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  1. 1. SCOPE OF THE PROBLEM:  Youth unemployment is a wide range problem. It is prevalent around the world.  India’s key to future success — its youth — is a ticking time bomb. It is a growing mass of largely undernourished, undereducated, unemployable young people who aspire for a better life but don’t have the means to get there.  Who is unemployed? –unskilled people, uneducated people, ethnic minorities and disabled people.
  2. 2. CAUSES OF THE PROBLEM  Low level of education  Inappropriate skills.  Insufficient economic growth.  Rapid population growth  Inadequate employment planning.  Seasonal agriculture.  Excessively regulated labour market.
  3. 3. REASONS FOR CHOOSING THIS PROBLEM?  Youth unemployment is a high priority agenda for our country. It not only effects our economic growth but also effect the social environment as manifested by increased crimes, mental health problems, violence, drug taking, and social exclusion.  High rate of unemployment could also lead to a brain drain and hence country would lose a lot of valuable human resource .  It could lead to instability within the country and adversely affect the internal security of the country.
  4. 4. SOLUTION FOR THE PROBLEM  Guaranteed Minimum Income A non –conditional GMI paid to each individual, would at least ensure that no permanent resident would be without an entitlement to a base income. It will delivers an income home without interfering with productivity. Our government should try to adopt labour intensive techniques for new fields of production.  Improved Education System Provide more education and training to the unemployed. This will help in increasing communication skills, cooperation, critical thinking , creativity and a focus on the needs of the enterprise. contd....
  5. 5.  Decentralization Experience shows that lack of gainful opportunities of employment in villages and small towns has led to the migration of people to metropolitan cities in search of alternative jobs. As rural sector is dominant and agriculture is the basic occupation of the people, therefore, urgent need of the hour is to introduce rural development schemes.  Increase in GDP Changes in the economy have had a larger effect on youth unemployment than overall unemployment. The economic recession had a big affect on the current rate of youth unemployment in the global north. In 2007, before the recession began, the youth unemployment rate was 13 percent. This number has now increased to around 20 percent for youth. contd...
  6. 6.  Encouragement to Small Enterprises: To provide the opportunities for self employment, small scale industries should be given top priority. They should be provided liberal loans, raw material training facilities and infrastructure and market facilities etc.  Rapid Industrialization: To solve the problem of industrial unemployment, remedy lies in stepping up industrial efficiency. It means that the expansion of existing and the development of new industries are urgently required. Some basic industries like iron and steel industries, defence, chemical, power generation and atomic etc., should be set up.
  7. 7.  Population Control There is no second opinion to say that population in India is rising at a very high speed. Unless this problem is not checked, the problem of unemployment cannot be solved properly. Efforts should be made to raise the agricultural and industrial production. Therefore, special drive should be made to make the programme of family planning a good success especially in rural and backward regions of the country.
  8. 8. IMPLEMENTATION OF SOLUTIONS  Education system must include about 50% of the job training or practical training at every level. It must include spiritual or ethical or national values at every level.  There should be proper family planning programs which can be easily implemented.  Brain Drain can be stopped by providing good wages and various facilities like job security.  Development schemes must be shifted to rural areas also to stop the migration of people.  By increasing the production we can increase the export of goods which will directly have a good impact on our economy.
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