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  1. 1. Manthan Topic: Stepping Stones Quality depletion Enhancing the Quality of Primary Education Team details: Team Name:- UIT Thinkers Co-ordinator:- Sanoj Raj Members:- 1. Gopikant Pateshwari 2. Vikesh Kumar 3. Rohit Kumar 4. Atul Sharma
  2. 2. The quality in primary education depleting day by day:  In the graph we can see that how the students of class v not solving simple division. It is not just the condition of class five but of all the students of primary classes. Education is the basic need of the society in which primary education serves as a very crucial role as it will build a strong pillar for higher education. For the development of a country, education is the most necessary at least at primary level. As today students are studying just for getting marks which results in the quality depletion of the students.
  3. 3.  There is an Unawareness in rural areas about education  There are untrained teachers who are not capable to meet the demands of primary education as a result they are not taking their classes i.e. Only the know how to take salary.  The authorities who have been given responsibility to spend funds to enhance quality of education,infrastructure etc. Are not utilising their funds.  There is still an outdated curriculum of study is going on in primary/higher education i.e. There is a lack in enhancing practical skills,computer education etc.  No emphasis is given on innovative thinking,extra co-curricular activities like projects,aptitude building etc to enhance the holistic growth of students .  ENROLLMENT/ATTENDANCE  As seen by several surveys there is an irregularity of students & teachers in govt. school.  TEACHERS  There are untrained and inappropriate teachers in govt. school.  INFRASTRUCTURE  There is lack of infrastructure/shortage of classroom/basic equipments.  CURRICULUM  Primary education syllabus is still in the outdated mode i.e. Lack of computer education,no acquintance with practical skills etc. Some causes Reasons for causes
  4. 4. Proposed solution  PRACTICAL SKILLS  The enhancement of practical skills can be done by introducing smart classrooms where student will learn from video based learning.  Picture oriented books should be given to childrens.  CURRICULUM  The unwanted syllabus should be eliminated first.  Oral test can be implemented twice in a week.  Grading system should be implemented for stree free environment.  TEACHERS TRAINING  There should be a good training schools facilities for teachers and care should be given to those schools.  Less job security should be given to teachers and they should know atleast english and cmputer.  COMPUTER EDUCATION,CURRENT AFFAIRS  Each school should have computer labs and its study should be implemented as early as possible.  Knowledge about current affairs should be given to students and also study should be given in english only.  The proposed solutions will be implemented through “Volunteer driven concept”.
  5. 5. Volunteer driven Concept  Formation of a NGO in district for the better supervision of school.  Committee will be comprised of volunteers and administrative members.  Committee Formation  How will the committee help  Committee will visit the school at regular weekend.  It will provide on-site support to school wherever needed.  Cluster level meetings will be organised usually on a monthly basis, as a platform for teachers to discuss emerging classroom issues and obtain additional training support and resource.  It will identify, understand and enhance teacher performance.  It will check the academic progress of children through monitoring and supervision of classroom processes, organising various competitions.
  6. 6. Network Of Volunteers RETIRED PROFESSORS TEACHERS STUDENTS NUMBER (for each school) 1 2 At least 10 POTENTAIL SKILL IMPARTED • better knowledge of local language • energetic personnel • Good knowledge of English • better teaching skill • proficient in local language • English proficiency • Computer and IT skill • Proficient in local language [comprised of students( who have passed 2 yrs of graduation programs), retired high school teachers, professors and defence personnel] RECRUITMENT:- • will be held on district level. • Student volunteers should be chosen from degree college of that district. • Online registration • Mobile based registration
  7. 7. Implementation of Volunteers driven concept TRAINING PROGRAMMES  Training to volunteers at block level by retired & experience teacher ,management student .  Training will emphasize on creating a awareness towards the problem & their solutions.  It will be held once in a week at any educational building at block level.  200 Volunteers ,60 retired teacher & 20 management student at block level. 10 volunteers , 3 retired teacher & 1 MBA student for one school.  Street play and rally’s on education showing different views to aware parents.  Various government schemes and modern techniques of teaching via electronic gadget.  One or Two classes by volunteers in month for developing external knowledge focusing on current affairs, quiz & aptitude. TRAINING PROGRAMMES
  8. 8. ADMINISTRATIVE BODY  Visiting each school once in month for investigation.  Create awareness among teachers for improvements in their skills.  Evaluate the skills of students.  Evaluation of infrastructure and attendance of school.  Investigating various government provided schemes(money, mid-day meal, clothes etc. )  Actions to be taken on school representative by body for improvement. SDO BDO MLA TEA- CHER MBA CENTRAL COMMITT- EE
  9. 9. BENEFITS TO PRIMARY STUDENT & VOLUNTEERS VOLUNTEERS: 1.Student volunteers will be given certificate of appreciation .This program will promote holistic growth of the student & improve their understanding towards society which will create good leaders , social entrepreneurs, businessmen. 2.Teachers, professors & defence personnel who will act as volunteers will be publically honoured by district administration on the eve of national days. PRIMARY STUDENTS: 1.By the awareness program guardian’s understanding towards necessary education will be improved which will increase enrolment &attendance of the students. 2.The way of teaching will be improved which will create stress free classroom that will enable the students to act as a participant in education system not as receiver of knowledge. 3.Moral education and current affairs knowledge provided by volunteers or teachers will make student a good human being who will create good society. 4.The improved quality in primary education will act as strong pillar for higher education and Research & development.
  10. 10. TIME AND COST ANNUALLY: TOTAL TIME= 12 MONTHS One Month for recruitment of volunteers. Three month for training of volunteers. Seven month for field work and campaigns. One month for review of program & campaigns Teachers will be also trained by professor volunteers on those weekends. TIME:- COST:-(Per District) Recruitment & training of about 2750 volunteers For transport & campaign during field work For review of program & Certificate of volunteers 500,000 300,000 100,000 TOTAL COST =900,000 In total 640 districts of our country we require approximately 576 million rupees.
  11. 11. CHALLENGES AND MITIGATION FACTOR: CHALLENGES:- MITIGATION FACTOR:- Government doesn’t agree for funding this volunteer driven concept in primary education. Students, teacher , professors & defense personal doesn’t show interest to be volunteer. Guardians doesn’t take interest in awareness campaigns. Funding may be obtained from philanthropist and by advertisements. Awareness campaigns, certificate of appreciation to student volunteers & and honour for retired persons will increase their interest. Street plays will much helpful in the awareness of guardians. THE VIABILITY OF THIS CONCEPT CAN BE CHECKED BY LAUNCHING IT IN 20 DISTRICTS AS PILOT PROJECT.
  12. 12. APPENDIX:- REFERENCES:- yojana & kurukshetra Articles of the Hindu Annual Status of Education Report(ASER) Sarva Siksha Abhiyan