awareness programs
  11. 11. Impact of proposed solutions Measurement of change: change can be clearly observed from decrease in level of distribution of money and mal practice cases during elections As the reforms were modified and newly framed according to the current situations and effective system was proposed. This system will bring enormous change in eradication of corruption and mal practices during election and helps in bringing genuine leaders to lead us in the sophisticated and developed nation .All though all this reforms were introduced they will be effective only when the restoration of MORAL STANDARDS in public life has been happened.
  12. 12. THANK YOU